Dec 1, 2009

Oh, Greenie! What Now?

Abigail and Dolley readers know I have been beating the "Global Warming is a Fraud" drum for a while now.  If you check out the Environment/Global Warming tags, you can read to your hearts content. 

In light of the developing scandal with the Climate-gate emails, I feel slight relief that perhaps the tides will begin to change.  But the question really remains will it matter to the zealots?  These emails show fraud, cover up, intimidation, character assassination, extortion, manipulation and out right devious disregard for proper science in regards to the "evidence" for Global Warming by the lead Scientists driving this whole hoax - but will it matter?

  • It doesn't seem to matter to the Lame Stream Media in the USA.
  • It doesn't seem to matter to the President of the United States as he prepares to go to Copenhagen for a Global Warming Summit.
  • It doesn't seem to matter to Al Gore, High Priest, of Global Warming

I believe it doesn't matter to any of the above folks, because they knew it was a lie to begin with.  Global Warming is not about taking care of the Earth - it's about money, power, and control.  Pure and simple.

But what about the devotee'?  Where is the little Tree Hugger in all this scandal and corruption?  They must be shaken to the core, because the Environment is no longer just a cause - the Environment is many people's religion.  Where does that leave them?  If man's actions aren't causing Earth changes then a major tenant of their faith is destroyed.  What now, Greenie?  I am sure there are more causes and I am sure there are many more things to champion, but before you move on to something else, ask yourself this question:

What if I stopped trying to believe in others, who will change and lie and manipulate?  What if I stopped trying to find the answers to all of life's hard questions and rested for a moment?  What if in that moment, a still small voice, that has been ignored for so long, was finally once again heard, and it said, "Come to me, all ye who are burdened and heavy laden, and I will give you rest, for my burden is light and my shoulders are strong.  Come child and let me hold you.  I know you are tired.  I love you, won't you let me in?"

This time, what if you did?

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