Jul 23, 2015

This World is on Fire

The World is on fire:  We see it literally, as fires are raging out of control across the planet.  We see it figuratively in Christian slaughter and persecution.


I saw a global fire map this week and it shocked me with its imagery.  Lest I be duped, I checked it out, and found it to be legitimate.  Using the Shemitah Cycle as a guide, let's look at a comparative.  Our control will be the image from July 9-18, 2000 which is "before" judgments began.

Global Fire Map July 9-18, 2000
The satellite images detect fire from space, yellow is sustained fires over multiple days.  The full impact is appreciated as the pictures are enlarged, which I encourage you to do on the link.

Global Fire Map July 10-19, 2015

We are witnessing a Christian Holocaust and the world is silent.

To the faithful church, the Lord writes:  2 Thessalonians 1:5-10 And God will use this persecution to show his justice and to make you worthy of his Kingdom, for which you are suffering.  (Then He goes on to give encouragement) In his justice he will pay back those who persecute you.  And God will provide rest for you who are being persecuted and also for us when the Lord Jesus appears from heaven. He will come with his mighty angels, in flaming fire, bringing judgment on those who don’t know God and on those who refuse to obey the Good News of our Lord Jesus. They will be punished with eternal destruction, forever separated from the Lord and from his glorious power. When he comes on that day, he will receive glory from his holy people—praise from all who believe. And this includes you, (thus this is a Rapture verse to the church) for you believed what we told you about him.

Abigail and Dolley readers as the birth pangs (Matthew 24:8) increase upon the Earth, this Earth is travailing.  Even unbelievers know that fire is used by God as judgement, we know this in our hearts because God wrote it on our conscience.
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Jul 21, 2015

Bible Prophecy the Ultimate Proof

I had a conversation with a good friend yesterday who said that even he, who is a skeptic about Bible Prophecy sees that we are living in dark times.  I questioned him, "Why are you a skeptic?  Prophecy is the absolute undeniable proof that Scriptures are real, inspired, and trust worthy."  Alas, there in lies the rub.  Prophecy forces the issue of Biblical inerrancy.

You don't even have to be an End Times prophecy scholar, there is PLENTY of fulfilled prophecy in the Bible. About 2500 prophecies are recorded in Scripture, of which 2000 have come to pass without error (source).  Of the Messianic prophecies, there are over 300 Old Testament prophecies that Jesus Christ fulfilled in his birth, life, death, and resurrection.  The odds of any man fulfilling just 8 of these was 10 to the 17th power.  

Thus, more than any book ever produced the Bible is the only text that has been completely accurate in every prophetic line.  These are not vague passages that can be interpreted in a number of ways like the so called prophecies of Nostradamus - the Bible holds day specific prophecies that have come true.

This leaves my liberal friends in a bit of a lurch because they like to pick and chose what Scriptures they are going to believe and which ones they are going to discard.  So instead of dealing with the rational arguments that dictate the faulty reasoning behind such theology, they leave prophecy out all together.  They don't deal with it past, present, or future.  (2 Timothy 4:3)

I Don't Want to Hear it
As a result, they are like wind swept waves (Ephesians 4:14) - thrown around by every wave of doctrine that passes as new biblical truth.  They have no foundation for interpreting world events, no way of judging where we are or who is teaching them (Matthew 24:11).  They rely on their opinions and feelings to tell them what is right and what is wrong (Proverbs 28:26).  They rationalize sin.  The Bible calls them carnal Christians (1 Corinthians 2:14).

Settle your mind Friend, the ONE source of truth, the ONE source of life (John 14:6), and the ONE source to tell you where we are going is the Holy Scriptures (Matthew 5:18, 2 Timothy 3:16).  Don't be proud (James 4:6), don't think too highly of yourself (Isaiah 5:21), you are not the arbiter of truth and you know if (Romans 3:4).

Jul 20, 2015

Jesus Speaks of the Rapture

Abigail and Dolley readers some skeptics will say that they do not believe in the Rapture because the Lord never mentions it but is that true?  Let's look at some compelling Scriptures and you decide for yourself:

First let's lay out two primary Scriptures on the Rapture:

1 Thessalonians 4:16-17 because the Lord himself, in a shout, in the voice of a chief-messenger, and in the trump of God, shall come down from heaven, and the dead in Christ shall rise first, then we who are living, who are remaining over, together with them shall be caught away in clouds to meet the Lord in air, and so always with the Lord we shall be.

1 Corinthians 15:51-52  lo, I tell you a secret; we indeed shall not all sleep, and we all shall be changed; in a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, in the last trumpet, for it shall sound, and the dead shall be raised incorruptible, and we -- we shall be changed:

Basics - if you are dead, you are raised first and then those who are alive will go to meet the Lord in the air.

The Blessed Hope
Words of Jesus:

John 11:25-26 Jesus said to her, `I am the rising again, and the life; he who is believing in me, even if he may die, shall live; and every one who is living and believing in me shall not die -- to the age;

The above says that the dead in Christ are raised and those that are alive shall not die.

John 14:1-4 `Let not your heart be troubled, believe in God, also in me believe;  in the house of my Father are many mansions; and if not, I would have told you; I go on to prepare a place for you; and if I go on and prepare for you a place, again do I come, and will receive you unto myself, that where I am ye also may be; and whither I go away ye have known, and the way ye have known.'

This is Jesus promising to come again and receive us unto himself.  So there you go folks, short and sweet but a significant study and point to be made. (Originally Published 4/9/15)

Jul 10, 2015

No Last Tribes of Israel

Abigail and Dolley readers at some point in the future, all of the Jews will return to Israel; the Lord Himself will gather them back after the mighty miracle of Ezekiel 38/39.  They call it Aliyah and the Jerusalem Post has a special section completely dedicated to it.

This begun in the 1880's and continues today in accordance with Isaiah 11:11-12. And in that day the Lord shall again lift up His hand a second time to recover (acquire and deliver) the remnant of His people which is left, from Assyria, from Lower Egypt, from Pathros, from Ethiopia, from Elam [in Persia], from Shinar [Babylonia], from Hamath [in Upper Syria], and from the countries bordering on the [Mediterranean] Sea.  And He will raise up a signal for the nations and will assemble the outcasts of Israel and will gather together the dispersed of Judah from the four corners of the earth. Note that the Scripture says that He will regather them a second time, the first being after their 70 year captivity in Babylon.  Many will say, "Yes, but the Northern Kingdom was lost 200 years before so the first regathering was of the Southern Kingdom."  Is this an accurate statement?  Are there really Lost Tribes of Israel?

