Aug 20, 2016

Can You Be a Christian and a Democrat?

Or restated, if you are a Democrat are you really a Christian?  Jesus was political, don't let anyone tell you he wasn't.  Let's define a Christian as someone who believes the Bible and when God's word contradicts man's desires, the Christian comes down on the side of God.  

1.  Leftists believe in abortion is a "right".  God's word says it is murder and that all life is of value (source)

2.  Leftists believe that Jerusalem belongs to the Palestinians.  God's word says that Jerusalem belongs to the Jews. (source)

3.  Leftists believe a marriage is between people that love each other.  God's word defines a family as a man and a woman.  (Genesis 5:2)

4.  Leftists believe that rights come from the state.  God's word clearly defines that rights come from Him.  (source)

5.  Leftists are largely Humanists who believe that man is the center of the world.  God's word says that He is the center of the world.

This blog could go on and on, the positions held by the left are in direct contradiction with God's word on so many levels.  Gone are the days when a Democrat could easily be a Christian, now the tw are mutually exclusive.