Jun 10, 2017

Laws or Men - Who Do You Want to Be Ruled By?

It is the very foundation of our Republic, that we are a nation governed by laws and not ruled by men. 

This is also at the very heart of the issue we see played out before us on the nightly news because one side of the political spectrum embraces this and the other side uses it as a shield to hide the fact that they actually believe the opposite.  Let me explain.  

In the US, equal justice under the law means that all men are held to the same standards and judged and prosecuted under the same laws.  Being popular or being loved has no bearing on the application of the law, social status or position has no deterrent to the equal treatment under the law.

In a society ruled by Men, leaders are above the law.  The laws apply to others.  These leaders can break the laws if they choose to.  If these leaders are beloved, well, if they break the laws they must have a good reason.  Their fans and the power bases that they hold - Law Enforcement, Judges, Media, Academics, Religious Leaders all excuse the behavior of the benevolent leaders and will seek to bury and hide the story, cover it up, or deflect it.  

What about if in a society ruled by Men, if the leader is wicked?  Well then, if he breaks the law there is no one to hold him to account.  He is free to do whatever he wants.  There is no difference between the wicked and righteous man in a society ruled by man, for the judgment of such things in the setting of a civil government are flawed and subject to interpretation.  I might think that Mike Pence is a righteous man but my Muslim neighbor would prefer the Ayatollah Khomeini.  

This is the most dangerous type of rule on the planet, billions have been murdered, robbed, raped, tortured, and starved to death under the Rule of Man.

The Modern Left longs to be ruled by Men.  They were perfectly happy to be ruled by the perceived ultra cool Obama.  They excused every scandal, every blatant violation of the law perpetrated by his administration from Fast and Furious to the illegal ransom payment of cash to Iranians.  The list of outrageous acts that came out of the White House was vast and met with a collective yawn from his supporters and the media.  

Iranian Sanctions and Laws Against Ransom Made this Highly Illegal

Using the same logic, of being ruled by Men, the Modern Left has become absolutely unhinged over the election of Donald Trump.  Their visceral hatred of the man and their confusion over our system of government has led them to the conclusion that he is so wicked that he must have committed a crime for which they can get rid of him.  Thus, while they operate under their belief that we are ruled by Men they try to apply the rules of law to anyone that disagrees with them.  They are manufacturing crimes that never occurred to feed a narrative that he will be gone soon.  It is insane.

All the while, those who maintain that we are still a nation ruled by laws and not men, continue to stew over the abuses we have seen in the last eight years.  So many crimes have gone unpunished, so many people have abused their power and broken the law for their own political gain with impunity that the right has within it a pressure valve that is building daily as they are assaulted with 24 hour news coverage of crimes that never occurred while actual crimes are shrugged off and ignored.  It is a volatile situation indeed.