DNA Does Not Lie:
In the last 15 years, the scientific advances in DNA testing and gene mapping have produced startling findings among scattered populations.  Some tests seems to suggest that an ancient line of Aaron has been found in India and testing of rabbis worldwide seem to all have the same unique genetic markers. An aggressive form of breast cancer has revealed hidden Jews in New Mexico who fled the Catholic Church's Spanish Inquisition.

Jul 8, 2015

You Are Not on the Fringe Anymore - Update Your Websites People!

Research... I do a ton of it.  I rabbit trail around constantly and love learning from people who have dedicated their lives to certain areas of ministry.  Up until now these folks were somewhat on the fringe of popular Christianity and by that I mean that they actually take the Bible literally and are not afraid of the Supernatural.  They delve into areas that Sunday Morning Daily Walk Pastors are not going to touch with a 10 foot pole, to the detriment of their ministry and congregation.

These teachers have spent their ministry in exploring topics like:

Giant Skeleton
Giants - Genesis 6 Nephilim who are these beings, what did they do, what evidence is there of them?  Is this what the Lord Jesus meant when he used the phrase, "As in the Days of Noah"? (Matthew 24:37)

Trumbull County Ohio UFO - Paranormal Witness Season 1
UFO sightings - what are all these things that people are seeing and experiencing?  What Christians need to know about this subject and how do we answer the world's questions?

Signs and Symbols of Masonry
New World Order - is there really anything to these secret societies?  Should we take this seriously are should we all put on our tin foil hats?

One Eye Symbolism
Symbolism - what's with the "one eye" pictures and pyramids every where and how do these things trace back to the Bible?

Demon Possessed Man (source)
Spiritual Warfare - are there really demons and fallen angels?  What can they do to Christians?  How are we supposed to fight them?

Prophecy in the Bible
Prophecy - what does the Bible tell us is coming?  Do we understand the timing of the events?  Why do Christians need to study this subject?

These are all serious and important topics, sadly many incredible teachers on these subjects built their websites in 1998 and have not updated them since.  The sites are cluttered, outdated, full of hundreds of links, with zero graphics and snippets of articles.

Worse, they post videos of radio interviews that are THREE hours long.  It's okay to do these interviews but the average Joe that is interested in something you have to say will not listen to a piece this long.

Finally, because we have not updated our material to be used and read by the average consumer the enemy continues to make progress toward his end goal.  The Lord says, "My people perish for lack of knowledge."  (Hosea 4:6)  So this is serious folks - I love writing and producing too, I love witnessing and speaking to people but it is equally important to make all this material available in bite size pieces, in an attractive format, that draws people in.

Jul 7, 2015

Eiji Tsuburaya Google Doodle - Symbolism Breakdown

Abigail and Dolley readers in 2014, I heard Russ Dizdar speak about his experiences as a police chaplain and the manifestations of evil in law enforcement.  There are truly devious people operating in our society today and from a spiritual perspective we know that the unseen is greater than the seen (Ephesians 6:11-12).  I wrote The Occult in Plain Site shortly afterwards.

Thus for a year, I've been looking into various secret societies, fraternities, and the like. I typically do not blog about this subject because the field is deep with better sources than me.  Unfortunately though once you put on these glasses and see what is right in front of you, you can't take them off (Deuteronomy 29:29). Sometimes, like in the case of the Super Bowl Half Time show this year, even the uninitiated say, "What the heck is that?"

God does not operate in secret (Isaiah 45:19), so neither can the enemy.  I heard Rob Skiba surmise that it is a spiritual law; that the enemy also has to reveal his plans.  He's not going to plop down with horns and a tail and tell Mary Soccer Mom what he's planning.  So it stands to reason that the devil complies through signs and symbols in music, TV, movies, and video games.  To the world, these things have a bright and innocent face but there is a hidden darker side.

If you are unfamiliar with these signs, I'd implore you to look a little deeper.  I'd suggest The Fuel Project's "Know Your Enemy" which is a series of short videos that takes you from Eden to Present Day.  You can also noodle around Youtube and check out FaceLikeTheSun, White Rabbit, Vigilant Christian, and many more.

I say all the above, because when I logged onto my computer this morning, Google had a present for me, a new little video.  You can watch it below:

Now, let's break it down, here's the Screen Shot of the welcome page:

Blood Moons and More - Why September 2015 is Interesting

Abigail and Dolley readers why are we looking at September 2015 with our eyes peeled?  What has prophecy buffs so excited?  I'll tell you, it is a convergence of signs.  Notable numeric, celestial, and prophetically significant events all coming together this Fall.  This is the most anticipated prophecy season that I've seen since I started seriously studying this in 1998.  We must go forth with caution but I would be disingenuous if I did not admit that I am excited and full of anticipation.  (Please note as I've found new events, I am adding on to the post.)  I've written a ton about this and will include links to full blogs but here's a quick run down:

Blood Moon with a "fig" tree
September 2015 Specific Events:
1.  The Fourth Blood Moon on September 28, 2015 (Feast of Tabernacles) - discovered by Mark Biltz.
2.  End of the Shemitah (Sabbath) Cycle on September 13, 2015 (Feast of Trumpets) - significance discovered by Jonathon Cahn and documented financial collapses.
3.  Jubilee Year to be declared on September 23, 2015 (Day of Atonement)
4.  Jerusalem Recaptured - 49 prophetic years to the day on September 23, 2015 (Day of Atonement)
5.  French Foreign Minister declares 500 days until climate chaos ends on September 23, 2015 (Day of Atonement)
6.  Pope Francis visit to the US begins on September 23, 2015 (Day of Atonement) with the President, September 24, 2015 to address a joint session of the US Congress, and September 25, 2015 to address the UN.
7.  The UN opens it's 70th Session on September 15, 2015 (Feast of Trumpets)
8.  Solar Eclipse - on September 13, 2015 (Feast of Trumpets)
9.  Jade Helm - the massive US Military exercise planned for the SW US ends on September 15, 2015 (Feast of Trumpets)
10.  More Signs in the Heavens:  Virgo (the Virgin Bride) will be clothed with the sun and moon joined together at Virgo's head on the September 13, 2015 (Feast of Trumpets) led by King planet Jupiter near King star Regulus in constellation Leo the Lion (King of Judah) (some believe the moon is representative of the Church and the sun of Christ)
11.  It is interesting that Passover 2015 falls on a Friday, 4/3 just like in 33 AD.  (Which the heavens declare was the crucifixion date).  The fall feasts in 2015 fall on 9/13, 9/23, and 9/28 just like in 33 AD, and even on the same days of the week - Sunday, Wednesday, and Monday. (source).
12.  The World Meeting of Families is set to take place in Philadelphia September 22-27, 2015.  This is a Roman Catholic conference, that at first glance does not seem extraordinary because the date and the location coincide perfectly with Pope Francis visit described above.  What is unusual was the date and location were announced by Pope Benedict in 2012 and at the writing of the above link, Pope Francis had not been named successor nor were the organizers certain he would be at the event.
13.  A reestablished Sanhedrin to put Pope Francis on Trial - September 20, 2015.

