Dec 30, 2009

Dinosaurs and the New Earth

This is another one of those posts, where the subject is so broad and the discussion so involved I could write a book, so for the sake of focus and brevity, I will examine one small area - Dinosaurs.  

Right off the bat, I will admit I am a skeptic of modern scientific "consensus" in many areas.  Abigail and Dolley readers know I beat the drum of Global Warming is a hoax on a regular basis, but there is another "established" fact that I completely disagree with and that is the old earth and evolution.

I believe that the Earth is about 6000 years old and that about 4400 years ago there was a flood.  I believe that man and dinosaurs shared the Earth.  Uh oh, many of you are saying....Dolley has stepped off the deep end on this one, but bear with me on this one, hear me out and then make your decision.  After all, you know that Global Warming Disciples are sorely mislead; who is to say "Old Earthers" and "Evolutionist" are not equally as wrong?

My worldview is such that I take what the Bible says and sift modern "science" and attitudes and culture through the Bible as a filter.  If they pass the Bible test I keep them, if they flunk the Bible test they are tossed in the waste basket with yesterday's garbage.  The Bible is eternal it is perfect, timeless, and trustworthy - I can not say the same for man made ideas and attitudes, can you?

The beauty of this whole debate though, is that you don't have to be a believer to see the complete breakdown in current scientific methods when applied through the filter of rational and logical thoughts.  You may choose to formulate a different rationale than the conclusion I get from the Word, but that is definitely your choice.

Consider this:

If the earth is indeed billions and billions of years old and dinosaurs lived billions and billions of years ago, then how is it that scientists have found blood vessels, blood cells, and soft tissue in dinosaur bones?
( or see video embedded below.

Scientist can not explain how these can still be present.  Some recent specimens found appear to be "fresh" bones and there is a layer of soft tissue still in tact.

There have been recent discoveries of Dinosaur skin, irronically, the skin seems to have circular shapes on it like many ancient drawings and cave paintings.  How did those cave dwellers know about the circular patterns on the dinosaur skin if they had never seen one?

Life span on the Earth prior to the flood was about 900 years.  (See Genesis)  Since reptiles never stop growing*, is it possible that species of reptiles grew giant during their lifetimes?  (*Holt Earth Science 1991 pg. 293)

Two types of dinosaurs are mentioned in the Bible - the Leviathon and the Behemouth, perhaps what we know today as the Brachiosaurus and either a Dragon or a T-Rex.

Job 40:15-24 the Brachiosaurus from the Bible -(this is a cool link using the description of Behemouth to footage of Jurassic Park.  The embedded video is disabled, but the hyperlink will take you to it)

15 Behold now Behemoth, which I made along with you; He eats grass like an ox.
16 Behold his strength in his loins
And the power in his stomach muscles.
17 His tail sways like a cedar;
The sinews of his thighs are knit together.
18 His bones are tubes of bronze;
His limbs are like bars of iron.

Job 41 Describes the Leviathon - does this sound like a fire breathing Dragon to you? 
12 “I want to emphasize Leviathan’s limbs
      and its enormous strength and graceful form.
 13 Who can strip off its hide,
      and who can penetrate its double layer of armor?[d]
 14 Who could pry open its jaws?
      For its teeth are terrible!
 15 Its scales are like rows of shields
      tightly sealed together.
 16 They are so close together
      that no air can get between them.
 17 Each scale sticks tight to the next.
      They interlock and cannot be penetrated.
18 “When it sneezes, it flashes light!
      Its eyes are like the red of dawn.
 19 Lightning leaps from its mouth;
      flames of fire flash out.
 20 Smoke streams from its nostrils
      like steam from a pot heated over burning rushes.
 21 Its breath would kindle coals,
      for flames shoot from its mouth.

Do I believe Dragons and Dinosaurs lived on the Earth at the same time as man?  Yes, I do.  There are thousands of illustrations of them in art, ancient and up until the 1500's.  There are hundreds of legends about dragons across cultures of the world.  There are carvings of dinosaurs on swords, caves, pottery.  There are figurines throughout the globe of ancient dinosaurs.  There are legends, drawings, and stories about sea serpents and giant creatures.  There are currently today giant squid and octopus weighing tons and measuring over 150 feet.  The Congo Swamps perhaps host living dinosaurs today.  Have you watched a Loch Ness Monster special lately?  To date there have been 11,000 reported sightings of "Nessie".

Notice in this video and the one below, the scientist just don't know what to do with the evidence before them because it does not fit their preconceived theory.  True scientists would accept evidence over theory and throw out the theory instead of the evidence.  Evolution like global warming is a religion, yet we accept this as if it is fact.  Do your own research, look into creation science - haven't you had one side of this argument ad naseum?

Even if you don't believe in God, check out the science of Creationism, and see where it takes you.

Dec 27, 2009

Detroit - An Urban Train Wreck

Rabbit trailing around the blog-sphere the other day, I stumbled upon this article on Totus and this picture of Detroit.  The scene of decay, destruction, and abandonment struck a chord in me and I have not been able to get it out of my mind.  This, of course in Abigail and Dolley fashion, has led me on an exhaustive search to dig into this subject more deeply, to get a full understanding of it, and to form my own conclusions.  The more I find out, the more I realize I could write a hundred entries on this subject.

Liberals are completely responsible for Detroit.  It is their policies, management, and ideas that have made Detroit what it is today.  There can be no denying who or what has caused this destruction, thus, America, I give you Detroit a shining example of Progressive Liberal and Union policies.

An exhaustive case study of Detroit as it pertains to the results of Liberal policies, Union Control, and Race Relations would be a fascinating undertaking.  The study itself is inherently dangerous because you do not grab a Detroit Tiger by its tail and expect to escape unscathed.  The inevitable accusations of racism will follow anyone who looks into this subject.  First and foremost, anytime you examine liberal outcomes you are branded a racist, whether you are or are not is immaterial.  Secondly, the demographic of the cities population today is primarily black, thus speaking frankly about the black community makes you a racist.  Third, a true historical analysis would have to include the three race riots that occurred in 1863, 1943, and 1967.  Any true commentary would have to dispassionately examine the events, causes, and effects of these riots and their ultimate role in where the city is today.

Finally, to examine the facts of the current state of Detroit one must deal honestly with the end effects of wealth redistribution, white flight, failed policies of liberalism, union destruction, an enslaved electorate, and the ultimate destruction of a city once called the Paris of the West, because of it's beautiful architecture.

