Nov 25, 2009

To Whom Are You Thankful?

In the season of celebration, so many of our fellow citizens are thankful to each other for their blessings instead of the Giver of all Good Things.  I pray that today, you are thankful to the Lord Jesus Christ who loved you so much He gave His Life for you.  Be thankful to Him that freedom to worship Him drove the Pilgrams and the Puritans to this land we love so much.  Be thankful to Him that your ancestors were brought here in chains so that you are born in the greatest country in the world.  Praise the Lord that He has protected you and blessed you in spite of your many failings.

Today, we give thanks and while I appreciate my family, friends, job, and all of my other blessings, I am not thankful to them - I am thankful for them.  Today, I will remember in the midst of the celebration to whom I am thankful.