Mar 30, 2010

Random Thoughts Observations and Quotes

Healthcare - everyone can pick some good things out of it, it really is no different than a superb pan of brownies. The brownies are made with the highest quality chocolate, flour, organic eggs, and vanilla but mixed in is a huge pile of German shepherd poop. The liberals keep pointing out the high quality flour and the conservatives keep screaming that we aren't eating the damn brownies because of the poop - Dolley Madison aka me

Find out what people will submit to, and you’ll have found out the exact amount of injustice and wrong which will be imposed upon them.”Frederick Douglass, the famed abolitionist.  From a Great Article in the Boston Herald  

Squatter Up Date on Belinda Kendal of Charlotte NC"Good News - she didn't even show up! I did get what is called a "write of possession" - she is allowed 10 days to file an appeal - if an appeal has not been filed and she has not vacated-on the 12th I go back to the clerk of courts and file a writ of possession and then the sheriff's goes out and padlock's it immediately. If she is caught on the premises after this she will be arrested for trespassing."  Connie Holloway

I Will Not Comply: "...we see the Tea Party movement as a grassroots explosion of righteous anger and resolute activism. We see it as a portent of the political future. We see it as a last, great hope for preventing America from abandoning its constitutional traditions of individual liberty and limited government – and descending into a European-style welfare state that will sap our economic vitality and curtail our freedom."

Mar 29, 2010

Perpetual Childhood

Abigail and Dolley readers many of the aspects of this Healthcare take over bother me, sicken me, and infuriate me; there is one part that disturbs me.  We now allow children to remain on their parents health insurance until they are 26.  Is this now the age when we feel our kids finally need to be responsible adults?  Why does that age keep getting moved up and how is that possibly good for our families, society, and the kids themselves?

When my Grandparents were children, it was not unusual for a boy to take on the responsibilities of his family in his early and middle teens if the father was deceased.  My parents married out of High School, thus setting the age for adulthood around 18.  When I was coming up, it was understood that when I went away to college that I was on my own thereafter and would be independent from my parents at graduation - so I guess the bar was set at about 22 for me.  Now we are saying, 26?

I remember a line in Interview With A Vampire, based on the Anne Rice novel, (that I really only watched because I had this thing for Brad Pitt back then, but I digress), Brad Pitt's character is speaking of the time he was human.  At 23, he said he was master of the plantation.  Then unlike now, that was well into adulthood, he was a man.  I was not much older than that myself at the time and I reflected on the boys I knew that age.  They were not MEN they were boys or better yet, they were GUYS.

We do not expect our children to grow up, instead we indulge them in their selfishness and immaturity far too long.  When the voting age was moved to 18, we expected that our children would be adults at this time.  That was the case then, but is no longer the case now.  They are easily influenced and naive, they are not prepared for the world in which they are not the center.  We have failed many generations and specifically our men, who in turn fail our women because they do not know their proper role and place within society and the family.

We as parents must change this.  I am already speaking very strongly about this subject to my child and he understands that I expect his teen years to be very short and as painless for both of us as possible.  He will not be indulged in this area.  I will teach him and expect him to become a MAN, not a guy, not a boy, but a MAN and all that this entails.  Will you join me?

Mar 27, 2010

A Partisan President

Abigail and Dolley readers can you ever recall a time when the President of the United States taunted half of his countrymen?  Can you ever remember being held in disdain by the elected leaders of the country?  Can you ever remember being belittled?  Can you ever remember a more disgusting display of gloating over a victory?
Sadly, this is what we have received from our Hope and Change President.  Most of America was mourning on Monday and had to endure the taunting of the victorious.  Instead of waiting for the full passage of the debacle President Obama and his cohorts held a signing.
 Instead of reaching out to calm Americans so against this bill, they linked arms and strolled through the crowd with a giant gavel that represented the hammer in which they will beat you with.

The manner in which they have lied, cheated, and disregarded the will of the American people is almost as abhorrent as the bill itself.

Mar 25, 2010

The Victim's Party

Abigail and Dolley readers if the Dems tactics for shaping the debate and name calling wasn't so repulsive and vile, I would say the Conservatives should adopt it.  It IS effective.  Hence the whole Tea Party People are scary.  So instead of standing up and being the rat bastards that they are, they cloak themselves in perpetual victimhood.  We are mad, we are scared, we are sick of being ignored, but we are going to vote your butts out of office and take back our country and return it to the Republic.

We know who you are, you are the sneaky smarmy bastards of our childhood, who envied the achievers, oppressed and made fun of the little kids and the weak while playing the perfect child in front of the teacher.  My sense of justice recoils.  My sense of righteousness is assaulted.  If we were on the playground I would punch them in the nose.  Oh, wait, is this a threat of violence.  Go ahead, tell the teacher.  I'll take my lumps.

