Mar 22, 2016

Obama's Third Term?

Are global forces in play to derail the US Presidential Conventions and set Obama up for a third term?  With talk of a brokered GOP convention and pending indictments for Hillary, this is a very real possibility.  Think of it, the establishment GOP orchestrate a coup and deny Trump or Cruz the nomination instead rolling out Mitt, or Jeb, or McCain... the GOP splits and splinters across the country.  Simultaneously, the FBI indicts Hillary and leaves the Democrats at a split convention... Throw in an Iran or a N Korea Nuclear attack and you've got all the makings for Obama to circumvent the constitution (again) and stay in power.

Conversely,  we could all be Raptured - most of the GOP would be gone, Hillary is still indicted and Obama takes the chaotic world and stays in power.

He's already indicated that he wants to run the UN after the Presidency...

King Obama
We know that we do not wrestle against flesh and blood but against spiritual wickedness in high places.  We also know what is foretold and what is to come.  Maranantha, Friends.
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Mar 13, 2016

Not Falling For It This Time

Abigail and Dolley readers I have been an intense observer of politics and the media for many years - no more so than when I became a Tea Party Member in the early months of 2009.   Plugged into the 24 hour news cycle for four years was illuminating, because I understood what was going on I could easily pick out spin and lies when they were spoken from a podium or a news desk.  Thus, I can no longer be led about by my nose.

My friends over at the Patriot's Business Alliance, hypothesized that the 2012 election would be the last time major media controlled the narrative.  They were right.

George and I were discussing this morning how people are not buying the story the media is selling.  His theory is that the electorate have watched their candidates be skewered by false narratives spun by the establishment and the media.  As supporters of these candidates they know the truth and not the sound bites and have been infuriated by the personal destruction of men and women they supported.

Think about the last Presidential election, were you a Michelle Bachmann fan?  How did you feel about her treatment?  How about the Newsweek cover that made her look like a lunatic or a Iowa State Fair picture that made her look like a porn star?  Her campaign was scuttled while in its infancy.

Then let us talk about Herman Cain... A strong man of integrity and intelligence.  Surges in the polls in October with smart ideas about revamping Social Security, creating jobs, and turning the country from a left wing course that had us reeling.  Well, since he was a Black Man, it was easy to create a sex starved predator image.  Vindicated well after the fact, a good man's reputation and his family were drug through the mud on the way to anointing the impotent establishment candidate Mitt Romney.   

A Good Man Drug Through the Mud
Finally, let's look at Newt Gingrich.  Long term readers will remember that Newt was my candidate of choice.  I wrote in detail about my thought process, my support of Newt, and in the end the utter annihilation of an excellent candidate.  The destruction came from all sides, Romney's carpet bomb negative barrage of false campaign ads, the Fox News hatred of him and negative coverage, and then finally what was a death blow at the time, Beck's character assassination.  Had Newt become President, the country and the world would be a vastly better and different place.

Destroyed by Negative Ads
This story is repeated over and over again - Sarah Palin and Dan Quayle were absolutely destroyed by the press and the elite.  Even folks like ultra liberal Howard Dean have seen momentum destroyed by a single incident, gaffe or not, that sunk their careers and bids for public office.

The infamous Dean Scream
The cumulative effect on the public is disillusionment and resentment.  How many people have watched their candidate of choice destroyed?  With the rise of the internet, alternative media, and cell phone video cameras discerning individuals can do their own research.  When a story comes out, they can find the source material and review it for themselves - thus, the ability of pundits and SuperPacs to set the narrative are greatly diminished, to their utter horror, I might add.

They are desperate!  The Huffington Post broke a story this week where GOP elite and tech ultra rich met in secret to decide how to stop the rise and nomination of Donald Trump.  Fifty four private jets... they will lie, cheat, and steal to insure they stay in power.  The illusion of political parties, is just that, an illusion.  What we see today is a ruling class, an elite, who will do or say anything as long as the cash cow of unfettered government spending continues to line their pockets.

The thing is, the American People aren't falling for it this time.  

Mar 5, 2016

Injustice in America: How Donald Trump is Tapping into our Frustration

Injustice - such an ugly word, such an Un-American concept; is that at the core of the Trump appeal?

I have enjoyed watching the media and pundits turn themselves inside out to explain the Trump phenomena.  Most have interesting and valid points, here are some snippets that you might find compelling:

Donald Trump, Conservatives, and the Obama Effect - David Fowler writes:

I think some social conservatives have despaired of “values candidates” actually doing anything in support of their values. They have not lost their concern for the social values that drove them in the past to reluctantly support the Doles, McCains, and Romneys, and the do-nothing-but-make-excuses-for-inaction social conservatives who have been elected to Congress, but they have decided that supporting such conservatives isn’t going to result in those values being reflected in public policy.