Detroit Ghetto Street
An Internet search on the problems and the decline of Detroit are documented and written about extensively, but one I am just now "discovering" this issue.  Perhaps, Abigail and Dolley readers, you are also unfamiliar with this subject.  Thus, I will endeavor to put together some coherent thoughts and links that may serve to enlighten you.  Moreover, I will direct you to additional sources of information, rather than simply regurgitating the thoughts of others.  There are dozens of angles to take on Detroit and its problems, this article is not intended to discuss the history of the automobile industry, it is designed to highlight what happens to a city that is run by Liberals and Progressives.

I have never been to Detroit.  I am not Black.  I do not pretend to be a subject matter expert, but find myself oddly fascinated by the macabre subject.  It is like looking upon a dead body and not being able to turn away.  Like rubber necking a gruesome accident, that in spite of yourself, you gaze upon with horror and fascination.

I have familial roots in the Rust Belt.  All of my Great Grandparents and Grandparents made their living in the Rubber Factories of Akron Ohio.  My Dad and Mom left for warmer and greener pastures in the mid 1970's, and I for all intents and purposes am a Southern Lady.  I have inklings of understanding of the destruction of my ancestral home city, but the demise of Akron is mild compared to the complete collapse of Detroit.

Ghetto Field

Here are some statistics for you:
  • Detroit is a city founded in 1701 and at one point had a population 1.8 million.  Today, there are less than half of number.  
  • Geographically, 55% of the cities area is abandoned.  
  • In 1950, Detroit had the highest median income in the country; today it is 66 out of 68.  
  • Per capita, Detroit spends over $11,000 per year to educate a student, compared with $9600 nationally, and $6600 for private schools, yet it graduates on 21% of students.
  • Detroit's public education system is run completely by the Teacher's Union
  • Detroit's population is roughly 88% "non-white".  
  • 1 in every 47 Detroit residents are homeless.  
  • A black man dropping out of high school will faces a 73% rate of unemployment.  He will have a 60% chance of going to jail before he leaves his 20's.  
  • Only 56% of the eligible workforce in Detroit is employed (Labor Stats) of those employed, 17.2% work for the government. 
  • To hire someone legally in Detroit, you must pay the mandated minimum wage of $10/hour - thus businesses can not afford to open and run businesses there, so the leave.
  • 47% of households made less than $35,000/year; only 1% had incomes over $200,000.

Each of the above statistics tells a story, each has a cause and effect, each has a human face behind it.  Entire neighborhoods are abandoned.  There are huge sections of the city that are urban prairies.  Some enterprising residents are beginning to farm the land.  Wild Animals are returning.  There are packs of wild dogs, bears, coyotes, raccoons, and even a beaver.

In the ultimate end of liberal policies, Detroit has become a city of "have nots" because they sought to punish the "haves".  As a result, the "haves" left and the "have nots" have even less.  Detroit was touted as the city of hope and a model city of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, the liberal Democrats were no doubt shocked in 1967 when those they were seeking so diligently to help instead began to riot and burn the city.  Yet, the same failed policies and political solutions that created the problem are still put forth today as the solution.

Detroit Homes Collapsing
Detroit is a case study on what America can expect if the ultra liberal policies of the Obama Administration, the Reid/Pelosi Congress, and the Unions have their way.  Look at Detroit - a complete destruction of the infra-structure that created the wealth to begin with, an enslaved and dependent population, and an all powerful government controlling every aspect of human life.  You must ask yourself, who gains from this arrangement? 

For further information on this subject check out this blogger,

The blog gives a good history of the city, explores Devil's Night activities, portrays tons of video and links about the subject and is one of the best sources of info I found on the Detroit ghettos.

Point by point analysis:  Detroit: The Triumph of Progressism

Dec 24, 2009

My Hope Is In You!

I know all you Abigail and Dolley readers are as disturbed and saddened as I am about last night's Healthcare take over. It is disheartening to have your will circumvented by an Oligarchy of elites who are bound and determined to take over and control every aspect of our lives. Let us not forget though, who is in control and who we place our hope.

This one of my favorite bands of all time, Third Day. Enjoy.

The Abbreviation That Drives Me Crazy

There is one abbreviation that drives me crazy and that is Merry X-mas.  If you can not make yourself write or type the word Christ, then you have no right celebrating the holiday.  Ironically, the Lord has the last laugh in this regard, because if you turn the X slightly you get a cross. 

Dec 23, 2009

"Recoiling in Absolute Shock and Horror"

"We finally met liberals, up until now, we have just had to watch them give speeches, but nobody has actually seen them govern since Lyndon Johnson... Now we are watching a certified liberal govern and the American people are recoiling in absolute shock and horror." Dick Morris

This quote cracked me up. It is taken from an interview that Dick Morris gave to Sean Hannity last week regarding the shift in the polls and the movement by the American people back toward conservative values.

I am going to give the young people a pass on this one. I was an idealistic young voter once too. Winston Churchill once said, "Show me a young man who is not a liberal and I will show you a man who has no heart. Show me an old man who is a liberal and I will show you a man with no brain." So, if you are 25 and under, you can chalk this up to a learning experience, albeit an expensive one for the country. This post is aimed at all you folks over 25 who voted for the Democrats in 2008.

If you voted for these liberals and did not know what you were going to get or who they really were, then you were a fool. A review of history will reveal the utter and absolute failure of their belief system and governance. We are seeing it now in all its liberal glory.

I am old enough to remember the Carter years and the "general malaise". It was a sad time to be a kid in America believing that we were once the greatest country in the world, but we weren't anymore. Gas lines, inflation, strikes, the death of the Rust Belt, factories closing in record numbers, hostages in Iran, and a sense of defeat about us. I remember... as a child I determined that the Democrats were not good for the country. That belief was later dramatically confirmed by the governance of the greatest president of the 20th Century, Ronald Reagan. So, as a kid, I chose my party and beliefs.

Ironically, my son is the same age as I was when Carter was elected. I see this whole mess through his eyes and it is history repeating itself. The difference this time? Debt, deficits, corruption, and special interests. We are so far removed from the Constitution and our founding principals that I fear nothing short of rebellion will bring us back. We are a country stripped of its moral and spiritual history by a the liberal education system, news media, and Hollywood and as such we have lost our way.

I said after the election that I was actually glad that Obama won, for I knew the lean to the left would correct itself once people saw what the liberals were actually like and I hoped it would wake the GOP up that nobody likes a RINO. I believe it has done both of those things, but the cost is a terrible one to pay.

Generation X vs Baby Boomers

I have been thinking a lot about my generation, so ignominiously named Generation X. We are perhaps one of the most over looked and under appreciated generations of Americans in the last 100 years.  All our lives we have been overshadowed by the Baby Boomers and all our lives we have been reaping the consequences of their bad behavior.  So at the complete and utter risk of sounding like a whiner, here are some personal observations.

