Dec 17, 2009

Oh the Irony....

I love when God has a sense of humor - thousands of pinheads converge on Denmark for a Global Warming Summit - this came from my office in Denmark this morning:

During the past 24 hours most of Denmark has been covered in snow.

We have between 50 - 80 centimetres and it is very windy. This has resulted in roads being closed and freeways are blocked because trucks can’t exit the freeway ramps. The ramps are too steep and slippery.
Also cars are stuck in piles of snow. The police are warning that people should not go out unless it is strictly necessary.

This means that currently there is no distribution of cargo in Denmark. The airports are open but truck can’t access them. 

The situation is chaotic. The forecast is that it should stop snowing some time tonight. Therefore, things may stay chaotic tomorrow (Friday) as well.