Dec 2, 2016

30 Day Jesus Challenge - Day 2 Heart of Stone

Yesterday, you asked God to take your hand.  Today, we will deal with the your heart.

Ezekiel 36:26 "I'm going to give you a new heart, and I'm going to give you a new spirit within all of your deepest parts. I'll remove that rock-hard heart of yours and replace it with one that's sensitive to me."

Pray - God, my heart has been hardened toward you.  Please soften my heart - if you are there, please let me feel you. Amen.

Heart of Stone to a Heart of Flesh

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Dec 1, 2016

30 Day Jesus Challenge - Day 1 Commitment

Have you ever wondered about Jesus?  Are you an atheist?  Were you raised in the church but as you grew up you left the faith?  Maybe you don't know the first thing about "religion"? Were you once on fire for the Lord but find you are cold and doubting that God is real?  Perhaps your friend or your significant other has come to faith and you are angry about it?  Maybe you don't know anything at all about Jesus other than what you've picked up in the culture?  Then again, you might believe Jesus is just another path to the same heaven we are all headed to.  You might be a Jew, a Muslim, or a Buddhist - perhaps you are just spiritual.

If you fit into any of these categories, this challenge is for you.  You are challenged to give Jesus 30 Days.

For the next 30 days, you open your mind and your heart to him.  A blog will post every morning and it will take you about 2 minutes to read.  That's it.

If at the end, you feel the same way then you can honestly say you've given it a  chance. It costs you nothing.  Commit to this and I promise you will not be sorry.

Day 1 - Commitment

Isaiah 41:13 For I, the LORD your God, hold your right hand; it is I who say to you, “Fear not, I am the one who helps you.”

Pray - Jesus, if you are there, I am putting my hand into yours.  Please do not let me go. Amen.

Put Your Hand in Mine

Nov 12, 2016

The Miracle of November 9th - God's Answer to Prayer

The people of God, across the world, cried out for mercy this election season.  In prayer after prayer with groans and utterances, we plead with the Lord.  Franklin Graham launched Decision America and went to all 50 states in the union and held prayer meetings on the Capitol steps.

Americans Praying
The incomparable Diamond and Silk asked everyone to pray daily at 11:21am.  Christians for Trump organized grassroots campaigns.  Mike Pence filmed a piece appealing to Christians to pray and to support the ticket.  Pastors across the globe preached about the importance of the Christian vote.  The future of the free world was at stake and we knew it.

Decision America 2016
I felt a major movement in the Spirit at the final prayer rally in North Carolina on October 16, 2016.  Franklin Graham broadcasted on facebook live and it was if the church roared with the voice of a lion.  Power was released in the spiritual realm.

At 9:00pm EDT, the eve of the election, Graham again led a facebook live prayer.  He repented for our nation, he prayed for mercy, and he prayed for guidance.  By the evening of the election, it had been viewed 4.8 million times.  I cried out, "Is it enough, Lord?  Is it enough of a remnant?  Please, God have mercy."

Through hours upon hours on election night, we kept up the vigil and by 11:30 we knew our prayers had been answered.  I would not go to bed until they called it.  I wanted to hear the words.  At 2:40 and 31 seconds, Fox News called it for Donald J Trump.

Election Victory
I cried.  When they introduced the Vice President Elect, Mike Pence I wept with thankfulness.  As Trump took the stage, I sobbed in relief and thankfulness.

Surely God, who is rich in mercy and grace answered our prayers.  He has His purposes and I am just thankful.

We Need to Stay on our Knees

Nov 11, 2016

Please Stop Calling Me a Racist

Since the election, social media posts from many of my black friends are disheartening.  The same was true during the Charlotte Race Riots several weeks ago.  Some of my social media friends have been my friends since we were 11 years old.  The most egregious was this one:

"Wow, the Presidency, the House AND the Senate?!  AmeriKKKa showed it's true colors."

My first reaction was fury but I was determined not to let it ruin my day.  I stewed on it for several days and then I realized if one of my white friends had made such an inflammatory statement, I would not let it go, so this was my reply:

Abolitionists Were Republicans
I was very hurt by this post. For its broad stroke of racism but for the historically and factual inaccuracies of such a statement. Historically, the party of Lincoln was founded in response to elite DC politicians who were fine with the status quo (Whigs, with our modern day equivalent being the establishment GOP) and slave owning Democrats. The Republican Party stood with black Americans in opposing slavery; millions of gallons of Republican blood was shed for that noble cause.