We are a generation of broken homes. I don't remember anyone's parents still being together by the time we graduated, unless their parents were WWII generation and not the Boomers that raised most of us.

Conversely, we are not a divorced generation. We married later and had kids in our 30's.

The Women's Liberation Movement ruined it for us, we now have to work and run the house.  Our grandmothers and mothers have always been housewives.

Phil Donahue wrecked our families.  He told our Mothers they were wasting their lives raising us and that they needed to do their own thing and find themselves; so our Mother's left.  Thanks, Phil.

Marlo Thomas, Phil's lovely wife, told us we could be what we wanted to be and that it was even okay for little girls to be little boys, if that's what they wanted.

By the time we were old enough to enjoy Free Love - we had AIDS.

Sex, drugs, and Rock and Roll - Not anymore, we got, Just Say No.

Ronald Reagan was the greatest President of the 20th century and made us all love America again after the disaster of Jimmy Carter.

Our parents expected that we would sleep around and do drugs, so we did.

Our generation would be about the same size as the Boomers if they had not passed Roe v Wade and then proceeded to murder 20 million of us.  If abortion was still illegal we would not be facing a bankruptcy in Social Security and Medicare, because there would be enough adult workers to support those who are retiring.  We would not have become a culture of death that did not value human life.

We remember when a microwave was a "Radar Range" and they were huge.

Everyone, at one point, changed the channel with the needle nose pliers.

I bathed in "Love's Baby Soft".

I can still Boogy Skate.

I know what a Beta Max is.

I have watched a slide show with a projector.

We had films in class, played with a projector that if you were lucky, the teacher would let you run.

We thought the Flock of Seagulls was weird - even then.

We played outside and hung at the swimming pool all day.  If we were thirsty, we drank from the garden hose.

When we joined the work force, suits and ties and business dress was very common. You can thank us for "Casual Friday" that has turned into "Business Casual".

There was one PC in the office and it belonged to the boss.

Thermal paper faxes were cutting edge.

We saw the fall of the Berlin Wall and loved it.

Boys did not show up at our parent's house to pick us up for dates. We hooked up at parties and went dutch.

We wore satin shorts with piping and tube socks to match, if you added a twisted headband with a gold elastic band running through it you could get Physical. We wore Leg warmers and parachute pants, Flash Dance sweat shirts, and jeans that were so tight we had to lay on the bed to zip them up.

We had perms and were the first generation to use mousse. We called a mullet a "Bi-level" and it was painful to grow out.

We smoked at school and in our parents homes.

We do not like to be micromanaged at work and mistrust organizations and institutions.

We are more patriotic than the Boomers or the Millennials. We agree with the War on Terror. We remember the Iran Hostage Crisis, TWA, the Achileal Laurel, Beirut, and 9/11.

We remember when tolerance was putting up with someone's crazy beliefs but not having to accept them.

Radio in the 80's was truly horrible - top 40 or Boomer drivel played over and over again.

We were a latch key generation and got into a bunch of trouble between 3:30 and 6:00.

We will be the Generation that has to clean up the latest mess made by the Boomer hippies, who have bankrupted the country.

We will be the Generation that has to make the sacrifices again, we will not get Social Security or Medicare - the Boomers will absolutely bankrupt those systems.

If the World War II generation was the greatest generation - they raised the Boomers, who are the worst generation.

The Baby Boomers are as a group the most immoral, selfish, corrupt, self absorbed, short sighted generation in American history.  This is evident in the complete and utter disregard the politicians in Washington have for the views, wishes, and future of the American people.  Hey, if it feels good, do it, has always been their motto.  What do they care anyway?  They'll be dead by the time the bills are due.

Thus, the Gen X'r will do what is right.  We will perhaps in the end be recognized as the Grandchildren who rebuilt the empire after our self indulged parents destroyed it.  They say that the 1st generation builds it, the 2nd generation squanders it, and the 3rd generation brings it back.  I pray that 2010 and 2012 usher out many of the derelict Boomers and usher in the children of Reagan who will get to work cleaning up this mess.

Dr. Spock is To Blame

On the heels of my Boomer Post, perhaps if Dr. Spock had not told parents to refrain from spanking, we wouldn't be in this mess.  In an effort to give their children a better and easier life, the WWII generation irreparably spoiled their children and we are all living with the consequences.

The whole of the Liberal Congress needs a good ass whipping.  They need to be set down in a corner and told, NO!  They need the car and the credit card taken away and they need to finally learn to take responsibility for their decisions and their actions.  Wake up folks, the WWII generation is gone, it is time to step up.

Dec 21, 2009

More Ways to Get Your Money - Valuation of Textiles and Apparel from China

In a differentiation effort and a true desire to inform and educate, the Abigail and Dolley blog will try to not constantly reiterate and rant and rave about the same things all the conservative bloggers in the blogesphere are ranting about.  I am going to be reporting and commenting to you on items before and being considered by Congress that you will probably not read about elsewhere.  In my professional capacity, I have to keep up with current events that may effect my industry.  I stumbled upon this little tidbit last week.

The undervaluation of China origin textiles and apparel is thought to be a huge problem,
in part because the textile and apparel industry represents 21% of all importers, 5% of
the value of all imports, and 42% of all duties collected.

Thus, Customs and Border Protection will be investigating whether or not the value of the products coming into the country from China are fairly valued.  Up until now, I would have been fine with this.  Times have changed and I believe that the above move could be used solely for political gain and for gathering more money to the insatiable Federal Beast.

How it works is thus, each import into the USA has a declared value.  The Importer pays duty and taxes on the value of the product plus the applicable duty rates.  It is actually one of the only Constitutionally outlined and defined ways in which the Federal Government is allowed to tax you.  It is also important for American business to compete on level playing fields and not suffer through "unfair" trade practices that artificially make a competitors product less expensive.  Real cases like this would include foreign government subsidies to industries, prison or slave labor, large companies using predatory practices to run home industries out of business, but I digress.

The Government has limited leeway in raising duty rates for products because of global trade agreements and that type of thing sets off trade wars and all sorts of international attention - so in general, they don't like to do it.  Instead, they will take the valuation approach to accomplish the same goals.

This is how it works, if Customs determines that a t-shirt being imported is really worth $5.00 instead of $.50 then the duty and tax due on the product is increased greatly.  The importer will then of course, include the increase in cost to you - the consumer of the T-shirt.

The beauty of it for the Federal Government is that you will never know.

