Aug 14, 2016

The Night the Devil Came for John Lennon

Irreverent and rebellious, the Beatles arrived at a tipping point in world history.  The massive Baby Boomer generation, having been raised by their Depression Era and WWII parents (who just wanted peace and quiet), were the first generation of Americans to not pray in public High School, and fell under the spell of the four lads from Liverpool.  There was a spiritual aspect to Beatlemania; a worshipful frenzy that does not correspond with the beauty of the music.

It did not take long for the youth to embrace the Magical Mystery Tour and go on a drug induced journey into Eastern Mysticism.  Repeating mantras over and over again calls upon spiritual beings that are not who they pretend to be.  Yoko Ono said, "It was more the Four people, it was like they were mediums.  They weren't conscience of all they were saying and all that was coming through them." (Source, The Playboy Interviews, 1980.)

"Do what thou wilt" John Lennon famously quoted the Satanist Alastair Crowley, who also appeared on the Sargent Pepper album cover.  He admitted that, "I've sold my soul to the Devil."   Yoko Ono admits that right before John Lennon died, "It was finally time to consummate all of these spells by making a living sacrifice and signing a pact with the devil." (Source and Albert Goldman, The Lives of John Lennon, pg. 586)

John Lennon Sold His Soul to the Devil
John Lennon famously stated that they had more power, popularity, and influence than Jesus Christ. After the backlash, he doubled down, "Christianity will go, it will vanish and shrink. I needn't argue about that. I'm right and will be proved right. . . .We're more popular than Jesus now." (San Francisco Chronicle, April 13, 1966, p.26).   He held Christians and Jesus in contempt and blasphemed the Lord by saying, "Jesus El Pifico, a garlic-eating, stinking little yellow, greasy fascist bastard catholic Spaniard." (A Spaniard in the Works, p.14).

Lennon admitted to the Beatles official biographer that he was often possessed by spirits who would take control of his body.  (Source).  Perhaps, these creatures even wrote "Imagine", which is a thinly disguised Atheist Anthem.  (For a detailed breakdown of the song, watch this great video.)  A classic act of obedience to Satan is infanticide, below the Beatles show their true colors:

Infanticide Imagery on the Beatles Album Cover
The last interview Lennon gave he admitted to the spiritual fugue of demon possession and affirmed he'd "been possessed by this the rock and roll devil".  Through the interview of normal life and parenting he says, "I would like to be a happy contented person. I don’t want to have to sell my soul again – as it were – to have a hit record."  Yoko Ono fully owned their New Age philosophy when she said, "And, if each person, all of us, would really be centered, you know, and really start thinking for ourselves then they don’t have a chance. Because we’re really like very powerful Gods and Goddesses, you know?" and then "We are fully aware of our power – whatever that is – and we nurture it and we try to be very careful about our own life because of that. And also try to communicate and, you know, communicate as much as we can with that power, you know?"  

In the end, John confirmed his rebellion, "I was always wanting something, even though I always wanted to be the rebel on the outside, part of me always wanted to be a part of it. And it… it’s an insecurity. I’m not sayin’ that anybody who’s become a born-again Christian or a born-again whatever the other groups are… but, in general, to me it looks like a sign of insecurity because I recognize it in meself." (Source

The last words of the interview are haunting, "Oh, it’s a pleasure… I… I’m a fan of people, too, you know? I like people to sign their books when they give ’em to me and all that… "

Lennon's life was claimed suddenly and violently by a demonically possessed "fan"on December 8th, 1980.  Mark Chapman had battled with demons his whole life and was heard by his wife screaming that Lennon was a "phony fool he doesn’t even realize that soon he’s going to be dead. Just imagine that.” (Source)  In the records of the police investigation, it was reported that the killer had heard an interior voice of the Devil telling him to end Lennon’s life. The voice said: “Kill Lennon, he is mine and I want him.” (source)  Revolution 9, Lennon's song on the White Album, has eerily prophetic connotations.  Lennon is heard moaning and mumbling while back masking plays "Deadman". (Further reading, see here.)

I was just a kid but remember the time after.  I was confused and mildly repulsed by the mourning and adoration of people.  The tributes went on for weeks, the radio played Imagine over and over and over again until I wanted to pull my hair out.  It was disturbing and now I understand why.