Jan 6, 2018

Millennium: Book 1 The Black Key

Abigail and Dolley readers I have sadly neglected my little blog these last few months, but it is not because I have not been writing. On the contrary, that is ALL I have been doing for the last three months.  I am pleased to say that I have finished my first polished novel.  I've written one or two before but never got through to the final edits, never had something I wanted to put out there with my name on it.  This one... well, this one is special.  Much of the work and the background and the research that is behind the novel was fleshed out on these blog pages.  In Particular, the Millennium Series that engulfed me in 2015.

Below is a bit of text I am going to use in pitching the novel to agents and publishing houses.  Please say a prayer that the Lord blesses the work.

Perfect Garden

Milton wrote of Paradise Lost, Millennium is novel of Paradise Found and Lost Again.

The next Great Age is foretold in all the world’s sacred scriptures and texts, prophesied and rapidly approaching; Millennium is coming.

It is a time of perfect prosperity, peace and harmony; a literal return to the Garden of Eden, except this time without the Tempter.  There is no war, no disease, no natural disasters; the King returns and rules in righteousness.  The Millennium is Paradise; for one thousand years, Heaven on Earth.

As the generations pass, the wonders of technology and innovation from the prior age are forgotten, lost to history; forbidden.  The last generation awakens and rises up to demand freedom, to demand their own way, they demand technology!  They revile the King, no longer beloved and righteous, they shake their fist and name him oppressor, dictator, slavemaster.

In the end, man rebels and chooses a new leader, the original rebel, that old Serpent from Eden.  He emerges from his prison to find an Earth ready for him and the final battle.

Our story begins, at the start of the rebellion with a foul sacrifice that shatters global peace and sets two Princes on paths they were never meant to travel.  One exiled and shamed, one the usurper’s son, both caught in a web of deceit, intrigue and murder.  Each desperately searching for a mysterious key; to save themselves and their kingdom.

Two innocent girls, stranded amid global chaos receive an ancient artifact, to hide and protect.  Yet temptations, to explore mysteries from the last age, are powerful and they succumb, whereby cracking the door to the pit of Hell.  They flee, using their wits and cleverness to escape the forces of evil who covet the key.

Their journey is fraught with danger; who to trust, where to go, and how to fight the men and the unseen beings who hunt them.

Davianna and Astrid, Josiah and Peter; four Millennial souls caught up in the great drama of the last age.    Each must overcome fears, obstacles, and failures if they hope to survive and embrace their great destinies.  Along the way, they encounter insurmountable danger, supernatural wonder, intense grief, and wild passion; every once in a while, great joy and laughter.  A journey for the heart, the mind, and the soul:  Millennium.