UN Monument of St. George Slaying the Nuclear Dragon in honor of Elimination of Nuclear Weapons Day presented by Russia on Sept 29.1990 (The Day of Atonement)
Annual September Events of Interest in Light of the above:
1.  The UN celebrates the International Day of Democracy on September 15, 2015 (Feast of Trumpets) where they promote consolidating world democracy (Note Democracy is not a stable form of government and almost always leads to Oligarchy and Dictatorship).
2.  The UN celebrates the Elimination of Nuclear Weapons Day on September 26, 2015 - what a perfect set up for Tribulation disarmament.  Note the above statue, the rider does not have a weapon and slays a dragon made of US and Russian nuclear weapons.  (Rev 6:2) For more on the statue, click here.
3.  CERN celebrates their annual take Science to the Street on September 25, 2015
4.  Autumnal Equinox - First Day of Fall on September 23, 2015 (Day of Atonement)
5.  Dozens and Dozens of Movies, TV Shows, and Music Videos feature the day September 23 (Day of Atonement)
6.  Hindu Holiday Varaha Jayanti Muhurat on September 15 (Feast of Trumpets) which celebrates an incarnation of their God of Peace
7.  Hindu Holiday Ganesh Chaturthi on September 17 - starts a ten day holiday that commemorates a son (spirit of Tamuz) character, guarding his goddess Mother (spirit of Semiramis) from her angry husband the destroyer Shiva (spirit of Nimrod). (For more information check out this video.)
8.  Muslim Holiday of Eid al-Adha on September 23-26 (Day of Atonement) where they bastardize the account of Abraham and Isaac and substitute Ishmael as the son Abraham was going to sacrifice.

A statue of the Hindu God of Destruction Shiva outside the HQ of CERN
Non-Date Specific Signs:
1.  Prophecy of the Fig Tree - Matthew 24:32-34 - "This generation shall not pass away".  My opinion is that a generation is 70 years and it began in 1948. (For more see:  The Last Generation)
2.  The UN declares 2015 as the Year of Light and Light Based Technology - note in the occult Satan is the Angel of Light and Pyramids are symbols of power.
3.  The increase in the Birth Pangs all escalating rapidly.
4.  For an overview of the possible timeline, please check out Beyond the Blood Moons.
5.  A reestablishment of the Jewish High Court Sanhedrin (Exodus 18:21).

Pyramid where closing ceremonies of the Year of Light will take place
1.  It is speculated that France will introduce a measure at the opening of the UN in September for Palestinian Statehood, which for the first time in history the US will not block.
2.  CERN to open a portal into another dimension in September - (here's a great video if you don't know about this organization and their plans).
3.  Many believe the Rapture of the Church will take place on the Feast of Trumpets
4.  Many believe the Tribulation will begin on the Day of Atonement.
5.  Many believe that the Lord will return on the Feast of Tabernacles.

In the end, given the preponderance of evidence, it is compelling and exciting.  I encourage you to check out all of the above links yourself.  Interesting, even to a "non-conspiracy" theorist like me!

Jul 6, 2015

Some Doubted

…but some doubted.  Three little words that stand out to me like a piece of pepper stuck in someone’s tooth.  The phrase is in Matthew 28:17, When they saw him, they worshiped him; but some doubted.

Jesus Ascending
Let’s put this in context.  It is the last chapter of Matthew after the disciples had witnessed Jesus’ life, miracles, ministry, death and resurrection.  There, a resurrected Jesus stands before them and when the SAW him they worshiped him, but some still doubted.  What does that passage tell us about human nature?  It tells us many things, mainly that in spite of seeing all of the great events in Jesus’ life, the disciples still doubted.  Why do you think that is?  I think it is because they did not at that time have the Holy Spirit within them.

Now it would be easy to stand in judgment of the disciples at this point.  After all they were THERE.  They saw him, they touched him, they ate with him and saw him die and rise again.  Surely, had we been in their shoes we would not have doubted.  I would not be so certain myself.  How many people do you know of that have had awesome miracles in their lives that they KNEW were from God, only to claim after the excitement wears off that it was just fate or circumstance or the wisdom of the doctors that saved them.  How many times in your own life has the Lord delivered you and afterward you doubted that it was His divine intervention?

The Holy Spirit is what divides the New Testament Christians from the Old Testament Jews.  Through the shed blood of Jesus Christ we are able to have the Spirit of God inside us at all times.  During the Old Testament times the Spirit of the Lord would come upon people for a period, but that was temporary and He did not indwell the believer.  That is the only thing that sets us apart.  That is why those who profess faith in Christ but have never asked Him into their lives struggle.  The ministry of the Holy Spirit is one of the most under appreciated movements in our modern day churches.

Without the Holy Spirit we do not even have faith in the things we can see and touch.  That is why people can go to church their whole lives and know in their mind who Jesus is but never make the commitment to let Him into their hearts.  I think that is why so many professing Christians do not bear any fruit. 

Who are they?  Are you one?  Is the person sitting next to you in church one?  They are Christians in name only.  They come as far as they can in the Christian walk without asking the Holy Spirit to come into their lives.  They have accepted the kernel of doubt in their own hearts as part of everyone’s faith.  They do not believe when others profess to not have any doubts about their faith, because they themselves do not know the truth.

You can go to many churches and never hear a word about the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit within us is the perfecter of our faith.  He convicts our conscience.  He is the guiding force that keeps all of us in line and living for God and not ourselves.  Only through the Holy Spirit are we able to have communion with God and worship Jesus our Savior.

