Nov 16, 2009

Narcissism and the Cult of Personality Part 2

I find that these types of Abigail and Dolley posts are the most difficult for me to write and put together, because I am out of my comfort zone, which of course is giving my opinion.  I struggle with the really important ones, so hang with me a little while I try to make some semblance of sense. If you'd like to read all the posts regarding this, click on the Narcissism label.

Several months ago, I stumbled upon this subject and it has truly haunted me.  I have continued to research this and the amount of circumstantial evidence to support the declaration of Obama being a Narcissist is staggering.  I am no doctor, I don't even play one on TV - but I can read, and better yet, I can observe.  This American Thinker article started me down the Narcissist as a child avenue.  It is followed up with a disturbing article and poem by a young Barack Obama that seems to indicated he was violated in some manner by a family friend.

I am an outspoken critic of this President and his policies but I wept for the little boy who wrote that poem.

There is also tons of information about the early child name of Obama, Barry Soetoro, (which is his childhood name that he used when his mother was married to her second husband).  There is deep and thorough research on Indonesia Matters and some excellent info actually in a Yahoo Answer.

So assuming that anyone is still with me after all of the links I have put in this article, let's review:

Barack Obama was conceived out of wedlock
Barack Obama was a product of a mixed marriage between a middle America white girl and an African man.
Obama Senior was already married and committed bigomy when he married.
Barack Obama was abandonded by his father at 2 years old.
His parents divorced.
His mother moved him to Indonesia where he was forced into a Muslim school
His step father was an alcoholic
His mother was by no means a traditional mom
Barack Obama used a different name while in Indonesia
His mother and step father divorced.
Barack Obama was uprooted from Indonesia and sent to live with his white grandparents
Obama's grandfather was a by some accounts a disturbed man and an alcoholic
Obama's grandmother was a "typical white person"
Obama's grandfather determined that his drinking buddy, a self avowed communist, and child molester would be a good role model for Barack - to teach him how to be a black man.
Obama saw his father one time when he was 10, shortly thereafter his father was killed.

Uprooted, abused, abandoned, never belonging anywhere, Muslim, Christian, not black, not white, not wanted - these are the ingredience that went into the soup that is now Barack Obama.

God protect this nation.