Nov 12, 2009

Hollywood - Your True Colors and Showing Through

Maybe it is just me, but I am sick of Hollywood.  Decades of contempt held for the American People and our way of life is oozing through in all they do.  Abigail and Dolley Blog readers may recall my last foray into this subject, Not Too Smart where we dealt with the risks of going public with your political beliefs and how you can alienate half of the country by espousing your pseudo-intellectual, loony beliefs.  This post, however, will deal with their complete and utter rejection of all that Americans hold dear and one must wonder, how long will they continue to go blindly down a path that holds financial doom in its forecast.

I preview the upcoming movie releases and think to myself, ho hum.  I rent DVD's and find my self sighing at the undertones of anti-Americanism that bleeds through.  For example, we watched the Soloist with Robert Downey Jr and Jamie Fox last week.  Robert Downey Jr is a LA Times reporter looking for a story and lamenting the downturn in the newspaper industry.  Jamie Fox is a gifted musician who while attending Julliard is struck down by Schizophrenia and is living on the streets of LA.  I got half way through the movie.

It was well acted, shot, directed, and edited.  It was the underlying hopelessness of a world and a character without God that was completely off putting.  The reporter sees beauty and life in watching the musician play and enjoy music; how shallow and sad.  Of course we have throw in our anti-American messages, while walking through the newsroom they play clips of George W Bush speaking and then follow up with pictures of dead children.  It is inferred that if there was just more money and less discrimination, the street people would not be on the street.

Were these things intentional?  No, probably not, but at the end of the day if you eat a steady diet of American and Capitalism hatred day after day and year after year it will begin to seep out in all that you do.  I believe this is what has happened to Hollywood.  No, starting with the derelict Baby Boomers and Jane Fonda we have been entertained by a group of folks who hate us.  Paradoxically, it is these folks who need us, not the other way around.  The capitalist system that they so despise will eventually bring them to their senses, when people stop going to see their movies - that is unless the government so determines that Hollywood is too big to fail.