The Holy Spirit

So if you have doubts, in spite of knowing the truth, ask the Father to send the Holy Spirit to you.  Ask Jesus into your heart and welcome the Holy Spirit.  Do not be one who knows the truth and does not act upon it.

(This post was written in 2003 and originally published on January 29, 2011)

Jul 4, 2015

American Pie - An American Prophecy

My college car did not have Air Conditioning, which is fine for the temperate North Carolina mountains but makes for an uncomfortable afternoon commute in Charlotte.  One August day in 1990, I was baking in the asphalt oven, traffic was gridlocked, and my nerves were frayed.  On a whim, I pulled into a restaurant.  Never one to eat by myself, I did not have a book or a cell phone to keep me occupied but the booth was cool and dinning room empty so I settled in patiently anticipating my burrito el grande.

1980 Honda Accord - Air Conditioning Optional
In the quiet, the opening strum of American Pie came over the speakers.  I smiled, as does anyone who grew up in a time when radio stations would actually play an 8:40 song.  My American Pie story is of being a 4 year old with a ruptured appendix being rushed to the hospital while singing the chorus.  I still remember laying down in the back seat and my Mother admonishing me to please pick another song.  I didn't understand why it upset her and it hurt less when I sang.

Anyway, back to the Mexican restaurant:  As I sat there I heard the song for the first time.  Notions of the Rapture and the End Times were a concept that I had the briefest acquaintance and then only because my Dad had begun his journey into eschatology.  I was finishing my burrito as Don was finishing his song and it struck me that this song was about America after the Rapture.  I was stunned.  I remember mentioning it to my Dad later and his warm brown eyes caught that look, the one he got when I would get on his level spiritually and feed him a nugget.  Oh Lord, I miss that look.

So in honor of Dad, who loved prophecy (and pie, by the way), and in honor of Mom who didn't wreck the car on the way to the ER all those years ago, and July 4th, 2015 let's break down American Pie from a Prophetic view point.

Jul 1, 2015

Burning Man Festival - Not What it Appears

If you've stumbled upon this page by accident. looking for information on the Burning Man Festival, it is no accident you are here.  I implore you, stay away from this event and this organization - they are not what they appear to be.  (Matthew 26:41)

Our very popular Blood Moons and More post has me on the look out for other pivotal events that will occur during this time.  I stumbled across this material today which proves paganism is alive and well.  Kicking off the pivotal September 2015, we find the Burning Man Festival, an annual event that is held on U.S. government land in northern Nevada’s remote Black Rock desert.

Burning Man Festival Dates
"As the founding legend is told, in 1986 Larry Harvey and a dozen friends burned an effigy of a man on San Francisco's Baker Beach in a cathartic act of spontaneous creativity." This festival boasts "all-night parties and dancing, riding around naked on bikes and participating in the Slut Olympics (yes, this is one of hundreds of events)." (source) - (Leviticus 26:1)

Burning Man (credit)
Note, the burning or wicker man is a recreation of Druid human sacrifices that took place on pagan high holidays.  No pagan festival is complete without the obligatory pyramids of power and space aliens.  (Deuteronomy 12:31)

Pyramid Worship (source)
Spaceship Imagery (source)
The burning man logo is reminiscent of Freemasonry, but evokes an image of a man raising hands to a space craft coming from Heaven. (2 Thessalonians 2:9)  Lest you just think this is a hippie fest let's see what former Congressman Dennis Kucinich has to say about the event:

Did you catch that?  Opening a portal?  A physical manifestation of change and the new world?  These folks are "crafting the change"?  Lest you think this is not an organized group, their Burning Man Global Leadership Conference boasts 65 events in 25 countries.  (Proverbs 6:17-19)

Burning Man Global Events
Finally, if you were indeed wondering if Dolley has finally gone off the deep end,  I give you a screen shot from their Network Page...How sweet!  The image of a dragon.  (Revelation 12:9)

The Dragon
Folks, there is nothing new under the sun (Ecclesiastes 1:9). The enemy comes as an angel of light (2 Corinthians 11:14).  The first rule of symbolism is that there is always a double meaning, the light side given to the public and then the deeper darker meaning for the initiated.  Symbols are ways of communicating under the radar.

Dr, Michael Lake recently said, "There are two views of history and world events:  Accidental and Conspiratorial.  The Accidental view says that everything that happens is random, accidental, and completely organic.  The Conspiratorial view says that there is an architect behind the scenes and that many events are planned.  The Christian has to consider what we know, we know that the ultimate authority in everything is the Lord and that we have an enemy that works behind the curtain so logically, the Christian must adopt the conspiratorial worldview.  You don't to your own peril.  (John 14:30-31)

Jun 30, 2015

Why I'm Sad for My Homosexual Friend

What do I say to my homosexual friends, now?  What I want to say is this:

"Thank you for sharing that with me, please know that I still love you. As a Christian, you know where I stand but I also want you to know that my heart is breaking for you, for what you will go through by making this choice and what you will lose.

I weep for you that you will never experience the tender love between a man and a woman, the way we were intended to experience it.  That you will never know the heart stopping joy of creating a child out of that love and bringing it into the world.

I am fearful for your health and your well being; for it is often an abusive and violent lifestyle riddled with promiscuity, substance abuse, and depression.  Rates of AIDS, hepatitis, suicide and domestic violence are a sad hidden fact.  Because I love you, I don't want you to be hurt.

I worry about your soul and what you will have to do harden your conscience.  By engaging in willful sin, you risk separating yourself from true fellowship with God and the safety that living within those laws bring to you.  (Matthew 13:14-15)

The Lord's laws are no different than the rules our parents made for us when we were kids, "Don't touch the stove, it's hot."  "Don't put the chair on the ladder to climb up there, you'll get hurt."  "Don't hang out with that boy, he's doing drugs and might drag you in."  Those are all things our parents do to keep us safe, how much more are God's laws designed for our benefit, for our good, for our safety?

Personally, I am sorry that you have made this choice but it does not hurt me.  Honestly, in my own skin, I deal with my own struggles and I don't want to know what anybody is doing in the bedroom.  I don't want you to be lonely or hurt or rejected - I don't.  I'd also stand between you and ANYONE who wanted to harm you over this because you are my friend and I love you.  But I am not going to tell you it's okay, I'm not going to tell you I am on board because I'm not.  It's not my approval that you are looking for anyway.

