Dec 13, 2009

More Hollywood Propoganda

I am making choices with my pocketbook these days and holding on to my bucks when movies or stars or singers tick me off with their wacko beliefs and hypocrisy.  Such is the case with the new movie Avatar.  We saw a 3D IMAX preview a couple weeks ago, and while it was truly awesome, we won't be going to see it.  Why, you ask?  Because I am done with the propaganda.  I am done with the agenda, and I am not going to overlook my values and say, "It's just a movie" anymore.  What's so bad about Avatar? Well, I just saw the preview, but this is what I got:

The US Military is set to destroy peaceful, environmentally neutral and in tune with nature peaceful beings, for the corporate greed of a mineral.  The hero, wounded in some other imperialist, capitalist pig war, has lost a limb, and only when he becomes enlightened by the gentle savage is he a human being worth saving.

Let's get something straight right here and right now - the United States Military is the most honorable fighting force in this world's history.  There has never been assembled a finer body than our military.  The US Military has shed their blood and died to free and protect thousands worldwide, not for money, power, or greed - but for honor.

Secondly, the fact of the matter is any species on earth or in the galaxy without the saving power of the Lord Jesus Christ are savages.  The illusion of the noble savage is just that; an illusion.  Hollywood has perpetuated a myth of peace loving, earth worshipers; their idea of holy people - when the facts are quite different.  Read Lewis and Clark's accounts of the Lakota Souix, do your research on the Mohawk, or the Camanche; these were brutal wicked people.  Read writings from the early settlers, read writers from the times - not the romanticized drivel we are passed today as history.  The facts stand that past, present, or future a people with a culture that does not include Jesus Christ are lawless, abusers of women, tyrannical, and savage.

The movie, of course it is big government and big business out to destroy the peace of the earth and civilization to make a buck.

You know what, James Cameron?  You aren't going to make your buck off me.  I encourage all you Tea Partiers, Conservatives, Christians, and Supporters of the Military to keep your dollars in your pocket - go see The Blind Side instead.  That's a movie that represents who we are - Conservative, God Loving, Hard working folks - put your money where your mouth is folks!