Nov 17, 2012

Signs of the Times

Abigail and Dolley readers it is hard to believe this is the first blog post in over a month... Honestly, I just haven't had the heart to write.  A good friend of mine said the day after the election that she'd seen a Prius with an Obama sticker and wanted to run it over, that describes our shared frustration.  Alas, in times of trouble, we should take solace in our faith and the firm understanding that the Lord is in control.

Dad was an eschatology scholar (Biblical End Times Study) as such, I have studied and discussed End Times events with him many times over the years.  What has surprised me is the realization that the world would not stay as we knew it, our country may not continue to be great, and even our last days here would be full of strife and pain.  I had surmised that the fall of the United States would be because of the Rapture and the subsequent nuclear Holicaust, not because we had committed suicide.  I wept on election night and the following day; I mourned as if a loved one had died.

As the news unfolds in Israel, it indeed seems that the time of the end is truly upon us.  The Palestinians have fired 740 rockets into Israel yet the Yahoo and Google headlines read, "Israel destroys Hamas Headquarters".  Truth is found in select places but you must search for it and many of the lame and uninformed just accept the drivel that is fed to them by the left.  It is insidious. 

Of course, I have been saying that for a dozen years that the end is near.  I'd venture a guess that folks felt that way during the World Wars and the Great Depression.  Perhaps we have all been right but our human timing is quite different from the Lord's.  We can only pray for protection and provision in what is to come.


  1. These are tumultuous times.

    I honestly have no idea how things will pan out.


  2. Abigail and Dolley . . . This was an interesting post from several angles. People that study (your Dad) the end of time non-sense actually learn quite a lot about the Holy Bible and how it was written and assembled. From that stand point it leads to some fascinating thoughts. Electing Mr. Obama again was a terrible mistake but the world did not collapse and America is still with us. Most countries grow and prosper until they reach an apogee and fade. The process repeats on it's own time. Risk is part of everything and the way our universe is in motion while expanding suggests that our world may someday collide with a solid mass large enough to fracture our planet. Or perhaps some other event, say an extraordinary change in the temperature emitted from our sun, will retard further development of human beings. Meanwhile the current tribes that inhabit our world have convinced themselves that they are different one from the other. For thousands of years our capacity for jealousy, envy and greed has caused us to make war on one another. The modern excuse rises from religious teachings. 'My religion is better than yours' so it is my duty to kill you. In terms of benevolent humanity that is the most anti-humanity thought of all. The good news is that Obama is very temporary on the world scene, Israel may or may not survive the overwhelming stupidity of fundamental Islam, and despite Obama's misdirection and Israel's tense and dangerous future, neither is likely to affect 'the end of times'. Happy New Year. . . . Bump