May 22, 2009

Is it Starting to Work?

I am encouraged, perhaps a bit premature, but encouraged regardless. After months of very little to cheer about (except the Tea Party Movement and the reawakening of the Great American Freedom Machine), we have had several moves in the right direction:
  • California voted this week against new taxes.
  • The Fed refused to co-sign on California additional borrowing.
  • The Senate went against the Teleprompter in Chief and voted against closing Gitmo without a plan.
  • The EPA determined that pursuing Carbon Dioxide as a pollutant would fundamentally hurt the economy.

Amidst all of the noise from our Nation's Capital - this is all good news. These are all victories for common sense. People are starting to wake up.

Can you imagine the impact if the Californians rise up en mass and say, "Stop It!"? The great state of California, home of Ronald Reagan, unbelievable natural beauty and resources - if they said, no more.

The Fed not backing a failed California Government is a good thing. You can not bail out someone who has not changed their behavior.

On the Senate not closing Gitmo, I heard Mitch McConnell say, "We need a plan, Mr. President, not another speech." I resoundingly say, "Here Here!"

The EPA determining not to classify what air breathing creatures EXHALE as a pollutant is a good thing folks. Now I will admit, that when Mr. Franklin and Mr. Washington returned from a "Smoker" at their previous club, the exhales might have righteously been classified as pollutants... but none the less, this is a victory for common sense.

May 19, 2009

Calling Them Out - Nancy Pelosi

Does Nancy Pelosi really think she can call the CIA a bunch of liars, misrepresent what they briefed her on, and claim outrage 7 years after the fact and the CIA would cower at all her "power"? I don't think so slappy.

Abigail and Dolley were horrified at the incoherent video of Nancy Pelosi trying to back pedal on what she knew and when she knew it in regards to the EIT, she couldn't get it together. She was shaking, rambling, and generally displayed all of the body language of a prevaricator. The story has changed yet again and everyone who has children recognized the signs of somebody who has just been busted.

Take my word, Nancy Pelosi will be exposed for the utter liar and hypocrite that she is and the CIA will be vindicated in this area. But will anybody really care? Will there be a media siege on the Speaker's life? Will the world call for the resignation of a this woman whose leftist agenda threatens to destroy this country? No, I don't believe so. The liberal media will bury the story, her colleagues will rally around her, and the American people won't really care because "that is just politics."

It is a sad commentary.

May 2, 2009

Tea Partiers - The New Terrorists?

I am a Tea Partier. According to most of the main stream media, I am at best a misguided idiot and at worst an uneducated racist. The new head of the Homeland Security has warned police about me. I understand their cause for concern. If I was them I would be afraid, too. Because I am none of the things they have characterized me as. I am a Patriot, I am a Wife, I am a Mother, I am a Christ Follower, I am a Business Woman, I am a Big Sister, I am a Good Friend, and I am Fed up. I have sat quietly by; working since I was 16.
I am not a consumer of government services. I drive on the roads and have my trash picked up. I never had a grant or a student loan - I waited tables to put myself through college. I graduated in 4 years and went to work and excelled in a profession for the last 19 years. I just shut up, go to work, raise my family, pay my taxes, and generally mind my own business.

Not anymore - I am exasperated at the creation of the Nanny State. I am sick of "In Your Face Spending", I am tired of regulations, barriers, and contradictory guidelines by the dozens of government agencies that I must tap dance around to do an honest days work.

So I will Party on a regular basis. And honestly folks, it is not as if I have a lot of free time - but this is important. This is bigger than me. My country is heading for a precipice to which there may not be a return; I can not tell my Grandchildren that I sat back and did nothing. In the end, you have to decide what you are going to stand for, and fight for, and die for; I like my name sake, will choose Liberty.

Intellectual Dishonesty and Double Standards

All's fair in love and war - or so the saying goes. I guess they should add the disclaimer that this only applies to the unscrupulous among us and that would include the media and almost the entirety of the political class. The hypocrisy of the media has been on flagrant display for quite some time, but the outright ignoring of the Feinstein FDIC scandal is negligence. The double standards by which the reporters spin everything the President does is nauseating. Let's not forget our ever bumbling, prevaricating, VP, the "Honorable Joe Biden".

I understand perspective. I believe I would have a very difficult time being neutral, but if it was my job, I would succeed. I would simply pose questions as opposed to pontificating. This is the duty of a journalist. Unfortunately, the honorable profession has been bastardized to such an extent that we have commentators disguised as journalist.

Can you imagine if W would have completely fallen apart when the teleprompter messed up?
What about if Cheney had lied about Oval Office meetings with Bill Clinton?

We have seen Republicans and their careers destroyed by slight gaffes, misstatements, and false accusations - but it seems the Democrats are immune to the same standards and "media outrage" over their behavior as they are about the Republicans. Why?

I say, report the news - fair is fair.

As far as intellectual dishonesty though, I would bet many of these journalist cheated in school, hid cards when they could, plagiarized, cut corners, shoplifted here and there - after all the ends justify the means, right?