Dec 20, 2009

The Balanced Life

Abigail and Dolley readers know that I am an Independent minded modern lady; I have very strong opinions on a large variety of subjects.  With that said though, if you could sit and speak with those who know me they would not categorize me in a negative light.  One of the reasons for that is because I am balanced.  I manage my marriage, my child, my job, my friends, my family, my activism, and all the other aspects of modern American life with an eye on balance and humor.  I also try to instill this in all who I have influence over and their tears of thanksgiving are affirmation that in the end, it is paramount to your health and well being to find the balance in your life.

I do this in a variety of ways, I do not work a million hours at the office - I get my work done and go home.  I am not a slave to my Blackberry or my e-mail.  I make sure my husband is taken care of and that he gets the lovin' he needs - also a great way to reduce stress and stay happy.  I take time to visit with my son, reading at night, doing small projects, or cooking together.  I keep up with Family and Friends through Facebook, I know that sounds silly but I have so thoroughly enjoyed my year on Facebook I can not even express.  I take time for myself every Saturday, I get my nails done, go shopping, go get a spray tan (I like tan fat better than pale pink fat..hehehehe), or just hang out in my garden digging in the dirt.

I am an insatiable reader and will research a subject thoroughly that captures my attention.  I am passionate and find writing this blog cathartic.  Another huge component that keeps this working wife, mother, and executive sane is exercise.  That's right; heart pounding, lungs burning, muscles straining exercise.  Give me an iPod and some work out gear and I will loose myself to the workout.  It cleanses the mind, body, and renews the Spirit.  Balanced diet and exercise also keep you looking good which truly effects every other aspect of your life.

I laugh, a lot.  I never realized how much until someone filmed me at my wedding shower opening presents.  I giggled and laughed the whole time.  I have a best friend that I laugh with, it is not unusual for her to call me and not be able to speak because she is cracking up about something and can not yet contain herself enough to share it with me.  I listen to comedians on the radio and on You Tube.  I try and find the humor in tough situations.  I try to laugh really hard every few days.  You can not feel sad if you are laughing.

Finally, and most important, I love the Lord.  I am not what you would characterize as a "Church" person in that I am not one of those busy Christians.  I do not forsake the gathering of God's people and believe in the edification of His people.  Throughout the week I will pray, read a Scripture, listen to a praise song, write about the Lord and on most Sunday's, I go to church and get my Spiritual gas tank filled up.  I try to live my life in such as way that the Lord seeps out in all that I do, for in the end, the only thing constant in this life is the love of Jesus Christ.

Is living this life easy?  No, not really.  There is always something pulling you harder than others - at times you will be briefly out of balance and you must work hard to keep that from being a permanent state of affairs.  So live well my friends.

Dec 19, 2009

What I Don't Want for Christmas

I don't want Cap and Trade, Healthcare Take over, Global Government, Increased Regulation, Increased Taxes, More Unions, Social Justice, Disregard of the Constitution, Political Correctness Gone Wild, Arrogant Government Officials who do not listen to the People.... oh, wait, looks like that's what we've got.

Merry Christmas folks, bend over and smile.

EPA - An Agency Out of Control

In my professional capacity, I receive daily updates on Congressional actions that may effect my industry.  For the last year, the increase in hearings and investigations has increased dramatically.  Here is a new one for you, involving the EPA.  Ah yes, the beloved EPA who I believe has strayed so far from its original purpose that it should be disbanded and reformed with a strict structure and over view of power.  The legislative functions the agency has been usurping is unconstitutional and if we do not look out we will be looking at an all powerful Executive Branch, if in truth, we are not already.  That is though, another post.

Those of you watching the news and keeping up with things, and I assume, if you have somehow found this little blog, Abigail and Dolley, that you already are aware of the EPA's recent pronouncement that your exhale is a pollutant.  If you are unaware of this brilliant pronouncement then I suggest you Google the subject and read up on it.  It is amazing in its utter ridiculousness but do not be fooled it is intended to force Congress to pass laws that move it back into line.  Again, another post.

So to finally get to what I originally started out to write this morning... There is a law on the books that was passed in 1976 called the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).  Earlier this month, the House Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce (the lovely folks that gave us Cap and Trade) held a hearing on evaluating this Legislation.  EPA head, Lisa Jackson, has publicly stated her agency will be carrying out the environmental and regulatory agenda of the Obama Administration.  My Glenn Beck fans and readers are particularly disturbed by that prospect. 

The EPA is now claiming that the 1976 TSCA law must be changed because it limits the power of the EPA to regulate all chemicals in America.  You see, in 1976 the Congress allowed a Grandfather provision in the TSCA that said chemicals already in commercial use at the time did not have to comply with the new laws, these laws require extensive testing and government approval for all commercial chemical.

Thus, the activist EPA has gone whining to the "Cap and Trade" House Committee to state that:  They can't regulate these chemicals and no one has tested them for safety with Children, who know we are just doing this for the children, right?  Also, those pesky laws are keeping them from regulating the industry and that needs to STOP.  The EPA urges Congress to act now, I am sure it is an "Emergency" after all these dangerous chemicals have been in use since before 1976 and Americans are obviously in danger....

Give me a break.  The consequences of if the EPA is successful will create huge burdens on the industry and guess what?  It will raise the cost of everything you buy.  So let's see, they want to regulate (shocking) products that have been on the market and in use for 33 years, it will cause undue regulation on a self regulating industry that better not put out poison or harmful products because they are sued six ways to Sunday, it will do nothing but grow the government, won't do you a bit of good, and will actually cost you more money.

Yep, that about sums up Liberal Government.  How's that Change working out for ya?

Dec 17, 2009

Oh the Irony....

I love when God has a sense of humor - thousands of pinheads converge on Denmark for a Global Warming Summit - this came from my office in Denmark this morning:

During the past 24 hours most of Denmark has been covered in snow.

We have between 50 - 80 centimetres and it is very windy. This has resulted in roads being closed and freeways are blocked because trucks can’t exit the freeway ramps. The ramps are too steep and slippery.
Also cars are stuck in piles of snow. The police are warning that people should not go out unless it is strictly necessary.

This means that currently there is no distribution of cargo in Denmark. The airports are open but truck can’t access them. 

The situation is chaotic. The forecast is that it should stop snowing some time tonight. Therefore, things may stay chaotic tomorrow (Friday) as well.

Dec 16, 2009

If Man Made Global Warming is True....

If Man Made Global Warming is true and it is caused by Co2 emissions in the atmosphere from industrialization, which decade was warmer the 1930's or the 1940's? 

Let's think - the 1930's were the Great Depression - lot's of government spending - huge debts - no jobs or industry.  Not a whole lot going on in the industrialized world.