Regarding the politics of the thing, I wrote this after casting a vote (that has been overturned twice now by federal judges) to protect natural marriage:  "At the end of the day, while my human side would love a compromise, the human side of me sees all the gray, and the human side of me knows and loves many different people; I could not in good conscience vote against (natural marriage) something that is explicitly and meticulously clear in the Word of God. I don't raise my hands in praise and fall to me knees in worship to a God that loves me so much he died for me and then spit in His face at the ballot box. I do not pick which Scriptures I like or obey - If you know me, you would expect nothing less."

The rainbow profile pictures are like a middle finger to God.  Scenes of half naked homosexuals screaming at preachers upset me.  It scares me that people who believe like I do are being driven out of business, persecuted, and that the government is doing this in the name of tolerance.  An evil that tolerates everything except me and my Christian principals and beliefs, is an evil that will one day come after you.  So forgive me while I weep and lament, for you, for this Nation, and for the future.  This is not a victory for good and my heart is broken."

Don't Be a Dried Up Worm

My Grandfather was a fisherman, he was one of the lost Greatest Generation, a Man's Man.  He had a soft spot though... me.  My earliest memories involve a bulky life jacket that had served my Dad's generation and at some point had been left to soak up fish water.  It came above my ears and strapped through my legs, only fishing with my Grandpa and my Dad would have made me endure it.

As a result, worms don't freak me out.  I would bait a hook; fascinated with the yellow goo that would come out of the "juicy ones" (can you hear the Man's Man laughing in my memory).  As a gardener, I love them because they aerate the red clay we call soil around here.  So I have developed an unusual practice; whenever I see a worm that has made it's way onto the sidewalk or the driveway, I scoop it up and put it back in the grass.

Dried Up Worm
I find dried up worm carcasses sort of sad.  Today, I caught sight of a struggling one.  It was barely moving and had begun to take on that dried up look.  I stopped and went to pick it up and did not quite get a hold of it.  To my surprise, it started thrashing around madly!  So instead of hurting it by trying to pick it up I sort of scooted it back into the grass.  It took a couple of tries but he made it.

I thought as I walked away that the worm had no idea that it was going to die if it kept on the path it had set for itself.  It certainly had no idea that I was trying to help it and instead of embracing the help it viewed my intervention as an attack and fought wildly to continue on it's path to destruction.  I had a better view of what was in for the worm, I was taking care of it whether it knew it or not.

How much more important are you to God than a worm?  Instead of struggling when He picks you up and rescues you from a road that leads to death; why not relax in the palm of his hand?  Why not be still and let him bring you up?  If we thrash around when God picks us up, we miss the view from above.  You will be back in the cool of the grass soon enough, stop thrashing, and realize He's got you.  (Originally published August 5, 2013)

Jun 29, 2015

The Narrow Path

It's called the path, the way, the narrow road, the walk, the race; this walk through life.  For believers, it's a narrow road that requires prayer, discernment, and discipline.  All my Scriptures and study for the last several weeks keep bringing me back to the walk.  One evening, the Lord prompted me to pick up a book I read in 1998, The Edge of Eternity by Randy Alcorn.  This is a fanciful, allegorical tale of a man who finds himself on a journey.  His only instructions were to take the red road and keep moving forward.  I enjoyed the book more the second time than the first.  So along those lines, I'd like to share with you some of the thoughts I have on this journey.

(Originally Published July 29, 2013)

As a prerequisite, realize YOU are on a path, ponder it, and consider carefully where you are headed. (Proverbs 4:26)  Everybody is walking toward eternity, good or bad; your choice (Proverbs 14:12) and (1 Corinthians 9:24).

Path to Hell
If you choose to follow Christ then here is a bit of a map.  (Proverbs 3:6)

First, the path is indeed narrow and only a few find it (Matthew 7:14).  In some places, it's a tight rope with deep chasms on either side.  These are the areas of your life where you have struggled the most.  One step to the right and you enter into the mire of the flesh; the willfulness in each of us that wants what we want and we want it now. (Proverbs 4:27)

Stumble to the left and you enter the despair and hopelessness of the evil enemy.  Sometimes, we bounce back and forth between the two sides, like a pinball caught between bumpers.  We cross over the path but don't plant our feet firmly on the ground.  On these tight rope sections, we are not capable of staying on the path in our own strength, through our own will, and by our own proclamation; we have to surrender to the Lord and let Him hold us up and get us through.  (Philippians 2:13)

Secondly, don't show off.  How many of us are guilty of trying to impress the Lord, to demonstrate how much we have learned, and how strong we are; we don't realize how often the quicksand is up to our necks before we call out for help.  I hope I stop getting in up to my neck.  It takes a humbleness of Spirit to ask for help, self sufficient, type A achievers like to be independent, we like to take charge and do it on our own; that way we get the glory.  Well, there is nothing glorious about being covered in quicksand.  No one in the Bible knew this better than Peter who writes (1 Peter 5:5-6) that we must be humble before the Lord.

Complacent Christian
Thirdly,  the narrow path has two sides along it entirety.  There is no part of the journey that is not flanked on either side with evil and the flesh.  There is no safe place to let down our guard and coast along, the Word warns us of complacency and if you've walked the path for more than 10 minutes you know this is true.  (Zephaniah 1:12)

Walk with Others
Fourthly, we must walk the road with others.  We are not strong enough to make it by ourselves.  We need godly friends, church folks, and family to help along the way. Help others, live justly, love mercy, and walk humbly with your God.  (Micah 6:8)

Pathway of Light
Finally, commit yourself to prayer and reflection every day.  If you seek the face of God in the morning, even if you went off the path the day before, He will set you right.  His mercies are renewed everyday.  If we check our steps regularly, we won't stray far.  (Romans 12:2)

He never promised the road would be easy but He did promise us eternal life in Heaven.  (2 Timothy 4:6-7)  So we strive toward the prize, we groan in our Spirits, we look forward to the end of the journey and to coming Home.  (Philippians 3:14)

Jun 27, 2015

Celebrating in the Rain

Abigail and Dolley readers my heart is broken.  Like the hearts of true believers we wept before the Lord yesterday after the latest SCOTUS rulings.  Evil declarations against the sovereignty of Israel, Obamacare, and the sanctity of marriage ooze from the court like ominous black slime that engulfs the land in sin.  The lost and deceived rejoice, thinking that their brokenness will at last be healed.  While the wicked rulers smirk with their smug minions that "they" have "won".  They are fools and will fall to the righteous judgement of the Almighty.

