Sep 5, 2016

Two Rational Americans Make a Case for the Candidates - Without Name Calling

Abigail and Dolley readers yesterday, I put out this challenge:

I would just like one Hillary Clinton supporter to rationally and without name calling or Trump bashing truly explain how they can vote FOR her. Not against someone else, not because she is a woman, not because she or they are Democrats, but actually a reasoned and logical case in support of Hillary Clinton. If you can't do that, then you should not pull the lever for her in November. I promise I will be respectful and considerate if anybody takes up the challenge.

Rational Conversation

I had one friend take me up on the challenge:

The Case for Hillary:

-Even though her major initiative, the Clinton health care plan, failed (due to Republican obstruction), you cannot deny that it laid ground for what we have today, the Affordable Healthcare Act, something Clinton supports and would continue.

-She played a leading role in the development of State Children’s Health Insurance Program, which provides the much-needed state support for children whose parents cannot afford nor provide them with adequate health care coverage.

-She was also instrumental in the creation of the Adoption and Safe Families Act and the Foster Care Independence Act.

-Successfully fought to increase research funding for prostate cancer and asthma at the National Institute of Health (NIH).

-She spearheaded investigations into mental illness plaguing veterans of the Gulf War; we now have a term for it – Gulf War Syndrome.

-At the Department of Justice, she helped create the office on Violence Against Women.

-She was instrumental in securing over $21 billion in funding for the World Trade Center redevelopment.

-Took a leading role in the investigation of health consequences of first responders and drafted the first bill to compensate and offer the health services our first responders deserve (Clinton’s successor in the Senate, Kirsten Gillibrand, passed the bill).

-Was instrumental in working out a bipartisan compromise to address civil liberty abuses for the renewal of the U.S. Patriot Act.

-Proposed a revival of the New Deal-era Home Owners’ Loan Corporation to help homeowners refinance their mortgages in the wake of the 2008 financial disaster.

-Was a major proponent of sensible diplomacy which brought about a ceasefire between Hamas and Israel, and brokered human rights with Burma.

-Oversaw free trade agreements with our allies such as Panama, Colombia, and South Korea.

-Was the most traveled Secretary of State to date.

-The Clinton Foundation, founded by her and her husband, has improved the living conditions for nearly 400 million people in over 180 countries through its Initiative program.

Questions on the above are:

This is an admirable list, I thank you for it, these seem good. I respect the accomplishments listed, some are quite impressive. I respectfully ask:

-Have you looked into the illicit activities of the Clinton Foundation and her pay to play schemes?

-Did you watch the movie "Clinton Cash"?

-Do you believe that the Obamacare legislation has been successful?

-Did Hamas actually stop trying to kill Israelis? (See the Tunnel Network where they use Aid to launch terror.)

-Did you know we already had Panama and Columbia free trade deals? (GSP and CAFTA)

-Did you see the statistics that she only met with non-governmental people as Secretary of State who made donations to the Clinton Foundation?

-Have you looked into the history of corruption and scandals from Whitewater to the Email Dump?

So my friend asked me to abide by my own rules and make a case for Trump.

Trump and Clinton

The Case for Trump:

I've written this by myself. It's not a copy and paste, it's what I have learned since he became the nominee.

-Trump has been a successful businessman and developer since the 1980's.

-Many credit him with the revitalization of NYC.

-He has never sought public office before and does not view himself as a politician.

-Since he financed his entire primary campaign out of his own pocket, he is not bought and paid for by special interests and political pacs.

-He is a straight talker and has proven that he actually is sometimes TOO honest and that has gotten him into trouble.

-He recently apologized to those he may have hurt with his remarks, this demonstrates an ability to admit mistakes.

-He has successfully negotiated many deals in his career and will be a great negotiator for our country.

-He empowers people around him and is a great listener.

-He treats his hosts, bodyguards, and workers with respect and just about everyone who has worked for him sings his praises.

-He speaks up for the powerless, sees the injustices in the world that have come about by bad policy, rules, and laws.

-He will negotiate with lawmakers to bring the role of President back under Constitutional rules and roles.

-He is a proponent of free markets that are not corrupted by crony capitalists, burdensome regulations, and a banking system that does not fund small business.

-He is a fierce advocate for the US in trade, that's my profession and I can tell you he is 100% right about other countries keeping our goods out while dumping their goods here.

-He will cut taxes and reform the burdensome tax code.

-He will deport criminal aliens, who in NC, just in August raped 73 women and children.

-He is an amazing builder and will put those talents to work repairing America's infrastructure, roads, airports, and bridges.

-He is for state's rights and has repeatedly deferred issues back to the states for their local resolution.

-He is trustworthy, the Washington Post assigned 20 full-time reporters to dig up dirt on him and they have been unable to come up with anything.

-He has employed thousands of workers and never, until he ran for president, has there ever been a hint of racism in him.

-He believes in smaller federal government and fiscal responsibility. His son has indicated that they have plans that will cut the federal government by 30%.

-He is inspiring and loves our country, he sees a bright future full of promise and real hope.

-He's going to make a great President.