Fast forward to the 1940's - massive industrialization to boost the war effort, pollution, bombing, nuclear explosions, post war boom, cars, factories and explosion in Co2 emissions.

The current "consensus" says that the 1940's should be much hotter than the 30's, but the exact opposite is true.  The 1930's were markedly hotter.  As a matter of fact in the post war 1940-1980 the earth cooled, so much so that the scientists proclaimed a new "Ice Age".

I am no climate scientist, but whenever I see inverse correlations, I begin to doubt the conclusions of scientists that disregard the facts.

Dec 15, 2009

A Real Story

The below is a note from a friend, it is basically his adult life story.  I challenge you to read this a put yourself in this families place.  It is indeed a tale of woe and at the end of the day, we are all one or two steps away from where this family is today.  I can't do anything about the thousands of hurting families in the USA today, but I can do something about one.  For details on how you can help, go to the end of the article.

My name is Jeff and until a couple of years ago I was living the American Dream. When I was about 30 I found my vocation in computers. I worked for 7+ years for Tandy / Radio Shack as a Computer salesman and later as a Systems Engineer. I worked hard and had an aptitude for the industry. Without taking classes or training I taught myself how to connect things. When I say connect things I mean in a physical sense as in wiring and cabling and also using software. I became fascinated with computer Operating Systems and Networking. Over the years I learned how to make dissimilar systems communicate. I became a Certified NetWare Engineer. This is a Novell professional certification.

After 7 years things began to change in the industry. It was clear that Tandy would be much less involved. Tandy would continue only at the consumer retail level in the computer industry. Around this time I met my future wife Beth. She and I married in 1992 and later that year had our first child Spencer. At the time she was still working full time for a local accounting firm. While she was pregnant with Spencer the owner of the accounting firm died. The business was sold and she maintained her position. When Spencer was about 3 months old we were putting him in a local day care and she would come to see him at lunch every day because he was still nursing at the time. She wanted to maintain that contact with him rather than having strangers give him formula.

Around the time Spencer turned 6 months old I was hired by Microsoft. I started in 1993 as a Word for Windows Support Professional making around $23,000.00 per year. It was actually a pay cut but seemed to have more future than my position at Tandy. About 2 weeks after starting at Microsoft Spencer became ill. Nothing too serious but he ran a fever for 4 or 5 days. Since he was running a fever he couldn’t go to day care. Beth stayed home with him for the entire week. I was in training at Microsoft and we felt me missing work just wasn’t an option. On Friday of that week her boss called and left a message on our answering machine that he was letting her go because she had stayed home the entire week with Spencer. About a week later we found out she was pregnant again. We made a decision then that we would tighten our belts and work hard dedicating everything to our family and my career. We would become a single income family. She would manage the home and I would work hard and do everything I could to be successful at Microsoft. We were a team.

On November 16th 1993 Jonathan was born. He wasn’t very healthy early on. He contracted Spinal Meningitis and spent over a week in the hospital. I would work all day while Beth stayed with him in the Hospital. Our parents would keep Spencer during the day. When I left work I’d go to the Hospital and stay with Jonathan. Beth would go home to be with Spencer. The next morning she’d relieve me. I’d go home – take a quick shower – and go to work. Jonathan finally got out of the Hospital on Christmas Eve that year.

As time went on things began to improve. I was building a good foundation at Microsoft. I loved my job and was totally dedicated to the company. I was VERY proud when I had an opportunity to tell someone I worked at Microsoft. It was a point of pride for me since I didn’t have a college degree. I had worked hard and developed my skills through experience. The old American Hard Work ethic seemed to be paying off for us. In 1996 my daughter Molly was born. We discovered Spencer had Epilepsy but were working hard with a Neurologist to keep his seizures under control. Overall we were a very happy family. We’d purchased our first house and I had made huge strides at Microsoft. My responsibilities increased. I wrote and delivered training and acted as a mentor to other Support Professionals. I became someone management looked to as a leader. And I was compensated quite well. My base salary increased regularly. With incentives and bonuses I was easily making a six figure salary. Beth and I paid off all debt except our mortgage. We paid our mortgage faithfully and in fact paid down on the principal with extra money sent in with each payment. In 2001 we found out Beth was pregnant again. This was an unplanned pregnancy but we considered it a blessing.

In May of 2001 we took a short trip to the beach. When we returned Beth and I went to a doctor’s appointment. Beth’s blood pressure was dangerously high. She had Pre-Eclampsia. The doctor hospitalized her that day in Gaston Memorial. My aunt was also in Gaston Memorial dying of Cancer. I would spend time with Beth and then go by to see my Aunt Nancy. Our parents helped out with the other kids quite a bit. Beth was kept in Gaston Memorial for 3 days. She was then moved to Carolinas Medical. It had become clear that she would not go full term and they wanted to try to build up the lungs of our unborn child anticipating an emergency C Section.

On June 7th my Aunt Nancy died. I came back to Gastonia from the hospital on June 8th and went to the visitation for her at the funeral home. I picked up my 3 children from my parents house to go home to try to get a little rest. Beth had now been in the hospital for about 7 days. I was exhausted. At the corner stop light with my children in the car I was hit by another car from behind. It was a minor accident but just seemed to add to the emotion. The next morning at about 4am the hospital called me to tell me they needed me to come back to the hospital. They were going to do an emergency C section. I took the children to stay with Beth’s parents and drove to CMH. When I got there I ran to the elevator. The doors closed and it moved up about 3 floors before stopping. I was trapped in the elevator with several other people. I was in a bit of a panic. We used the elevator phone to let maintenance know. I explained my situation to my fellow captives and maintenance. Thankfully we were only trapped for a few minutes.

Shortly after I arrived Beth was taken in for the emergency C section. I was in the room when our daughter Evie was born. She weighed 1lb 7oz’s and was 3 months early. She was so small her cry sounded like a kitten meow and my wedding band fit on her wrist like a loose bracelet. She was taken to Neonatal Intensive Care and Beth was kept in ICU for a while. I was moving between Beth and Evie for days. Sometimes I’d push Beth down in a wheel chair so she could see Evie. Beth had to stay in the hospital for a few more days. I’d go home every evening and take care of the other 3 kids. Then I’d leave them with our parents and go visit with Beth and Evie. After 10 days in the hospital Beth was allowed to come home. We still lived in Gastonia and Evie was in the NICU in CMC. Every day Beth would go to CMC to be with Evie while I took care of the children. I was allowed to take 4 weeks paternity leave from Microsoft. I would stay with the other 3 kids and try to keep their routine as normal as possible. Beth would come home and I would go over and spend a couple of hours in the NICU with Evie. This went on for a month. In July Gaston Memorial Hospital opened a NICU. We moved Evie to GMH and things got a lot easier. I had to go back to work but luckily our strong family support helped us get through another month of Evie in the hospital. When she came home she was a little over 3lbs. We had to buy baby doll cloths since she was so small no infant clothes would fit her.