About 9:30 last evening, a powerful thunderstorm moved over my home.  I was drawn to watch.  I peered out the window but could not quite see, I the opened the door and was pelted with rain, so I went to the garage and opened the door.  Rushing water, reverberating thunder, and brilliant lightning greeted my weary soul.  I stood in the silence of the garage while the storm raged around me.

Pelting Rain in the Night
I was compelled to step outside but an invisible hand held me back, "No my child, you must not go into it.  You are safe and protected in here."  I was quiet and watched.  The rain came down in mighty sheets and the downspout quivered against the house as water spewed from it like a fire hose.  I could see the flashes of light but not the bolts; I wanted to SEE, so I moved to get a better look, and again I was brought back inside.  The rain splattered my bare feet and dirt and debris from the tumult splattered on my legs.  I fidgeted, the rain was not clean, my feet shifted and I sought to wipe them on the concrete but they picked up more small leaves and dirt.

Then I saw, "Lord, it's pouring rain outside and they are dancing in the streets.  I am standing here yelling at them that it is raining your wrath and they can not hear me.  My feet are splattered with filth but they are covered in it."

Celebrating in the Rain
Ruefully, I heard "Go inside now, they can't hear you."

Jun 23, 2015

Counterterrorism in the Spiritual Realm

Have you ever considered that evil has a full armor?  Since we are told in Ephesians 6 that we struggle not against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places, then logically, the armor we are told to don is exactly opposite of what the enemy wears.  To wear the armor as purely a defensive barrier is perhaps an underestimation of the battle.  If you watch martial artists fight, you recognize that the sword is not the only weapon.  You also realize that the expression that there is no armor for your back is a misnomer, because the belt and the helmet cover your back.

(Note this blog was originally published in August 2013)

Pastor Mark Bilitz of El Shaddai Ministries puts forth a compelling argument that the armor of God is not patterned after a Roman Soldier but after the robes of a Jewish Priest.  That hypothesis resonates with me on a very deep level in my soul and has caused me to rethink this important part of Scripture. It is with fresh eyes and an open heart I would like to take a look at the weapons of warfare and those of our adversary, I think the church needs to employ some counter-terrorism strategies.

Garments of a High Priest
If we gird our loins with the belt of truth, the enemy must seek to wrap us with their chains of lies.  We discern lies in our guts.  Jesus says that Satan is the Father of Lies and that every word from his mouth is a lie and that when he lies he speaks his native language; he was a liar from the beginning.  Thus, the first area of attack begins with a lie.  We are faced with lies in the public arena everyday.  The adage of Lenin that if you repeat a lie long enough people will believe it is being played out in spectacular fashion today.  When trying to discern the truth of anything, the first thing you must do is discover the lies that have perverted what you are studying.  (ie if you are looking to astronomy, you have to deal with the lies of astrology.)  Imagine if our belt of truth was similar to Wonder Woman's lasso of truth... what if in warfare we periodically tie the belt of truth around the mouth of the prevaricating enemy?

We put on the breastplate of righteousness, which is the righteousness of Christ - the enemy tries to hang the millstone of sin around your neck.  Knowing we have no righteousness in ourselves we valiantly try to lift our heads but our past keeps our heads bent to the ground.  We can only see the shadow of sin before us, our hearts break and it becomes impossible to breathe the breath of life.

Instead of walking in the shoes of peace, we roll out of bed and put on the slippers of fear.  Our steps are dogged by every type of fear the enemy can throw at us.  Our hung heads watch our fearful feet trudge along the dark paths of our past sins.  Think of the powerful weapon that the shoes of peace are on the body of a skilled martial artist; when you are walking in fear throw a few roundhouse kicks at your enemy, you will feel the fear lift, and your path will once again be one of peace.  In John 14:27 Jesus says, "Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid."

The enemy would have us armed with a shield of doubt and disbelief that is but a holey piece of Swiss cheese.  It is not an impenetrable force field of faith, it is not a dome of covering, it is a flimsy excuse of a weapon that does nothing to protect the wielder.  The "Name It and Claim It" false Gospel has been brilliant in disarming Christians for decades of their shield of faith.  By urging baby Christians to "believe God for things" they destroy the fragile and innocent faith new converts bring to bear.  Many folks continue to believe God for the big things of salvation and eternity but fail to have faith that He cares for them.  The twisted gospel takes admonitions of prayer and asking and perverts them into ways to control God.  The wreckage they leave behind is an abomination to God.

The poor warrior who is now chained with lies, with a millstone of past sins hanging from their neck, walking on the path of fear flanked by doubt and disbelief is now crowned with the vise grip of suffering and defeat.  The helmet of salvation and deliverance that would protect the brain and the ears is stripped away and messages of failure, hopelessness, and pain are heaped upon the believers head.  It is indeed a dark and scary walk at this point.

Lastly, instead of the sword of the Spirit which is the Word of God, we are given the Wisdom of the World.  Everything is backwards in the Bible, look at how you are suffering when those that follow the enlightened path of the World prosper in all they do.  Worldly wisdom, common sense, and "the way things are done" bury the warrior; most submit.

In the depths of the battle, you may find yourself valiantly trying to follow Ephesians 6 and in the end having done all you can, to stand.  Use the weapons that God has given you to fight the enemy.  Recognize the tactics and respond with the correct piece of armor.  In the end, ask God for what you need, even if it is to fall in battle and ask Him to rescue you and fight on your behalf.  God who is faithful and just will hear your prayers and deliver you from the hands of the enemy.  In our weakness, His Grace is made perfect.

