Jul 8, 2015

You Are Not on the Fringe Anymore - Update Your Websites People!

Research... I do a ton of it.  I rabbit trail around constantly and love learning from people who have dedicated their lives to certain areas of ministry.  Up until now these folks were somewhat on the fringe of popular Christianity and by that I mean that they actually take the Bible literally and are not afraid of the Supernatural.  They delve into areas that Sunday Morning Daily Walk Pastors are not going to touch with a 10 foot pole, to the detriment of their ministry and congregation.

These teachers have spent their ministry in exploring topics like:

Giant Skeleton
Giants - Genesis 6 Nephilim who are these beings, what did they do, what evidence is there of them?  Is this what the Lord Jesus meant when he used the phrase, "As in the Days of Noah"? (Matthew 24:37)

Trumbull County Ohio UFO - Paranormal Witness Season 1
UFO sightings - what are all these things that people are seeing and experiencing?  What Christians need to know about this subject and how do we answer the world's questions?

Signs and Symbols of Masonry
New World Order - is there really anything to these secret societies?  Should we take this seriously are should we all put on our tin foil hats?

One Eye Symbolism
Symbolism - what's with the "one eye" pictures and pyramids every where and how do these things trace back to the Bible?

Demon Possessed Man (source)
Spiritual Warfare - are there really demons and fallen angels?  What can they do to Christians?  How are we supposed to fight them?

Prophecy in the Bible
Prophecy - what does the Bible tell us is coming?  Do we understand the timing of the events?  Why do Christians need to study this subject?

These are all serious and important topics, sadly many incredible teachers on these subjects built their websites in 1998 and have not updated them since.  The sites are cluttered, outdated, full of hundreds of links, with zero graphics and snippets of articles.

Worse, they post videos of radio interviews that are THREE hours long.  It's okay to do these interviews but the average Joe that is interested in something you have to say will not listen to a piece this long.

Finally, because we have not updated our material to be used and read by the average consumer the enemy continues to make progress toward his end goal.  The Lord says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge."  (Hosea 4:6)  So this is serious folks - I love writing and producing too, I love witnessing and speaking to people but it is equally important to make all this material available in bite size pieces, in an attractive format, that draws people in.