Mar 22, 2010

I Am Just Too Sick About This To Rant

Abigail and Dolley readers I can not even rally myself enough today to write a proper rant. I will merely post the below and lament along with you that we have indeed suffered a terrible blow in our great country.

1 Thessalonians 4: For since we believe that Jesus died and was raised to life again, we also believe that when Jesus returns, God will bring back with him the believers. For the Lord himself will come down from heaven with a commanding shout, with the voice of the archangel, and with the trumpet call of God. Then, together with them, we who are still alive and remain on the earth will be caught up in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. Then we will be with the Lord forever. So encourage each other with these words.

Mar 21, 2010

I'm Here All Week - Don't Forget To Tip Your Servers

Abigail and Dolley readers this is from an outstanding FB post I saw this morning.  It rang a bell with me and I wanted to share it with you.  My sisters and I all put ourselves through college waiting tables and bartending, that is some seriously hard work.  I have used the multi-tasking skills I learned as a waitress throughout my life and have an appreciation for the people that serve me in a restaurant. Here are the posts:

I thought everyone in the USA knew that the average deserved tip for a waitress/ waiter at a restaurant or bar was 15%(slack) or 25% (generous).  Evidently not. I'm not in that business, but have learned that certain people don't know this common courtesy. Maybe we should cut those people off from going out or at least get the opportunity to hear why they're so cheap. If you can't afford to tip, stay your a^#  at home.

Stevie, thank you for this post. Most people think that wait staff (waitresses, waiters, bartenders, etc.) are uneducated, uninformed, stupid members of society. I have an associates degree in criminal science, and have worked in numerous fields of law but I have gone back to bartending. I love my job, and I don't have some a+*hole calling me at 1:00 a.m., making me go to the office, in downtown, to look for a fax. I order my liquor on Monday, pick it up on Tuesday, and wait for beer deliveries throughout the week. I am the accountant, book keeper, liaison with the county and state alcohol boards, and have to deal with other state agencies on a daily basis.
People think that their lives are so hard, and that we "the little people" should kiss their asses and then get tipped nothing, BULLS*&#!.....I will and have stopped serving those a$$holes. Keep your a$$ out of my bar if you can't appreciate my services.

I waited tables through college. One time this lady said to me, "What are you going to do when you get out in the real world?" I said, "Well, I guess when I get off work I won't have to roll silverware, mop the floor and empty the garbage. When I go home I will be able to watch TV and not think about the research projects and exams I have coming up. Nor will I have to go to school 20 hours a week and work 30, plus I will have a lot more money. So I guess I am going to enjoy the real world, since it will be like a vacation compared to this."  I got a pretty good tip from her husband.

The moral of the story - do not assume just because someone is in the service industry that they couldn't find a "real job".  Appreciate good service, tip well, and remember God will not be mocked, you will reap what you sow.  Let me end by giving a great big thank you to all you waiters, waitresses, hostess, and bartenders - Joe public isn't easy, but we sure do appreciate you.  Thanks!

Mar 20, 2010

A Prayer For Our Nation

Thank you all so much for loyally visiting and reading this blog. You may have noticed in the last few weeks that the frequency of postings has slowed somewhat.  I find that this particular season in my life that the creative juices are flowing but in a fictional direction. I have started writing again, which will be my second attempt at a novel. My first novel tried to be everything to everyone and was a discombobulated mess!   There are moments of brilliance in it, but on the whole it needed so much editing and work that I abandoned it.  My second attempt is as scaled down in characters and plot as the first was complicated and convoluted.

As the inspiration strikes, I will continue to blog - the events of the day and precariousness of our Republic call for vigilance and  action.  I am proud to count myself among the Tea Party Patriots and will be spending the weekend in prayer for our country.

Lord, thank you for your wonderful grace and mercy.  We acknowledge that  You are our God and that it has been through the provision of your hand that we have prospered as a country.  We have lost our way, Lord.  We have forgotten You and the forces of the enemy are closing in on us.  Restore us, Lord, to the people you intended us to be.  Protect us from the wily schemes of the Devil and his cohorts.  Awaken us Lord that it will not be protests that change the course of this train wreck, but prayer.  In all things, we confess that You are in control and we will trust in You.  In Jesus Name, Amen.

Mar 17, 2010

Squatter! Update and Story

Abigail and Dolley readers - you've read the below story, now watch the exciting video! Here is another segment in calling out Belinda Kendall of Charlotte NC who is squatting in Connie Holloway's home.

The story is outrageous and brings to light some very important rules and laws. Beware who you invite into your home, beware who you help! There are scumbags like Belinda Kendall all over the place.  Unfortunately I have learned, that stray dog you want to help usually bites you.  Go through your church they have mechanisms in place to help folks and protect the giver from this sort of thing.

Mar 13, 2010


Abigail and Dolley readers this is from a friend of mine. It was so outrageous, I had to share. This is a call out - Belinda Kendall of Charlotte NC who works on the radio in at 103.3 FM 1370 AM is a scum bag squatter who has taken advantage of the kindness of a single mother who had fallen on hard times.  Here is the story as written by Connie Kesler Holloway:

As some of you may know, 2009 was a very difficult year for myself, as it was for many people. I did lose my job and was unemployed for 9 months. As a single mom, unfortunately I was unable to pay my mortgage and my house is in the process of being foreclosed. I am not upset about losing that home as it is merely a possession. There is so much more to life. Now I was fortunate enough to finally get a good job the week of Thanksgiving! However, here is my grief: As a suffering single mom and understanding how tough it can be, I opened my home to another single mother and her two children the weekend after getting the good news of my job. I was so elated that God shined down on me and blessed me with this job that I truly wanted to spread it around!

Belinda Kendall and her two children moved into my home and we welcomed them entirely! On December 11, I had secured a new rental home for myself and my daughter, since I really didn't want to live in the home that I was going to be losing - it was just to depressing. New Job, new home, new life, etc! Therefore, I allowed Belinda Kendall to continue to live there rent free until mid January. In mid Janurary, she was about to vacate, when she begged me if she could stay one week longer. I told her how rude she had been to me and I really didn't think that was going to work. She in turn offered to pay $300 to stay the next week. Unfortunately I accepted. Then it comes the time to pay up and she said she didn't have the money - and that if I wanted to get her out I would have to go through the courts and evict her since the utilities where in her name.

Granted, I should have immediately gone through the court system to file eviction papers - but instead I gave her a 30 day notice. I did explain to her she must be a very desperate woman to sink to such levels. The 30 day notice expires the 5th of March.

During this duration of allowing Belinda Kendall and her children into my home, they have managed to crash 2 computers, her son was abusive to my daughter - which caused her much stress; was told I was not allowed to enter my home when she was not there, put my daughters bike in the creek and last but not least became a squatter in my home!

Unfortunatelly, because of this person, I have had to make a new years resolution to stop being so trusting!!!

In case you would like to know more about this woman her name is Belinda Kendall at 103.3 FM 1370 AM


The squatter is still there and had the nerve to post a "no trespassing" sign in my own front yard!! Believe it or not - as a squatter she has that right!! Well I decided to take matters into my own hands. I decided it is to unjust that the law can allow someone to essentially steal a home - therefore I wrote to WBTV news - and guess what - they are doing a story. They came out and interviewed me today and then when they went to the squatters residence (my home), she called the police on them as trespassers!!!! Anyway should make for a very interesting story that will air on WBTV sometime next week. Everyone should tune in!!!!

Mar 9, 2010

This is Bizarre On So Many Levels

Abigail and Dolley readers please observe the Speaker of the House

This is bizarre - you don't have to pay for this bill, it is trillions of $$ so you can just diet? It's really a good bill and we have to pass it so you can see what is in it? Like 1/6 of the economy is a mystery grab bag you buy sight unseen. These people are so twisted with their own deception that they can no longer discern reality. They have drunk their own Kool-Aid and are becoming unhinged before our eyes.

Mar 8, 2010

Obama Administration Honors George W Bush

I heard today that the Obama Administration will be honoring George W Bush, the 43rd President of the United States, by naming the gap between the tectonic plates beneath Haiti after him.The area will now officially be referred to as "Bush's Fault."

Mar 4, 2010

Dolley Madison - American Experience

Abigail and Dolley readers - enjoy

It Just Makes Life So Much Simpler

This is a follow up to yesterday's post and was topic I set out to write when the brain and the fingers went their own way.  It's about simplicity and not making things more complicated than we ought.  I have been a believer and follower of Jesus Christ my whole life, but went through and extraordinary rebirth when I was 29 years old.  I recommitted my life and took my faith, that had always been a part of me and moved it to the center.  When I did that, all sorts of issues I had been struggling with became so clear.  You see, I no longer had to figure things out, I realized I could trust God.  I could trust the Bible.

Did I go into intellectual coma?  No, actually far from it.  I began reading and researching all of the evidence that supports an intellectual decision to trust the Word of God.  I began studying all the facts around the Scripture and the Science and Archeology behind the absolute truth that is represented in the Bible.  I will list recommended reading as a footnote to this blog and hope you will join me in this exciting pursuit.