While Beth and Evie were in the hospital in Charlotte we were told Evie would probably require a transfusion. I was told I could do a directed blood donation through the Red Cross in anticipation of this so they could use my blood. I went to the Red Cross and went through the process of a directed blood donation. When time came for Evie to have a transfusion we were told the Red Cross had found something in my blood called a Warm Antibody. This made my blood dangerous for anyone to receive so it was discarded.

When Evie came home it became apparent we would have to consider a bigger house. We had a comfortable 3 bedroom home but now had 4 children.

I started to have health problems during this time. I was having trouble breathing . We found I had Interstitial Lung Disease. I have approximately 50% of normal lung capacity. This was determined by doing an open lung biopsy. I was out of work for 6 weeks. However I used vacation and sick time and we didn’t miss ANY payments or bills during this period. I also had something called a Pseudo Tumor on the lateral muscle of my left eye. After 2 biopsies and massive steroid treatments I received radiation therapy. The radiation therapy was successful but did cause cataracts which I still have. Once again…we missed no payments and paid all bills on time.

In August of 2002 we found a new home. We made a 20% down payment and moved in. The house was $300,000.00 – definitely within our means. I actually maintained mortgage payments on both houses for a year before our old house sold. We never missed a payment and were never late.

As a bit of a background on what was to happen…when I started making a 6 figure salary we started having problems with the IRS. We’d send in our tax returns and the IRS would have us redo them for various reasons. They would claim we had put a wrong Social Security number for one of the children or some other minor issue. When we’d ask to see them they would never allow that. Our copies showed correct information every time. Or we’d have to wait months to get refunds. One year we received a letter from the IRS which said…”We have a record of having received you tax return but we can’t find it. You will have to re-file it.” This letter came months after we had sent in our return.

All of this culminated in 2005 with our having to re-file 5 years worth of Federal and State tax returns. During this time the Federal Government AND State of North Carolina garnished my wages. In order to stay afloat we were required to take out a second mortgage on our house. After all was said and done the Federal Government owed US money. We were paid some but around $30,000.00 of refunds we were told were past the time we could claim them so we’d have to sue the government to get the money. Well by this time we were financially destroyed and couldn’t afford an attorney to pursue the matter. We were behind on our mortgage and it was all we could do to simply try to get back on our feet. Beth – ironically – went back to work on a part time basis yearly as a tax preparer for H&R Block. I threw myself into my job anew. We worked with the Mortgage companies and were able to get back in good standing before foreclosure.

Around this time my mother’s health (Ann) had started deteriorating. Over the next 2 years my father (James) was a champion. He took care of my mother through one hospital stay after another. They were both retired but my dad worked as a Reporter / Sports Editor for the Banner News in Belmont, NC. He was well known in this area. He was especially well liked by the kids who had played Middle School and High School sports. He took great pleasure in giving them the spotlight. He loved kids. Mom had COPD, Diabetes and Heart Disease. Eventually in September 2007 she passed away at the age of 72 in GMH. She was the anchor for our family and it destroyed my father.

Daddy ended up having to take a small loan out on his paid off home to pay for her funeral expenses. He went back to work as the Sports Editor for the Banner News. Daddy was now 71 and still covering all the local Belmont and Mt Holly school sports. He was also the Chairman of the Board for the Carolinas Boxing Hall Of Fame. Every day on the way to work I’d call him and talk while I drove.

By this time I’d had a wonderful 15 years at Microsoft. My base pay was just over $100,000.00. I was a Technical Account Manager. I managed the support relationship for several of Microsoft’s customers. I had been very successful and in fact had received letters from virtual team members explaining how my work had improved customer relationships and business. In one case I was flown to Germany to assist with a customer in a difficult worldwide implementation of a critical piece of Microsoft software. In the end I was commended by the Global Business Manager and said to have salvaged a multi-million dollar deal.

On October 13th, 2008 my boss sent me an email and told me he wanted to meet with me that day at 3pm. His office was in Connecticut and he had flown down to take care of other business and said he wanted to have our one on one meeting in person instead of over the phone. I went into the meeting and was told that my position was being moved to Boston. This was a business decision and I was being laid off. I was given a severance package and put out the door. After 15 years of doing a job I loved and working for I company I loved I was being tossed aside. It was a business decision.

Just after this is when my health began to truly collapse. In November 2008 I contracted Pneumonia, Bronchitis and Pleurisy and spent a week in the hospital. On December 8th, 2008 my dad had a heart attack and died at the age of 72. I am the executor of my father’s estate. He was an amazing man but in the end they had spent most of their savings on health care. Still…we struggled on. Since Beth, Spencer and I have health issues we have maintained my Microsoft Health Insurance. Until the government COBRA assistance kicked in we paid $1,525.00 per month to maintain the Microsoft Health benefits. Since the government subsidy we have been paying $537.25 per month. In January it will go up to over $1,700.00 per month due since the subsidy will end and Microsoft is increasing the monthly CBRA payment by over $200 per month. I had been unable to find a fulltime job with full benefits. I had been doing consulting and contracting jobs. The most I have been able to make has been $1,000.00 in a single week.

In August I contracted Double Pneumonia. By the time I got to the hospital my Blood Oxygen level was 32%. From August 8th to August 12th – my 49th birthday – I was on a ventilator. The hospital stay lasted a week. Since coming out of the hospital I have continued to have health problems.

In September I found out I was severely Anemic. I had an additional hospital stay in September to receive 3 units of blood. The Warm Antibody found 8 years ago is related to a disorder called Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia.

On November 2nd, 2009 I had to return to the hospital with Double Pneumonia. I was there for 12 days. Since going to the hospital that morning I have been on oxygen 24x7 continuously. I am no longer able to work. Due to the amount of oxygen I need I have to take roll around tanks with me when I leave the house. Each tank lasts approximately 2 hours.

Beth has been trying to find a job over the last year. But having been out of the workforce for over 16 years other than her seasonal tax job has made it very difficult to find anything. The severance is gone. The small inheritance is gone.

On November 17th our home was auctioned and purchased by Freddie Mac. I have been visited twice by representatives from Freddie Mac to see when we will leave our home or if we would like to try to stay. I’ve informed them we have no income and are struggling just to keep the utilities on. We’re waiting to see what they are going to do.

All my life I have believed in the American Dream and the strong work ethic that made this country the greatest country in the world. Since the age of 28 I have had 2 jobs where I spent 20+ years combined and learned a trade from the ground up. I STILL believe in a strong work ethic and the ideals and dreams that made our country great. Many of my friends have wanted to know about my situation. At present this is it…

I have the following illnesses:

Interstitial Pneumonitis
Idiopathic Autoimmune Hemolytic Anemia
Sleep Apnea
Type II Diabetes

I am unable to work. I’ve filed for unemployment AND Disability. Since I am unable to work I cannot receive unemployment. We are a few hundred dollars over the limit to receive immediate assistance through SSI and Medicaid. I am continuing to answer questions and fill out paperwork to see if I qualify for permanent disability. If I qualify this process can take as long as 4 months. If I’m turned down on the first attempt I have no idea how long the appeals will last.

For the last month my family has been living off the charity of others. We’ve received financial assistance from my sister and Beth’s parents. We’ve also had help from local churches. We are thankful for the assistance and prayers.

As of 12-14-2009 the following bills are due or past due:

City of Gastonia - $425.99
Time Warner (Telephone service is bundled with this) - $363.00 Overdue for 2+ months.
PSNC Energy - $120.52
Merastar Auto Insurance - $416.50
Health Insurance COBRA - $537.25
Budget Storage - $125.00

We have four children - Spencer 17, Jonathan 16, Molly 13 & Evie 8.

We have ZERO income.

(By Dolley Madison - if you would like to help Jeff and his family, please send me an email at

Dec 13, 2009

More Hollywood Propoganda

I am making choices with my pocketbook these days and holding on to my bucks when movies or stars or singers tick me off with their wacko beliefs and hypocrisy.  Such is the case with the new movie Avatar.  We saw a 3D IMAX preview a couple weeks ago, and while it was truly awesome, we won't be going to see it.  Why, you ask?  Because I am done with the propaganda.  I am done with the agenda, and I am not going to overlook my values and say, "It's just a movie" anymore.  What's so bad about Avatar? Well, I just saw the preview, but this is what I got:

The US Military is set to destroy peaceful, environmentally neutral and in tune with nature peaceful beings, for the corporate greed of a mineral.  The hero, wounded in some other imperialist, capitalist pig war, has lost a limb, and only when he becomes enlightened by the gentle savage is he a human being worth saving.

Let's get something straight right here and right now - the United States Military is the most honorable fighting force in this world's history.  There has never been assembled a finer body than our military.  The US Military has shed their blood and died to free and protect thousands worldwide, not for money, power, or greed - but for honor.

Secondly, the fact of the matter is any species on earth or in the galaxy without the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ are savages.  The illusion of the noble savage is just that; an illusion.  Hollywood has perpetuated a myth of peace loving, earth worshipers; their idea of holy people - when the facts are quite different.  Read Lewis and Clark's accounts of the Lakota Souix, do your research on the Mohawk, or the Camanche; these were brutal wicked people.  Read writings from the early settlers, read writers from the times - not the romanticized drivel we are passed today as history.  The facts stand that past, present, or future a people with a culture that does not include Jesus Christ are lawless, abusers of women, tyrannical, and savage.

The movie, of course it is big government and big business out to destroy the peace of the earth and civilization to make a buck.

You know what, James Cameron?  You aren't going to make your buck off me.  I encourage all you Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Christians, and Supporters of the Military to keep your dollars in your pocket - go see The Blind Side instead.  That's a movie that represents who we are - Conservative, God Loving, Hard working folks - put your money where your mouth is folks!

Dec 11, 2009

I Wonder If

I wonder if the headlines of today could have been presented to the American people a week before last year's election would the country still have chosen the way that it did?

  • Copenhagen Global Warming Summit
  • EPA to regulate your exhale
  • The Federal Government to take over ALL water in the USA
  • The Debt Ceiling raised to 14 Trillion - legislation tied to Emergency Troop Funding
  • Unemployment at 10.2%
  • Healthcare take over will cost 2 Trillion Dollars
  • Repaid TARP funds not going back in the Treasury - more spending
  • Expand Medicare - even though it is bankrupt in 10 years at the current enrollment
  • Chamber of Commerce President has Bounty put on his head by Left Wing Group
  • Obama's Pay Czar slashes salaries
  • Moody's to remove the USA AAA bond rating if spending is not brought under control
  • Fed Workers enjoy Boomtime - average pay $71K/year.
  • Climate fraud continues to be ignored by the Mainstream Media and the Governments of the World

So what do you think?  Was this the "change" folks were looking for when they put the Progressives in power?  I sure hope not.  Can we stop them, I don't know, but I am sure going to try.

God Save America!

Dec 9, 2009

The Winter Party

Political Correctness - I truly despise it.  I think it homogenizes everything and has made us a bunch of soft mushy people who are afraid to speak the truth.  Thus, when I received the message earlier this week that my son's Third Grade class was have a Winter Party, I wanted to scream.  It's not even a Holiday Party for goodness sake.  How did this Christian Nation get here?  I will tell you how, one small step at a time.

I am going to pretend I didn't see the memo, you see, I would much rather ask for forgiveness than permission.  So Merry CHRISTmas folks, pray for me that I am able to organize this party and still stay faithful for the reason for the season.

New Line Cinema - The Nativity Story (2006)
Jesus - the Reason for the Season

Dec 8, 2009

Torte Reform - Some Numbers for You

Abigail and Dolley readers know I have been yelling from the roof tops that any meaningful health care REFORM (not take over or destruction) must include lawsuit/torte reform.  None of the bills in Congress address this issue at all.  Some provisions actually give tax breaks and hand outs to the trial lawyers, why you ask?  Money and special interest - the trial lawyers bought Congress and Congress is paying them back.

Driving home late last night, I heard Jason Lewis throw out some figures - I will need to do a bit more research and verify these numbers since I wasn't taking notes.  Forgive me if I am off a few bucks here, but I think this may startle you.  Perhaps it will cause you to act:

  1. A family of 4 right now spends $9800 annually more from products so that companies can pay their liability insurance.  That's right, the helmet you bought, the skateboard you bought, the knife you bought, the cookware you bought, the hammer you bought... all have frivolous law suit money and protection built in to them.
  2. The estimated annual cost for medical malpractice insurance in the USA is $100 Billion Dollars.
  3. The estimated annual cost for defensive medicine (ordering test you really don't need to cover the DR. in case you sue them) is $163 Billion Dollars.
  4. $0.54 of every health care dollar goes to administration/paperwork, malpractice insurance, and lawyers.
Now, you tell me, why would we not be looking at this first?  I hold, because it is not about doing what is right, it is about taking control and power.  It is not about doing good, it is about paying back your buddies.  It is a lack of honor, honesty, and humility that has fueled the anger of the American people.  Even if you are for the reformation of the healthcare system, you can not as an American oppose torte reform.  If this is not in the bill, then ask yourself, what is?

Dec 6, 2009

Stuck on A Course of Action

Have you ever determined a course of action to later find out it was incorrect?  I think we all have been faced with that situation at one time or another.  The content of your character is largely determined by your actions once you discover you were wrong.  An honorable person will reverse course, admit the mistake, apologize to those he has wronged if applicable, learn the lesson, and proceed forward.  A dishonorable person will persist along the wrong course because to do otherwise is to admit a mistake, to do otherwise may harm his "cause".  A dishonorable person will make the wrong decisions and not care who gets hurt along the way.

Such is now the case with the Copenhagen Climate Summit - the course of action our world leaders take in this regard, will in large part determine their Honor.  Will they acknowledge that there are serious questions about Man Made Global Impact or will they proceed down the path that has been clearly demonstrated as wrong?  I believe that the content and the character of each leader will be determined by how they proceed.

Sadly, the duly elected President of the United States of America, Barrack Hussein Obama has indicated he will proceed down the wrong path, once again putting on full display his lack of honor and intellectual courage, his lack of personal convictions of right and wrong, his inability to admit a mistake, his unwillingness to abandon the cause that leads to the ultimate end of total governmental control of the country and the world.  Once again, the Narcissist Obama makes the wrong decision and to hell with the consequences.

NYC Flyover - I Get It Now

Abigail and Dolley readers know, I am no real fan of the Obama Administration, but I also think of myself as a fair minded American.  Thus, when the whole "Fly Over" incident in NYC happened earlier this year, I thought it was stupid, but I didn't really grasp the magnitude of the gaff.  Perhaps because before today, I had never seen this picture.

This picture was not taken by Dolley Madison - I take no credit for it.

Look at that.... a very large plane followed by two fighter jets heading right into the heart of New York City.  Now think about it for a moment.....  Why was this picture not indelibly on my brain?  Why am I just now finding this picture?  Because once again the Media is not doing their jobs.

This publicity stunt caused panic on the ground.  Emergency lines were jammed, people evacuated buildings, and no one knew what was going on.  As an American, I am horrified by this image, as a New Yorker I would have been terrified.

Not only was this insensitive and stupid it is an example of the overwhelming disregard of others that permeates this Narcissistic President and Administration. This picture will forever symbolize to me the first disastrous year of the Obama Presidency. 

Dec 4, 2009

The Window Seat

I have been flying several times a year since I was 11 years old.  As a child, I always wanted the window seat, for obvious reasons; as a young adult I determined that I was far too jaded by the window seat and opted for the aisle.  Lately, I am back at the window.

There are a number of reasons for this - I am small, so the extra room in the aisle isn't really necessary.  I can stand to full height under the "fasten seat belts sign" and only my big hair touches the ceiling.  Conversely, I find the aisle annoying; large people tend to buy aisle seats and I have spent more than one flight with a behemoth's knees in my back.  People use the top of your aisle seat as their personal walking stick while making their way through the aisle all the while affording you a lovely view of their rear ends as they brush up against you.  Let us also not forget those who feel perfectly justified using the top of your seat to boost their weight out of their seats.  Several months ago, I suffered one of the worst flights of my life and was a simmering powder keg mean thoughts toward all who continued to knee, rattle, and lean into me with a drool and a snore.

So I am back to the window, where the construction of the plane affords you leaning room and a head rest for a pillow; where you have control over whether the shades are pulled on the windows or not, and where no one uses the back of your chair as a lift.  While my move back to the window was done for all the above reasons I have once again discovered the wonder of the world outside.

Peering out the window last evening, I was in awe of God's creation below.  The beauty and the vast landscape of the earth.  The lights from the houses and the cars all representing people whom God knows everything about, down to the number of hairs on their heads.  The landscape lit up in twinkling colors like a large outdoor display of Christmas lights, those lights representing progress and comfort, and beauty.  Cars and planes moving safely transporting people over large distances connecting them to work, family, and a higher standard of living.  Some would look up on the earth and wish for darkness and cars that are parked and planes that don't fly.  Their misguided hearts and beliefs tell them these good things are actually bad.  They have become lovers of darkness.

So, I sit in my window seat, marvel at the world below and bow my head; once again discovering the smallness of my own being, but resting in the vastness of His.

The Night Sky
(Credit: NASA/GSFC, Craig Mayhew & Robert Simmon)

Dec 1, 2009

Oh, Greenie! What Now?

Abigail and Dolley readers know I have been beating the "Global Warming is a Fraud" drum for a while now.  If you check out the Environment/Global Warming tags, you can read to your hearts content. 

In light of the developing scandal with the Climate-gate emails, I feel slight relief that perhaps the tides will begin to change.  But the question really remains will it matter to the zealots?  These emails show fraud, cover up, intimidation, character assassination, extortion, manipulation and out right devious disregard for proper science in regards to the "evidence" for Global Warming by the lead Scientists driving this whole hoax - but will it matter?

  • It doesn't seem to matter to the Lame Stream Media in the USA.
  • It doesn't seem to matter to the President of the United States as he prepares to go to Copenhagen for a Global Warming Summit.
  • It doesn't seem to matter to Al Gore, High Priest, of Global Warming

I believe it doesn't matter to any of the above folks, because they knew it was a lie to begin with.  Global Warming is not about taking care of the Earth - it's about money, power, and control.  Pure and simple.

But what about the devotee'?  Where is the little Tree Hugger in all this scandal and corruption?  They must be shaken to the core, because the Environment is no longer just a cause - the Environment is many people's religion.  Where does that leave them?  If man's actions aren't causing Earth changes then a major tenant of their faith is destroyed.  What now, Greenie?  I am sure there are more causes and I am sure there are many more things to champion, but before you move on to something else, ask yourself this question:

What if I stopped trying to believe in others, who will change and lie and manipulate?  What if I stopped trying to find the answers to all of life's hard questions and rested for a moment?  What if in that moment, a still small voice, that has been ignored for so long, was finally once again heard, and it said, "Come to me, all ye who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest, for my burden is light and my shoulders are strong.  Come child and let me hold you.  I know you are tired.  I love you, won't you let me in?"

This time, what if you did?

"Forgiven" by Thomas Blackshear II, copyrighted by Masterpiece Collection, a division of Dayspring Cards, Siloam Springs, Arkansas, (479) 524-9301. All rights reserved.