Apr 21, 2013

Jesus Take the Wheel

Abigail and Dolley readers as seasons run, I have not had much to blog about.  After a 2 year absence, I returned to regional management and literally all of my creativity, writing, and energy has gone into the new job.  There are many days where I miss the simplicity and the rush of sales and truly the best part of the 2 year break was not having any direct reports - "No People" as we are fond of saying.  When I was debating the position and weighing the pros and cons, one of my best friends said to me, "put your hose and heels back on and get to the office - this is what you DO."

It has been the hardest job I've ever taken, not because of the work.  No, I can handle the work my challenges have been with people.  A new company is hard, regardless, but a new company where there are so many personalities can be brutal.  Driving home is often an exercise in sheer will; totally spent and stumbling through the door with nothing left, my family frets with me.

One day in February, I was driving home and the Lord gave me a vision.  I was in a high speed car, buckled up in the front passenger's seat - HE was driving.  (For my fellow Harry Potter fans, think the Knight Bus in Prisoner of Azkaban.)  I realized that as long as the Lord was driving I would be safe, the road may be scary but I knew I could trust him.  I had to stay in the passenger's seat, as long as I didn't jerk the wheel or try to climb in his lap and take over, everything was going to be just fine.

Do I like being in the passenger's side?  Sometimes yes, and sometimes no... sometimes I just forget that I am supposed to be in the passenger's side and try to climb over the arm rest - that's when the car seems to careen but he loves me enough to shove me back where I belong.