Mar 25, 2011

Prayer Time

Abigail and Dolley readers years ago, I had a powerful prayer ministry.  It was in the infancy of e-mail and before the media became such a task master.  I took prayer requests throughout the day, chose a Scripture that I would write on and then passed the requests to about 50 folks who promised to pray.  That Season in my life was richly blessed by a communion with God that was special to both of us.  It was fostered by the availability of time, which is something I have not had much of since then.

I find myself once again with that very precious resource, time.  Never one to squander a gift, I have decided to make use of it.  I will dedicate a set time everyday to pray and will be willing to take your prayer requests before the Lord.  Please email them to me at or comment on this post and I will be faithful to pray for you.

Bless you all,