I also have determined that through research I am a young Earther.  I believe the scientific evidence supports a literal interpretation of the Bible and the time lines associated with it.  Nobody presents this better than Dr. Kent Hovind - there are dozens of You Tube Videos out there and I have written a couple of blogs regarding this subject Limiting Factors goes into detail.

So when they discover shark fossils in Kansas, I am not perplexed because I understand there was about 4000 years ago and worldwide flood.  When they discover blood vessels and organic tissue around dinosaurs, I do not fret and wonder how this could happen, because I recognize that the dinosaur fossil is not that old.  When they find fossilized John Deere ball caps, I do not wonder how or why the carbon 14 dating says that it is millions of years old.

When the Church is vilified in the media, I understand that there is an Enemy who would do all he could to destroy God's people.

I just have a simple understanding of what this world is all about and who is in control.  It really does make life easier.

Recommended Reading:  I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist or Author:  Lee Strobel

Mar 3, 2010

You Become A Product of Your Environment

Why in this world do we view everything as complicated?  Where did common sense and simple solutions go?  Why does everything need an analysis, a study, and committee?  Culturally, it is very easy to fall into that type of thing.   I spent about 9 years in a very corporate environment where everything was very formal, studied, outlined, and Six Sigma'd to death.  When I changed jobs, I had to completely re-acclimate myself back to the land of "Keep It Simple".  You see, I had become a product of my environment and even though my former company wasn't making a ton of money, getting tons of customers, or doing a very good job - that is how I thought business was done.  You see, I was in the bubble too long and needed to be retrained.

That is my argument for Term Limits.  Simply that we become products of our environment, no matter how much common sense we have when we go into a situation, we acclimate to our surroundings.  No one wants to look like a rube.  No one want to be made to look or feel foolish.  So you get along and go along and before you know it you have forgotten what was so simple about simplicity.

We must stop reelecting career politicians.  I say this and then think - gosh, my Congressman is great and I like my Senator that is up for reelection.  The conundrum would not be put to us if there were mandated term limits, the field would be open to new and exciting candidates and we would not be forced to look at the political realities of the current situation and once again make the Sophie's choice between the lesser of two evils.

Mar 2, 2010

This Is Red

That's right, Abigail and Dolley readers, we have entered into a world where our public officials will look at something and declare it is something else.  So it is within this spirit, that I declare the above plant is RED.  Do not let the right wing fringe lie to you and tell you it is green. 

Just as the Tea Party is astroturf and has much in common with the Democratic Party (according to Nancy Pelosi this weekend) and that Global Warming isn't still a pending disaster, in spite of the evidence of scandal, swindle, and fraud (courtesy of Al Gore).  No, we have entered into an age where we look clearly at something and with a straight face declare that it is something else.  It is the height of arrogance and self-delusion.

Folks, it is time to stop accepting this malarkey.  It is time to speak the truth over things, without fear.  Thus, I declare to you the above plant is actually GREEN and I am not afraid to say it.

Mar 1, 2010

Jobs Americans Won't Do... Yeah, Right

I have a very "apolitical" friend who has an absolute heart of gold.  One day several years ago she declared, "With all these Illegal Aliens, what are the Pot Heads going to do?"  I laughed and we didn't talk much more about it, but I now see the wisdom in her observation.

We grew up with these guys;  good old boys, with not much use for formal education who want a simple life, a good beer, and a good smoke.  They used to clean your gutters, mow your lawn, and paint your house.  They don't anymore; those jobs are taken by the illegals now.  They used to stock the grocery store shelves and clean your windows - they don't anymore.  These fellows used to frame houses and put up drywall - they don't anymore.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am in no way disrespecting my blue collar bretheren.  Nor am I implying that these men are all "potheads", the above was merely an ancedote.  Men were not made to sit in a cubicle and shuffle papers.  Men were made for physical labor and thrive on the sense of accomplishment that a job well done brings.  Men need tangible evidence of their work - crops, products, cars, buildings.  Sadly, these are the jobs that suffer when unions take over and when government regulators step in.  It is most certainly by supernatural design that the men of this country are attacked and their jobs taken away in record numbers.  Consider that the heaviest job losses are in male dominated fields of agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

Let us not forget these men.  They have built America and it is they that responded to the 9/11 attacks in droves.  It is these folks who help make this country run and it is no coincidence that the destruction of their livelihood has corresponded with the destruction of this country.  Below is a picture of a construction worker carrying a bag out of the rubble of the WTC.

There are about 7 million Americans looking for jobs right now and about 7 million Illegal Aliens - you do the math.