Mar 1, 2010

Jobs Americans Won't Do... Yeah, Right

I have a very "apolitical" friend who has an absolute heart of gold.  One day several years ago she declared, "With all these Illegal Aliens, what are the Pot Heads going to do?"  I laughed and we didn't talk much more about it, but I now see the wisdom in her observation.

We grew up with these guys;  good old boys, with not much use for formal education who want a simple life, a good beer, and a good smoke.  They used to clean your gutters, mow your lawn, and paint your house.  They don't anymore; those jobs are taken by the illegals now.  They used to stock the grocery store shelves and clean your windows - they don't anymore.  These fellows used to frame houses and put up drywall - they don't anymore.

Please do not misunderstand me, I am in no way disrespecting my blue collar bretheren.  Nor am I implying that these men are all "potheads", the above was merely an ancedote.  Men were not made to sit in a cubicle and shuffle papers.  Men were made for physical labor and thrive on the sense of accomplishment that a job well done brings.  Men need tangible evidence of their work - crops, products, cars, buildings.  Sadly, these are the jobs that suffer when unions take over and when government regulators step in.  It is most certainly by supernatural design that the men of this country are attacked and their jobs taken away in record numbers.  Consider that the heaviest job losses are in male dominated fields of agriculture, construction and manufacturing.

Let us not forget these men.  They have built America and it is they that responded to the 9/11 attacks in droves.  It is these folks who help make this country run and it is no coincidence that the destruction of their livelihood has corresponded with the destruction of this country.  Below is a picture of a construction worker carrying a bag out of the rubble of the WTC.

There are about 7 million Americans looking for jobs right now and about 7 million Illegal Aliens - you do the math.