Dec 23, 2009

"Recoiling in Absolute Shock and Horror"

"We finally met liberals, up until now, we have just had to watch them give speeches, but nobody has actually seen them govern since Lyndon Johnson... Now we are watching a certified liberal govern and the American people are recoiling in absolute shock and horror." Dick Morris

This quote cracked me up. It is taken from an interview that Dick Morris gave to Sean Hannity last week regarding the shift in the polls and the movement by the American people back toward conservative values.

I am going to give the young people a pass on this one. I was an idealistic young voter once too. Winston Churchill once said, "Show me a young man who is not a liberal and I will show you a man who has no heart. Show me an old man who is a liberal and I will show you a man with no brain." So, if you are 25 and under, you can chalk this up to a learning experience, albeit an expensive one for the country. This post is aimed at all you folks over 25 who voted for the Democrats in 2008.

If you voted for these liberals and did not know what you were going to get or who they really were, then you were a fool. A review of history will reveal the utter and absolute failure of their belief system and governance. We are seeing it now in all its liberal glory.

I am old enough to remember the Carter years and the "general malaise". It was a sad time to be a kid in America believing that we were once the greatest country in the world, but we weren't anymore. Gas lines, inflation, strikes, the death of the Rust Belt, factories closing in record numbers, hostages in Iran, and a sense of defeat about us. I remember... as a child I determined that the Democrats were not good for the country. That belief was later dramatically confirmed by the governance of the greatest president of the 20th Century, Ronald Reagan. So, as a kid, I chose my party and beliefs.

Ironically, my son is the same age as I was when Carter was elected. I see this whole mess through his eyes and it is history repeating itself. The difference this time? Debt, deficits, corruption, and special interests. We are so far removed from the Constitution and our founding principals that I fear nothing short of rebellion will bring us back. We are a country stripped of its moral and spiritual history by a the liberal education system, news media, and Hollywood and as such we have lost our way.

I said after the election that I was actually glad that Obama won, for I knew the lean to the left would correct itself once people saw what the liberals were actually like and I hoped it would wake the GOP up that nobody likes a RINO. I believe it has done both of those things, but the cost is a terrible one to pay.