Mar 4, 2010

It Just Makes Life So Much Simpler

This is a follow up to yesterday's post and was topic I set out to write when the brain and the fingers went their own way.  It's about simplicity and not making things more complicated than we ought.  I have been a believer and follower of Jesus Christ my whole life, but went through and extraordinary rebirth when I was 29 years old.  I recommitted my life and took my faith, that had always been a part of me and moved it to the center.  When I did that, all sorts of issues I had been struggling with became so clear.  You see, I no longer had to figure things out, I realized I could trust God.  I could trust the Bible.

Did I go into intellectual coma?  No, actually far from it.  I began reading and researching all of the evidence that supports an intellectual decision to trust the Word of God.  I began studying all the facts around the Scripture and the Science and Archeology behind the absolute truth that is represented in the Bible.  I will list recommended reading as a footnote to this blog and hope you will join me in this exciting pursuit.

I also have determined that through research I am a young Earther.  I believe the scientific evidence supports a literal interpretation of the Bible and the time lines associated with it.  Nobody presents this better than Dr. Kent Hovind - there are dozens of You Tube Videos out there and I have written a couple of blogs regarding this subject Limiting Factors goes into detail.

So when they discover shark fossils in Kansas, I am not perplexed because I understand there was about 4000 years ago and worldwide flood.  When they discover blood vessels and organic tissue around dinosaurs, I do not fret and wonder how this could happen, because I recognize that the dinosaur fossil is not that old.  When they find fossilized John Deere ball caps, I do not wonder how or why the carbon 14 dating says that it is millions of years old.

When the Church is vilified in the media, I understand that there is an Enemy who would do all he could to destroy God's people.

I just have a simple understanding of what this world is all about and who is in control.  It really does make life easier.

Recommended Reading:  I Don't Have Enough Faith To Be An Atheist or Author:  Lee Strobel