Feb 21, 2021

New Adventures - Small Beginnings

Three years... I can't believe, but it has been three years since I blogged regularly. Have I stopped writing? Oh contraire. That is all I do, other than sleep a little and go to my job (the one I actually make money at). In October 2017, I finally committed to writing a novel that floated around in my head for six months. The process began after a snarky comment from a nasty client, but beauty came from the ashes, and there are now nine novels in The Millennium Series.

It is a joyous thing to discover your true calling, your passion, and reason for being. But would I have had the courage to write if it weren't for this little blog? Likely not. To learn, you must write. There are 500+ original posts here, although I cannot read them because my inner editor cringes. But you have to begin and accept that you will make mistakes. Scripture admonishes us to not despise small beginnings, the Lord delights to see the work begin.

I printed "M1–The Black Key" two weeks after "finishing" it. I cannot look at that either. Three full versions, twenty professional beta readers, countless edits, and hundreds of hours have gone into the final product. But I started, I began.

M1–The Black Key Cover

In January, I committed to publishing, to finally launch, and in the process acclimate to small beginnings. Opening my Author Page on Amazon, beginning a YouTube channel, revamping the website, everything starts minuscule... that does not mean we have to be small.

Millennium Series Book Covers

Beginnings do not have to translate to poor quality, shoddy work, or lack of commitment. Work, learn, and improve; recognize we control the effort, not the outcome.

Dreaming big is safe when you are doing nothing to achieve those goals, but "one day" never comes if you do not have the courage to embrace small beginnings.

M1-The Black Key Audible Cover

"M1–The Black Key", debuts May 1, 2021, eBook, paperback, hardback, and Audible. Take my hand; I am going to tell you an amazing tale.

(As of this writing, only the eBook is available for pre-order. I am wrestling with KDP, Ingram Spark, and Bowker for their systems to talk, and Audible only lets you pre-order 14 days prior to release. Like I said, small beginnings.)
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Apr 23, 2019

Millennium is Coming

I am pleased to announce the official launch of my fiction author's website and home to the upcoming epic series, Millennium. Readers are captivated by this dynamic series. 

The next great age is foretold, written on the hearts of man, and rapidly approaching; Millennium, is coming.

The Golden City
The first novel, The Black Key, is a fast-paced epic journey, delivering heart-pounding action, adventure, and romance.

Paradise is shattered by brutal betrayal; one brother sacrifices the other. Two young princes discover the truth, one must flee, the other is left behind. More than murder taints the Palace, ancient evil, bound for a millennium breaks free. Princes Josiah and Peter travel paths they never imagined, caught in a web of deceit, intrigue, and rebellion. Davianna and Astrid protect a dangerous artifact with the power to destroy paradise. Lives and hearts collide in epic adventure, as they battle evil, and run from all who covet, The Black Key.

To become a beta reader and receive your free copy of The Black Key, please visit: Alanthia.com and sign up!

Apr 22, 2019

A Child's Drawing

(Originally published 10/28/11)

Yesterday, as I was driving to work, I was in prayer. I surrendered my day and asked Him to use me in any way He saw fit. As I sat at the stoplight, I realized how inadequate and fallible I am, even in the midst of obedience and faithfulness. In my human skin, this is the best I am going to get. I am doing all the things He direct Christians to do. I am praying, reading my Bible, going to church, surrendering my will to His direction, and humbly worshiping; yet I am still full of sin.

He gently stroked my head and brought this image to my mind. As a parent, your small child will present you with a drawing. Perhaps it is a card or a picture they sat at their table and lovingly made something special. They present their work of art, proud and hoping you will love it. It was the best they could do. You smile broadly and gush over how beautiful it is; you hug and thank them for the wonderful gift. You do not judge it for what it is not, for it is not the Mona Lisa. You recognize the offering is precious because they are incapable of doing better, and you love them and the picture, exactly the way it is. That is the way God sees us and our offerings to Him, not as a critic, but as a loving parent. I am so grateful for that.

We must try to remember, when we look down at our little offerings, that we should not be critics either. For one day, we will stand before the King, and the offerings we gave Him will be more magnificent than any artwork ever created by human hands. His hand will have perfected us and the gifts. We will rejoice together in this marvelous thing He has done.

Mar 17, 2019

Bring Forth in a Day

(Originally published 03/17/15,)

Abigail and Dolley was never intended to be much more than an outlet to write about whatever was on my mind at the time.  At the launch in 2009, I did much of what new bloggers do to build a following but quickly realized that building a blog is like building a business, and I have one of those.  So over the years, I shared with you what was on my heart not focusing on the stats.  Recently though, I feel like God has been teaching me and giving me revelations about His word that are important.

