Mar 3, 2010

You Become A Product of Your Environment

Why in this world do we view everything as complicated?  Where did common sense and simple solutions go?  Why does everything need an analysis, a study, and committee?  Culturally, it is very easy to fall into that type of thing.   I spent about 9 years in a very corporate environment where everything was very formal, studied, outlined, and Six Sigma'd to death.  When I changed jobs, I had to completely re-acclimate myself back to the land of "Keep It Simple".  You see, I had become a product of my environment and even though my former company wasn't making a ton of money, getting tons of customers, or doing a very good job - that is how I thought business was done.  You see, I was in the bubble too long and needed to be retrained.

That is my argument for Term Limits.  Simply that we become products of our environment, no matter how much common sense we have when we go into a situation, we acclimate to our surroundings.  No one wants to look like a rube.  No one want to be made to look or feel foolish.  So you get along and go along and before you know it you have forgotten what was so simple about simplicity.

We must stop reelecting career politicians.  I say this and then think - gosh, my Congressman is great and I like my Senator that is up for reelection.  The conundrum would not be put to us if there were mandated term limits, the field would be open to new and exciting candidates and we would not be forced to look at the political realities of the current situation and once again make the Sophie's choice between the lesser of two evils.