So, at this point, I think some social conservatives see no reason to continue supporting candidates who run on those values simply because they espouse those values. They believe history has shown them it won’t matter, so they are voting for someone who talks tough on the other issues they care about. (Read more)

Trump and the Rise of the Unprotected - Peggy Noonan writes:

Because they are protected they feel they can do pretty much anything, impose any reality. They’re insulated from many of the effects of their own decisions. (Read more)

Understanding Trump: Why Peggy Noonan Is Also Blind - Steve Denning writes:

Pursuit of this goal by public corporations has led to the pervasive extraction of short-term value for the protected class—those with assets—at the expense of the unprotected—those with few assets. It is in reality the epitome of institutionalized selfishness—the specific mechanism by which the protected class screws the unprotected class. (Read more)

Hillary Clinton's Headquarters
Most Americans do not believe in class warfare but we do believe in equality and we do believe in justice; this last few decades we have been shown to be suckers and that is where Trump taps into.  His rhetoric appeals to those who are seeking justice, he promises to stand up, he promises justice.

Founder, John Adams said that our Republic is a government of laws, not of men.  That is foundational to the American Spirit.  The reality is far from the dream.  For the last 16 years, Americans have watched the elite commit crimes for which they go unpunished, it is festering in every area of life.  Black Lives Matters, Occupy Wall Street, the Tea Party are all outgrowths of the loss equal application of the law.

Equal Justice
Our bedrock, our foundation, is on equality - on laws that apply to everyone.  We have seen over and over again injustice, consider for a minute:

Voter intimidation by Black Panthers at polling places in 2012 not prosecuted
Planned Parenthood not indicted or punished for selling human parts but videographer indicted
Hillary Clinton - Benghazi, travelgate, emails, ect ect ect ect
Fast and Furious - Gun Walking into Mexico designed to undermine the 2nd amendment
The Treason of complete abdication of border enforcement (read more)
Obamacare - when every effort, every effort to stop it was ignored (Scott Brown, GOP Congress in 2010, 2012, 2014)
Christian Intimidation and Attack from bakers to bathrooms
Benghazi - no FBI investigation on the ground, no indictments, no answers, no justice
Obama's Lawlessness
Bush's NeoCon Wars that have crippled the Middle East and maimed the minds, bodies, and families of thousands of servicemen and civilians
Christian Genocide

This is just a sampling of injustice, add high profile cases where the bad guy gets away with murder and you have a boiling cauldron of frustration, anger, and fear.  The above examples are US centric but western Europe is also seething from unrestrained Muslim refugees and all that goes with it.  Western nations are about to explode.  In the eyes of many, Trump is the non-violent explosion we've been looking for.  A brash brawler who doesn't take sh*t from anybody.

Feb 28, 2016

One Evangelicals Road to Trump

Abigail and Dolley readers if you are an American, no doubt you have been drawn into the Presidential Primary Season, whether you wanted to or not!  Long term Abigail and Dolley readers will recall a time when this was a political blog.  Even the name, Abigail and Dolley, is political.  My frustration and rejection of Bush Republicanism and Obama Socialism was the impetus for creating this space.  A search of early posts reveals a feisty Tea Party Patriot but also a love of Jesus and stong Christian faith.  Thus, these are my positions and credentials.

The last political post I recall doing was in the dark days after the 2012 Presidential election, there might be others, but not many.  I gave up on politics, I gave up on trying to influence others for a political party or candidate, and decided to pour my passion into Christ.  If I am going to try to persuade others, it is going to be for Jesus.  I pray that I have been faithful to that calling.

Economically and professionally, my life since the 2008 crash has been a whirlwind.  On paper, I'm a job hopper.  In reality, I've just been trying to find a place to settle down, do a good job for my clients, and earn a decent living.  Around 2006, I stopped fitting into corporate America.  I never bought in to this Six Sigma "process map" culture, I actually wanted to accomplish something and not attend endless meetings and conference calls.  I balked at fish bone analysis, reverse process mapping, and special B-SQUAT teams.  I rolled my eyes at the "consultants" who did not have a clue about what it took to be successful in my business.  I got in trouble for criticizing beautiful power point presentations that did not say anything or address issues.  I made enemies for asking hard questions.  Twice, I was aggressively recruited to be a "new type of manager" only to be fired from both organizations because they really wanted their same old manager.  I spoke up and because I am not a man, it did not work out so well for me.