This is frustrating because, while loyal, the audience I reach is small.  I am small.  In the world of Bible teachers, I am the definition of a nobody.  I don't even teach a Sunday School Class.  There are no women teaching eschatology.  My influence in this world is limited to a few people, even people that know me and love me, don't understand what I teach - they don't walk the same path, and if I've heard once, I've heard it a hundred times, "I'm just not that deep, Dolley."  I feel as if I am going to explode with these new revelations and there is nobody to share them with; I miss my Dad.

Tonight, troubled in spirit, I sought the Lord on a walk - seeking what He would have me do.  Questioning if I am doing what I am supposed to do.  Asking if there is something more that I should be doing and am not - most of all, questioning why me?  Why show me things in His Word and then have 15 people read the most important posts of my life?  What do you want me to do?  I seemed to have more questions than I was getting answers.

Then, I walked by a tree in my yard.  I'd taken a picture of it yesterday.  It reminded me of a story. One day, after my Dad moved into his new house, we were shooting baskets.  I asked him what kind of tree was by his driveway. He laughed and said, "I have no idea, but these cool fuzzy buds looked promising." The turned out to be a tulip magnolia. When we moved in this house, he gave me one.

Tulip Magnolia in Bud
Tonight, as I was finishing my walk, not having received answers to the questions that sent me forth, I noticed the tree. The same tree that 24 hours earlier had a half a dozen open blooms looked like this:

Tulip Magnolia in Blossom 
I felt the Lord whisper in my heart, "I can change things in a day.  I can bring forth all the buds in one moment."

I realized then, that I was called to keep going, to keep teaching, to keep writing, and to leave the day of the blossom to Him.  In our lives, we often look around and see buds everywhere, but it's God that brings forth the flowers and the fruit and he can do it in a day.

Jan 6, 2018

Millennium: Book 1 The Black Key

Abigail and Dolley readers I have sadly neglected my little blog these last few months, but it is not because I have not been writing. On the contrary, that is ALL I have been doing for the last three months.  I am pleased to say that I have finished my first polished novel.  I've written one or two before but never got through to the final edits, never had something I wanted to put out there with my name on it.  This one... well, this one is special.  Much of the work and the background and the research that is behind the novel was fleshed out on these blog pages.  In Particular, the Millennium Series that engulfed me in 2015.

Below is a bit of text I am going to use in pitching the novel to agents and publishing houses.  Please say a prayer that the Lord blesses the work.

Perfect Garden

Milton wrote of Paradise Lost, Millennium is novel of Paradise Found and Lost Again.

The next Great Age is foretold in all the world’s sacred scriptures and texts, prophesied and rapidly approaching; Millennium is coming.

It is a time of perfect prosperity, peace and harmony; a literal return to the Garden of Eden, except this time without the Tempter.  There is no war, no disease, no natural disasters; the King returns and rules in righteousness.  The Millennium is Paradise; for one thousand years, Heaven on Earth.

As the generations pass, the wonders of technology and innovation from the prior age are forgotten, lost to history; forbidden.  The last generation awakens and rises up to demand freedom, to demand their own way, they demand technology!  They revile the King, no longer beloved and righteous, they shake their fist and name him oppressor, dictator, slavemaster.

In the end, man rebels and chooses a new leader, the original rebel, that old Serpent from Eden.  He emerges from his prison to find an Earth ready for him and the final battle.

Our story begins, at the start of the rebellion with a foul sacrifice that shatters global peace and sets two Princes on paths they were never meant to travel.  One exiled and shamed, one the usurper’s son, both caught in a web of deceit, intrigue and murder.  Each desperately searching for a mysterious key; to save themselves and their kingdom.

Two innocent girls, stranded amid global chaos receive an ancient artifact, to hide and protect.  Yet temptations, to explore mysteries from the last age, are powerful and they succumb, whereby cracking the door to the pit of Hell.  They flee, using their wits and cleverness to escape the forces of evil who covet the key.

Their journey is fraught with danger; who to trust, where to go, and how to fight the men and the unseen beings who hunt them.

Davianna and Astrid, Josiah and Peter; four Millennial souls caught up in the great drama of the last age.    Each must overcome fears, obstacles, and failures if they hope to survive and embrace their great destinies.  Along the way, they encounter insurmountable danger, supernatural wonder, intense grief, and wild passion; every once in a while, great joy and laughter.  A journey for the heart, the mind, and the soul:  Millennium.