No Weapon Formed Against Me Shall Prosper

Jun 22, 2015

Feast of Trumpets - Tidbits and Facts

Abigail and Dolley readers this is from our guest blogger, we'll call her "Abigail".  I hope you enjoy:

1 Thessalonians 5:1 "But of the times and the seasons, brethren, ye have no need that I write unto you."
Times in greek is "Chronos" and seasons means "Kairos" and it refers to the feasts and festivals. So the Thessalonians knew that Paul was referring to the feasts and festivals.
It is historically taught that on the feast of Trumpets the doors of Heaven are open and on Yom Kippur the doors close. Rev 4:1 "After this I looked, and, behold, a door was opened in heaven: and the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me; which said, Come up hither, and I will shew thee things which must be hereafter."
Here we see a door open in Heaven (Feast of Trumpets/Yom Teruah) and the voice of a trump (last trump/trump of God) telling John to come up hither.
There are many more correlations between the Rapture/Jewish Wedding/Feast of Trumpets that without a doubt identifies what the last trump is and when it is blown. Coupled with the fact that the feast of Trumpets begins a new year.
Years come in groups of seven (just like days of the week). It is possible that we are in the sabbatical year and the new seven year cycle will begin in Sept 2015.
On the Jewish calendar a week always begins on the 1st day Sunday and ends on the Sabbath Saturday. If we are in the Sabbath year (last year in the cycle), then this feast of Trumpets 2015 could very well be the beginning of a new seven year period. Which means we may very well get to go home and the seven year tribulation will begin.
Keep in mind the seven year cycle must begin with the first year being after the seventh "sabbatical" year. Interesting info and again I encourage everyone to study the Rapture/Jewish Wedding/Feast of Trumpets. I have more Scriptures to support the Feast of Trumpets/Rapture and it really is a beautiful picture of our Messiah.
Note: The Four Blood Moons are a sign that war is coming for Israel. Will that war be what starts the seven year tribulation? Now, indeed only our Father knows that. Amen.

Jun 21, 2015

Who is the Anti-Christ?

Abigail and Dolley readers books have been written around the question, "Who is the Anti-Christ?".  Internet bloggers have built huge followings around their theories and speculations.  People living during WWII could have made a good argument that Hitler was he.  Those living at the end of the Romanoff age in Russia could have made an equally good argument for Rasputin.  A few contemporary candidates are Obama, Putin, and Tspiras.  The Bible has plenty to say on the subject, so let's look at this together.

The Apostle John is the first to use the term Anti-Christ in 1 John 2:18, 1 John 2:22, 1 John 4:3, and 2 John 7.  It is interesting to note that the term, is only used four times and never in Revelation.  We can see from the above Scriptures that the spirit of Anti-Christ was on the Earth in the 1st century and is at work right now.  This tells us that since the resurrection, the Devil has had a plan in place.  Do you think that he would not, at all times have people in place?  Do you think for a moment that the Rapture of the Church would have caught him napping and not ready to fight his last battle?

Lucifer - The Beautiful
It is reasonable to assume then that on Earth at any given time in history, there are 12 powerful and chosen men ready to assume the role.  Why 12?  Well, the Devil always counterfeits what the Lord does.  Secondly, we know there are 10 kings (Rev 17:2), 1 False Prophet, and 1 Anti-Christ (Rev 19:20).

Speculation about the exact identity of THE Anti-Christ, while entertaining is somewhat futile.  The last book JR Church wrote, The Bloodline of the Anti-Christ, has the most thorough research and solid teaching on the subject.  Please know, that the Bible teaches that his identity will not be revealed until after the Rapture.  2 Thes 2:7-8 For this lawlessness is already at work secretly, and it will remain secret until the one who is holding it back steps out of the way. Then the man of lawlessness will be revealed, whom the Lord Jesus will consume with the breath of his mouth and destroy by the splendor of his coming.

Thus, in closing, our key spiritual point is that the these evil men are on the Earth right now.  They are waiting in the wings, they are chomping at the bit, they are ready to go.  But you friend, you spirit filled believer, the Holy Spirit Power living within you, restrains this wickedness.  Never forget that.

Jun 20, 2015

Time Travel in the Bible

Ground yourself in today and contemplate this:  If at some point in the future you could speak a word of wisdom or rebuke to yourself, what would it be? What are you worried about, what would you change, what choice do you have before you?  If you are old and gray, what would you say to yourself now?  If you are in your incorruptible body, with your heart of stone removed, and your will perfectly aligned with the Lord, what changes?  I think any version of this story has our future self holding our present self is some sort of contempt.

Look at the Scripture below, here's the scene:  The Apostle John has been taken in the spirit to Heaven, he is in the throne room with millions of angels and the 24 elders.  The Scroll is presented, which many scholars surmise is the Earth Lease.  It is obviously a very important document.  Note, John in his human form is the only one weeping.

Revelation 5:4-5 Then I began to weep bitterly because no one was found worthy to open the scroll and read it. But one of the twenty-four elders said to me, “Stop weeping! Look, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the heir to David’s throne, has won the victory. He is worthy to open the scroll and its seven seals.”

Key Point:  Have we just seen John's future self, as one of the 24 elders rebuking his human self?  I think so.  Human eyes or minds can not comprehend the richness of God or His Heavens.  John would have been overwhelmed from a sensory perspective!  His perfected and glorified self had a something to say... cool, huh?

The Throne Room of God

Jun 6, 2015

Downward Spiral to Judgement

The break neck speed of world events is beyond the comprehension of man.  The acceleration, since the last Blood Moon is staggering and those with eyes to see are dizzy with the warning of it.  Like an evil funnel, the closer we get to the bottom the faster the time between catastrophes and the severity thereof.  Let no man deceive you, we are on the precipice of judgement.

Downward Spiral of World Events
For the born again believer, these are exciting times for they signal the soon return of the Lord Jesus Christ.  These are fearsome times for the rest of humanity; right at the door, destruction draws nigh.  This downward spiral is a warning, a harbinger of judgement that will befall the world, and individual man.

God is merciful and it is His wish that no one should perish that all would come to faith in His Son and have ever lasting life but I have to tell you that He is also a God of utter righteousness.  He is fearsome to behold, He is a God of Wrath, and a perfect Judge.  In the Days of the Gospel of Love we have failed to understand or to teach that falling into the hands of the Living God without the covering of the Son's Blood is a terrible thing.

We have failed to tell unbelievers that they are enemies of God (Romans 5:10) and we fail to tell them that their eternal fate is choosing to send themselves to Hell.  In our desire to woo them into the Kingdom we neglect the Outer Darkness, we have to warn not just woo.

May 29, 2015

The Laodicean Church and the Great Deception

Who is the Laodicean Church?  The last church mentioned in the Revelation role call of the churches Chapters 2 and 3.  This will be the last great church born of the Church age and corresponds directly with the Emergent or Community Church.  The Bible says they are neither hot nor cold and the Lord is disgusted with them and spits them out of his mouth.  They say they have everything, that they are rich but the Lord says they are naked and wretched. (See past work on Modern Laodicea).