Something cool happened to me six months ago, I moved from Wall Street to Main Street.  It was amazing; to work in an environment that was void of idiocy, endless meetings, KPI's and reports, and restrictions to getting the job done.  I can now do in a day what used to take me three weeks to accomplish.  My stress level is down, my clients are so happy, and I go to work everyday eager and intellectually stimulated.  We have a unique objective, "Keep the clients happy and make money."  What a revolutionary concept!

With this backdrop, I started listening to speeches by GOP candidates.  It is inevitable, I don't live under a rock.  My kid and his friends started talking about Trump.  I rolled my eyes.  I liked Rick Perry - I thought he'd gotten a bad rap in 2012.  I also liked Bobby Jindal - he's been a great governor.  Scott Walker - what a great turn around in Wisconsin!  I was interested in Mike Pence from Indiana but he never threw his hat in the ring.  I looked at my 2012 candidate Newt Gingrich and wondered if he'd run.  Ben Carson was intriguing.  I tend to think Governors make good Presidents, Senators bore me.  The field was enormous - 17 candidates.   Trump?  No way.  I was savvy enough to realize he wasn't my kind of conservative.

Then I started listening to speeches and I'd cringe at the Senators, you see they sounded like these corporate guys with their process maps, KPI's, and endless meetings.  I'd get queasy because these types don't get anything done.  They take over successful companies, run the producers off and then ruin everything they touch.  These guys are not game changers, they are the creators of the problem.

A pivotal moment for me was watching Jerry Falwell Jr.'s endorsement speech of Donald Trump.  This endorsement gave me the motivation to take another look.  What I found was a man who had grown and evolved.  I too had changed my opinions about things in the last 20 years.  I admit as a young woman, I voted for Bill Clinton, twice.  At one point, I was pro-choice.  I was a nominal Christian.  I have a bit of a sordid past, there are many things I am not proud of.  Do these things disqualify me from being who I am now or is that just the road I took?  Do I not have any credibility because I haven't been a perfect conservative and Christian?  The God I serve changes people.

I want somebody that can make things happen, not just run reports and manage the optics.  This country is going the way of Rome and if the Lord tarries, I'd like my teenage son to have a shot at the American Dream.  No other candidate gives us that chance, none.

As for the abuse Trump voters incur?  Well, we just shake it off.  I read memes and headlines that distort and misrepresent, he can be sarcastic and joke around, so it is easy to distort!  We're accused of not being led by the Spirit, not voting for the most Christian guy, not being informed, engaged, or rational.  I've seen memes of Trump as the devil.  Frankly, I'm a bit sick of it.

Well, like Jerry Falwell, Jr. I have a Savior, we need a CEO.  I'm not voting for a Sunday School Teacher, I am voting for the President and we need a revolutionary one.  Apparently, I'm not alone although sometimes on social media it feels like it!

Feb 6, 2016

Love is Something You Do

We are not always lovable, none of us are.  Having been with my husband for almost 25 years, (admittedly not an easy guy to get along with) I speak from experience.  Raising a teenager offers its own lessons in loving someone who is not always lovable.  Throw me in the mix, who can be grumpy in the morning and very detail and process oriented - I make the "big picture" men in my life crazy.  Thus, here we are - three imperfect people with our own foibles and idiosyncrasies, trying our best to remember that love is something you do, not something you feel.  We are largely quite successful at it although you would not know that from the chill that is in the air today in my house.

I've been struggling with something to blog about lately, and advise on how to love one another when you don't "feel" it seems like a timeless topic.

The first thing to remember is that things change, for good or for bad situations and feelings are fleeting.

Do not say things to each other that you would not say to your best friend.

We know each other's vulnerable spots, never use that as a weapon, ever.

Home is a sanctuary.

Women, don't emasculate your men.  Their balls don't belong in your purse.

When you don't feel love for somebody, write them a love letter.  It will remind you and encourage them.

Respect each other.

Have faith that God has each of us on our own journey, sometimes we won't understand the "why's".

Spend time outside together.

Don't let disagreements fester.

Practice positive affirmations and self talk toward your loved ones, "Even though I am angry with them, I deeply love and accept them.  I forgive them.  I will encourage them, ect."

Send them text messages that say that you love them.

Pray Ephesians 6 over your household


Read 1 Corinthians 13:4-8 and substitute "I" for love in those Scriptures.

Remember that Romans 5:8 teaches us about love.

In the end, if we employ the above we will be loved and will love those the Lord has given us well.  We will be a testimony to His faith and righteousness if we love.