Dec 27, 2009

Detroit - An Urban Train Wreck

Rabbit trailing around the blog-sphere the other day, I stumbled upon this article on Totus and this picture of Detroit.  The scene of decay, destruction, and abandonment struck a chord in me and I have not been able to get it out of my mind.  This, of course in Abigail and Dolley fashion, has led me on an exhaustive search to dig into this subject more deeply, to get a full understanding of it, and to form my own conclusions.  The more I find out, the more I realize I could write a hundred entries on this subject.

Liberals are completely responsible for Detroit.  It is their policies, management, and ideas that have made Detroit what it is today.  There can be no denying who or what has caused this destruction, thus, America, I give you Detroit a shining example of Progressive Liberal and Union policies.

An exhaustive case study of Detroit as it pertains to the results of Liberal policies, Union Control, and Race Relations would be a fascinating undertaking.  The study itself is inherently dangerous because you do not grab a Detroit Tiger by its tail and expect to escape unscathed.  The inevitable accusations of racism will follow anyone who looks into this subject.  First and foremost, anytime you examine liberal outcomes you are branded a racist, whether you are or are not is immaterial.  Secondly, the demographic of the cities population today is primarily black, thus speaking frankly about the black community makes you a racist.  Third, a true historical analysis would have to include the three race riots that occurred in 1863, 1943, and 1967.  Any true commentary would have to dispassionately examine the events, causes, and effects of these riots and their ultimate role in where the city is today.

Finally, to examine the facts of the current state of Detroit one must deal honestly with the end effects of wealth redistribution, white flight, failed policies of liberalism, union destruction, an enslaved electorate, and the ultimate destruction of a city once called the Paris of the West, because of it's beautiful architecture.

Detroit Ghetto Street
An Internet search on the problems and the decline of Detroit are documented and written about extensively, but one I am just now "discovering" this issue.  Perhaps, Abigail and Dolley readers, you are also unfamiliar with this subject.  Thus, I will endeavor to put together some coherent thoughts and links that may serve to enlighten you.  Moreover, I will direct you to additional sources of information, rather than simply regurgitating the thoughts of others.  There are dozens of angles to take on Detroit and its problems, this article is not intended to discuss the history of the automobile industry, it is designed to highlight what happens to a city that is run by Liberals and Progressives.

I have never been to Detroit.  I am not Black.  I do not pretend to be a subject matter expert, but find myself oddly fascinated by the macabre subject.  It is like looking upon a dead body and not being able to turn away.  Like rubber necking a gruesome accident, that in spite of yourself, you gaze upon with horror and fascination.

I have familial roots in the Rust Belt.  All of my Great Grandparents and Grandparents made their living in the Rubber Factories of Akron Ohio.  My Dad and Mom left for warmer and greener pastures in the mid 1970's, and I for all intents and purposes am a Southern Lady.  I have inklings of understanding of the destruction of my ancestral home city, but the demise of Akron is mild compared to the complete collapse of Detroit.

Ghetto Field

Here are some statistics for you:
  • Detroit is a city founded in 1701 and at one point had a population 1.8 million.  Today, there are less than half of number.  
  • Geographically, 55% of the cities area is abandoned.  
  • In 1950, Detroit had the highest median income in the country; today it is 66 out of 68.  
  • Per capita, Detroit spends over $11,000 per year to educate a student, compared with $9600 nationally, and $6600 for private schools, yet it graduates on 21% of students.
  • Detroit's public education system is run completely by the Teacher's Union
  • Detroit's population is roughly 88% "non-white".  
  • 1 in every 47 Detroit residents are homeless.  
  • A black man dropping out of high school will faces a 73% rate of unemployment.  He will have a 60% chance of going to jail before he leaves his 20's.  
  • Only 56% of the eligible workforce in Detroit is employed (Labor Stats) of those employed, 17.2% work for the government. 
  • To hire someone legally in Detroit, you must pay the mandated minimum wage of $10/hour - thus businesses can not afford to open and run businesses there, so the leave.
  • 47% of households made less than $35,000/year; only 1% had incomes over $200,000.

Each of the above statistics tells a story, each has a cause and effect, each has a human face behind it.  Entire neighborhoods are abandoned.  There are huge sections of the city that are urban prairies.  Some enterprising residents are beginning to farm the land.  Wild Animals are returning.  There are packs of wild dogs, bears, coyotes, raccoons, and even a beaver.

