Dec 6, 2009

NYC Flyover - I Get It Now

Abigail and Dolley readers know, I am no real fan of the Obama Administration, but I also think of myself as a fair minded American.  Thus, when the whole "Fly Over" incident in NYC happened earlier this year, I thought it was stupid, but I didn't really grasp the magnitude of the gaff.  Perhaps because before today, I had never seen this picture.

This picture was not taken by Dolley Madison - I take no credit for it.

Look at that.... a very large plane followed by two fighter jets heading right into the heart of New York City.  Now think about it for a moment.....  Why was this picture not indelibly on my brain?  Why am I just now finding this picture?  Because once again the Media is not doing their jobs.

This publicity stunt caused panic on the ground.  Emergency lines were jammed, people evacuated buildings, and no one knew what was going on.  As an American, I am horrified by this image, as a New Yorker I would have been terrified.

Not only was this insensitive and stupid it is an example of the overwhelming disregard of others that permeates this Narcissistic President and Administration. This picture will forever symbolize to me the first disastrous year of the Obama Presidency.