Dec 6, 2009

Stuck on A Course of Action

Have you ever determined a course of action to later find out it was incorrect?  I think we all have been faced with that situation at one time or another.  The content of your character is largely determined by your actions once you discover you were wrong.  An honorable person will reverse course, admit the mistake, apologize to those he has wronged if applicable, learn the lesson, and proceed forward.  A dishonorable person will persist along the wrong course because to do otherwise is to admit a mistake, to do otherwise may harm his "cause".  A dishonorable person will make the wrong decisions and not care who gets hurt along the way.

Such is now the case with the Copenhagen Climate Summit - the course of action our world leaders take in this regard, will in large part determine their Honor.  Will they acknowledge that there are serious questions about Man Made Global Impact or will they proceed down the path that has been clearly demonstrated as wrong?  I believe that the content and the character of each leader will be determined by how they proceed.

Sadly, the duly elected President of the United States of America, Barrack Hussein Obama has indicated he will proceed down the wrong path, once again putting on full display his lack of honor and intellectual courage, his lack of personal convictions of right and wrong, his inability to admit a mistake, his unwillingness to abandon the cause that leads to the ultimate end of total governmental control of the country and the world.  Once again, the Narcissist Obama makes the wrong decision and to hell with the consequences.