In the ultimate end of liberal policies, Detroit has become a city of "have nots" because they sought to punish the "haves".  As a result, the "haves" left and the "have nots" have even less.  Detroit was touted as the city of hope and a model city of Lyndon Johnson's Great Society, the liberal Democrats were no doubt shocked in 1967 when those they were seeking so diligently to help instead began to riot and burn the city.  Yet, the same failed policies and political solutions that created the problem are still put forth today as the solution.

Detroit Homes Collapsing
Detroit is a case study on what America can expect if the ultra liberal policies of the Obama Administration, the Reid/Pelosi Congress, and the Unions have their way.  Look at Detroit - a complete destruction of the infra-structure that created the wealth to begin with, an enslaved and dependent population, and an all powerful government controlling every aspect of human life.  You must ask yourself, who gains from this arrangement? 

For further information on this subject check out this blogger,

The blog gives a good history of the city, explores Devil's Night activities, portrays tons of video and links about the subject and is one of the best sources of info I found on the Detroit ghettos.

Point by point analysis:  Detroit: The Triumph of Progressism


  1. This in today's WSJ - absolute lunacy

  2. While I find your post interesting and reasonable, you have not provided any evidence to back up your main premise. Statistics are fine and dandy, but causality is another beast. I'll have to do some more research on this.


  3. Funny, I thought the decline of industry was detroit's undoing

  4. Steven Crowder: nice journalism. Nice piece of right partisan propaganda...or should I say piece of shit.

    Seems like your picture's a bit incomplete, or perhaps one sided is a better way of saying it. You dont mention that Detroit's past economic vigor could be a result of the US being the only player in a postwar global manufacturing vacuum, and that Detroit's decline could be from the rest of the world getting back into the industrial game and giving us some competition.

    In simple terms so an idiot can understand it, the industry went to other countries with lower wages, and Detroit was left to decay.

    So while the 'liberal policies' you speak of didnt help matters, why dont you be intellectually rigorous and honest and give us the whole picture, shithead: Detroit died primarily because the industry left.

  5. Hmm...You will delete comments that "misrepresent the truth" and that you simply dont like.

    See, thats the problem with you dont know what 'dialog' and 'discussion' are. Its not about the choir hanging out in a little circle nodding their heads, you need dissent and vigorous debate if you want to flush things out and actually make progress.

  6. Fygor - I am laughing at you; clearly you are an angry person. You call for a vigorous debate, yet you call me a Shithead and you claim without any representation of the facts that Steven Crowder's work is also a piece of shit.

    I very clearly state in the blog that dozens of articles and case studies could be done. This was not an article on the history of the automotive industry just as similar case studies of Cleveland/Akron and Pittsburgh would not have to address rubber and steel.

    I say this with intellectual integrity because there are industries that have left areas and the results have NOT been what we have seen in Detroit. Take the exodus of Furniture, Tobacco, and Textiles from the Carolinas. You have not had the same fall out because they were not heavily unionized and do not reside in states overrun by Progressives and Liberals.

  7. 'In the ultimate end of liberal policies, Detroit has become a city of "have nots" because they sought to punish the "haves". As a result, the "haves" left and the "have nots" have even less.'

    Did it not dawn on you that just maybe - the haves went where they could have even more, even easier?? Or that the idea of sharing the wealth was taking too long and the have nots get fed up of waiting for so called wealth re-distribution?? In Jesus's kindom we will all be equal and do our own dirty work and recieve our own blessings. Here it seems to me the haves took the good and the havenots were dumped nothing but the bad.

    (Ezekiel 7:19-21) . . .‘Into the streets they will throw their very silver, and an abhorrent thing their own gold will become. Neither their silver nor their gold will be able to deliver them in the day of Jehovah’s fury. Their souls they will not satisfy, and their intestines they will not fill, for it has become a stumbling block causing their error. 20 And the decoration of one’s ornament—one has set it as reason for pride; and their detestable images, their disgusting things, they have made with it. That is why I will make it to them an abhorrent thing. 21 And I will give it into the hand of the strangers for plunder and to the wicked ones of the earth for spoil, and they will certainly profane it.

    Best Regards

  8. Any time you have a city that's majority black, it's going to become a war zone.

    I used to live in the Detroit area. My dad grew up in Detroit in the 1940s and 50s and watched its decline.