Apr 30, 2016

I Can Not Believe We Are Still Here

I must repeat that phrase five times a week.  "I can't believe we are still here."  When this life becomes absurd, we will shake our heads in wonder, look up to the sky and sigh.

Largely, we've become numb to the craziness surrounding us, we don't process earthquakes, famine, or super storms.  We've stopped being shocked by falling meteors, groaning earth sounds, or strange cities appearing in the Chinese sky.  UFO's are passe.

Ghost City in China
The absolute insanity of the culture does not even phase us.  Idea of gender fluidity is so sick and twisted it can only come from the pits of hell.  Yet society feels Christians are the ones with the problem because we recognize the mental illness behind such a thing.

A devout Communist is running for President and the lost among us flock to his rallies.  What has become of us?

The moral compass is spinning out of control.  Since the secular have no firm foundation for right and wrong, the whims of society dictate their thoughts and feeling; they are becoming more and more deranged.  They tolerate no opposing views or speech and react with violence and bullying if you dare to disagree.

Violent Left Wing Mobs
All of the dominoes are lined up for the fulfillment of prophecy, everything.  Look at the 30 Days of Birth Pangs from August/September 2015, these things haven't stopped, they've accelerated.  Yet we remain.  

The underpinnings of the Tribulation are everywhere:

The war on cash sets up the Anti-Christ's system of economic control (Revelation 13:17)
The war on gender fits in with Satan's hatred of humans as God's imagers (Genesis 1:26)
The normalization of LGBT behavior with elevate the Anti-Christ as he is described as not having a desire for women (Daniel 11:37)
The merging of world religions have begun in earnest (Revelation 13:15 and Revelation 14:9)

Interfaith - Chrislam
The destruction of Syria is right before our eyes (Isaiah 17:1)

Damascus in Rubble
In the end, we must abide and hold the faith.  We must remember that God is not slow in keeping his promises but is patient and wanting all to come to repentance.  (2 Peter 3:9).