Campaign Poster from the 1800's
It was the Republican Party that stood between newly freed blacks and the vicious Democratic Party. When the Dems could not win in the field of ideas, they formed the terrorist group KKK. Read about the Wilmington Massacre, it is to date the only violent uprising and armed coup de'tat in our nation's history.

The First Black Senators and House Members were Republicans
It was the Democrats who intimidated black voters and passed Jim Crowe laws. It was the Democrats who opposed Republican Civil Rights Laws. There was only one candidate in this Presidental race who praised a former Exalted Cyclops of the KKK as a friend and mentor, that is Hillary Clinton in reference to the late Senator Robert Byrd. The KKK is still controlled by the Democrats they just have fooled everyone; they pose as Republican organization but their leader is the Devil and we know the Devil is a liar. The KKK is not and never has been a Republican organization, it's always been a weapon of the Democrats. (See this video)

Hillary's Senate Mentor KKK Exalted Cyclops Senator Robert Byrd
It was Hillary Clinton who has spoken her praise of Margaret Sanger the founder of Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger was a Eugenist and saw planned Parenthood as a way to keep the population of blacks down.  It was Hillary Clinton who believes you can suck out a babies brain on the day of its birth.

It was Hillary Clinton who wrote her thesis on Saul Alinsky whose book Rules for Radicals was dedicated to Satan.

Hillary Clinton is a Student of Saul Alinsky
81% of Evangelical Christians voted for DJT in this election because we oppose racism, because we oppose oppression, because we oppose the systematic murder and enslavement of the population. We are not racist, we are your brothers and sisters in Christ. A vote against Hillary Clinton was actually the least racist vote we could have made.

I tolerate no racism, in my friends, on my facebook, and in my life. The only racism I have experienced in my life is my friends, who I thought WERE my friends, turn out to be their race before all else.

Oct 29, 2016

The Exhaustive Nature of Continual Outrage

I have lived in a state of constant moral outrage since June 2015; the Supreme Court ruling that Jerusalem was not in Israel and the redefinition of marriage kicked it off.  We have been subjected to wave after wave after wave of morally outrageous attacks against our Republic, our Christian morality, and the unequal application of the law as it pertains to anyone on the politically left spectrum.  I read the headlines in utter and absolute dismay.  I never understood what it was like to be in opposition to a powerful force intent on destruction, until 2008.

In some ways, I have to blame Donald Trump for this angst.  Had we had a typical election of a chosen establishment, globalist shill for the Republican Party I would have merely rolled my eyes at the corruption and gone about my business.  You see, I gave up on us after the 2012 reelection of Barack Hussein Obama; I wrote about it in The Destruction of America Right Before Our Eyes

"About 2 am on Election Day 2012, I crawled out of bed praying fervently that the news was better than it had been when I went to bed.  I opened my laptop and on the screen was a picture of the Obamas, walking on stage as a family with the headline, "Four More Years."  I wept bitterly, as you would over a terminal cancer diagnosis for a loved one.  It was in that moment that I realized that we were not going to remain the shining city on the hill, the beacon of light and hope for the world - we were going to fall away (2 Thessalonians 3)."

I remained in a state of , "Oh, well.  Jesus is coming back soon and we are doomed."  Until two years of highly anticipated Fall Feasts came and went; we are still here.  I paid very little attention to politics during this time, instead focusing on telling people about Jesus.  I figured if I was going to put myself out there and take a stand for something, it may as well have eternal implications.  So I disengaged... until a brash New Yorker wormed his way into my house.

A flawed man in every sense of the word, he never the less earned my admiration for his fearlessness.  One of the first speeches I actually listened to he said something that resonated with me, "We don't win anymore."  Something deep inside broke; I had given up.  I had become disengaged, I had stopped having hope.  A glimmer of something fluttered in my heart, a spark, a small little flame burning in a forgotten corner.

Since then, I've become a Trump Warrior on social media but lately, I have been preoccupied with exposing all of the lawless corruption of the Clinton Machine.  Every story, every email, every disgusting revelation has been met with a proverbial sigh from the Main Stream Media and moral outrage by me.  In some ways, Trump is to blame because for the first time in many years I have hope and the thought of this election being stolen by a morally corrupt woman freaks me out.