What is the Great Deception?  This is the lie that the Lord sends to people who have heard the Gospel and hardened their hearts against it prior to the Rapture.  The Bible says that because they have refused to believe the truth, God sends them a deception and they will believe the lies of the Anti-Christ.  (See past work The Great Deception and Days of Awe)

The Rapture will be the biggest world wide miracle the Planet has seen since the Flood.  How then might the Anti-Christ fool those left behind?  What could he possibly put forward that would cover why the Christians and the children are all gone?
Mega Church designed for Unbelievers
He's had thousands of years to work this out, don't forget he is the father of lies, and has deceived the whole world.  I put forth that he also will take/abduct non-believers in conjunction with the Rapture.  Think about it for a second, you are a member of a church.  You faithfully attend, you tithe, you pack lunches for the poor but you and your church are still here.  Your unbelieving co-worker, who you've tried to get to come to church with you, is missing also.  Then the broadcasts start where we see all sorts of "missing" men and women on "space ships" or "new lands" assuring us that they are okay and so thankful to have been chosen.

The first Sunday after the disappearances you head to church and the pastor says, "There has been no Rapture!  Look we are still here.  You've seen the news clips, the people have been removed to a safe place by our new friends who have come to save us."

In the coming days, the church leaders that are left will join together and proclaim their unity.  The one world church will be formed and these, that have been left behind, will be as sheep to the slaughter.

Attending a church does not make you believer.  These new churches are designed to appeal to the unbeliever, the gospel they preach is watered down and false, and there are millions of people who think they are Christians but are not.  They want the bread without the blood.

In the days after the Rapture, the Lord will appear at the door and knock.  Instead opening the door, falling on their knees, and repenting, they will respond with the classic Jilted “Bride” song, “I will survive.” *

*Note, when I was praying about this blog, it was late at night and I was walking in my quiet neighborhood.  Out of no where I heard the Lord whisper in my spirit, "They have always wanted the bread without the blood." (John 6:26 and John 6:51-52)  I stopped in my tracks, it is so true.  As I walked on my heart hurt for those lost in dead churches and out of no where and I mean no where, a haunting line of "I will survive" boomed through the air and I felt him again whisper in my spirit, "This is the song they will sing to me."

May 27, 2015

Waiting on the Due Date

Very Pregnant Lady
Abigail and Dolley readers I've been contemplating Birth Pangs and waiting on the Lord.  I've written about this for years; from a plaintive cry in May 2011, to Warning Signs in 2013, to the Convergence of Signs in Sept 2014.  I was hit anew with the realization that the labor pains are coming fast and furious now.  Anyone who has ever eagerly awaited the birth of a child knows what this feels like, the waiting is long.

From the moment of conception, it becomes a hope.  As the baby takes root and the test results are positive, the loved ones and the expectant mother celebrate the happy news.  They settle in to wait.  They plan, they shop, they decorate, they visit the doctors to check on the signs but most of all they wait and wait and wait...  For the Fathers it does not really seem real, for Mothers it is real because we can feel it, we live with it, and waddle with it every day!

Toward the end, rounding the last corner, the final month I thought I would be pregnant forever!  I was bed ridden and grumpy; I was huge and swollen without a definitive due date.  The baby measured much larger than he should have at the first ultrasound so we were not sure if he was due at the end of April or the end of May!  It was terrible - we knew there was a baby coming but we just did not know when.

Because of this ambiguity, the anxiety level began to peak.  This picture was at the end of April, after 6 weeks of bed rest.  I started to lose it contemplating another month.  I cried to my Dad, I just could not stand the thought!  He calmed me down and told me to relax and take it one day at a time.  I remember being irritated at him about that advise!

Finally, they set a date.  In the days leading up the appointment, I was exhilarated that the wait was over but nervous.  Each day it got closer, each day was a new realization that the wait was finally over but it still wasn't quite real.  Driving to the hospital was almost surreal...

What I described is exactly what the Body of Christ is going through now.  We know He is coming, we've been waiting a long time.  The signs are here, the birth pangs are upon us, we just aren't quite sure when the due date is!  We are on bed rest, sick, swollen, and miserable and the thought of going through this indefinitely is just more than we can take.

When I began to study the Festivals, the moedim, the divine appointments it struck my Spirit that God has set the appointment already.  In the fabric of time, from the foundation of the world, the appointment was set we just have to stay strong and take my Dad's advise - one day at a time.

May 25, 2015

A Letter to My Middle Age Friend

Dear Friend,

     It was so nice to see you, I know we say it every time we get together but it's true, we really should get together more.  This middle we find ourselves in isn't fun, nothing about the middle is easy; the young and the new are behind us and the relief and freedom of the old is still some time in the distance.

     We are in the middle of a career and we wonder why we are still doing it and if there isn't something better.  Have we made the right choices and have we learned to live with our regrets? Our marriages have survived tough times and we've settled into that strange "Middle" area here, too! We are in the middle years of our kids with all the upcoming struggles of teens but miss the babies and know that they will be adults in the blink of an eye.  We worry if we've done enough or even if we've done too much.  Our parents are aging and this new role does not quite fit either of us yet.

Perfect Hobbit Hostess
       It seemed though, that our biggest area of angst was the loss of our youth.  Let me tell you what I see when I look across the table, I see my friend.  Yes, I'll admit it, we are rounder around the middle and what the heck has happened to our thinning eyebrows and hair but so what!  Your eyes are still alive and dancing with fun and humor and I helped give you a couple of those laugh lines.  The white hair around your temples is dramatic and it gives you an exotic Elvira sort of look.  Those sun spots on your face?  We got those hanging out on the Carolina Beaches laughing until we were hoarse.  Yes, our bodies aren't the same and they were better 5 years ago but we've had surgeries and health problems but most of all we've both quit smoking.  I see what is inside of you, over that temporary shell we fret so much about.  I know you and love you well enough to just see you.  My friend.

Hobbits Dancing
     When you look in the mirror, see yourself as I see you, and I will do the same.  Laugh at the ridiculous and no, you don't look like what that picture claims, because the camera sees a costume on a digital screen, and they have not invented a camera that can see what I do.  No camera captures the life, the spirit, and the warmth - the storm of nature that makes you who you are.  My dear friend, let us settle into this time and enjoy our lives.  We'll cook good food, make a nice home, love people around us, garden a bit, and read a good book.  Yes indeed, there IS something to be said about being a Hobbit.