Nov 29, 2009

Callling Them Out - Harry Reid

I can't stand a liar, so today, I am calling one out.  I know you Abigail and Dolley readers will find this amazing, but for much of the last decade I completely tuned out of news and politics, I just couldn't take the lies.  My philosophy was that I knew what I stood for, I knew the party that lined up with my beliefs, and being involved did nothing other than raise my blood pressure.  That was of course a different time and a different world.  I find that I can no longer sit on the side lines and do nothing, so here we are.  Anyway, I digress, I really do hate a liar.

Check out the first few seconds of this Fox News video:

More Cheerleading?

It it Harry Reid, the Democratic Senate Majority Leader makes a statement that is absolutely untrue.  The consequences to our Country are dire if this lie is allowed to become law.  

Lies he tells:

  • Our Program saves lives - LIE - their program will cost lives by fundamentally changing the greatest health care system in the world.  Ask the Brits and the Canadians, hell for that matter ask those living under Romney care in Massachusetts.
  • Our Program saves Money - At a 2 TRILLION dollar cost for the first 10 years (of which benefits are only paid for 5 but fees and taxes are collected for the full 10) this is a LIE.  The government has not historically been very good contemplating the long term cost of things, check out original estimates of Medicare - we are now 2000% higher than estimated, can we afford another entitlement?
  • Our Program saves Medicare - This is another joke - Medicare is broke, this healthcare debacle cuts Medicare payments and moves everyone to the government DMV style healthcare.
  • The Republicans don't have a plan - this is so blatantly untrue that any reasonably informed American knows this is a LIE.  I have seen the Coburn-Burr legislation.  Republicans have offered over 800 amendments that have all been rejected.

The days when all Americans got their news from the direction of the NY Times of over, Harry.  We know you are lying to us, SHAME on YOU, HARRY REID.

Harry Reid - Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire