Nov 14, 2009

Death of the Two Party System?

Glen Beck hosted a two hour show 5/1/09 (60 minutes on his show and then the additional 60 minutes posted on the Internet). His audience was comprised of about 45 average Americans who attended the Tea Parties. I am one of them; that's how I see things, too.

Several things struck me in the show of hands poll that Glen Beck took at the beginning of the segment.

Who believes in the Two Party System - no one raised their hands.
Who is a reluctant activist - 2/3 raised their hands
Who is madder at the GOP than the Democrats because you expect this from the Democrats? the majority raised their hands.

Do you know what else struck me? That there is a ton of stuff all of these people believed in and not a whole lot they didn't agree on - but in the end their is no place for them in the Two Party System.

If there was a Dolley Madison party it would look like this:

Constitutionalists - purist and strict interpretation
Environmental Stewards - not insane Greenies or pollution happy capitalist pigs, just following the guideline of Genesis to be good stewards of the Earth.
Strong Military - but insist other countries stop being on the Trillion Dollar military welfare program.
Return to State and Local Government power and an abolition of unconstitutional Federal Government Programs, Departments, and Policies.
Fair and Flat Tax
Allow states to pass their own laws on abortion, speed limits, drinking age, and other areas where the Federal Government has usurped the state's authority to govern themselves.
Secure Borders and sensible immigration policies
Minimal Government regulations on business

So there you have it America, the launch of Dolley's Party, but I guess we will have to rename it because Patrick Henry would never join a party called Dolley, unless of course, he decides to become a metrosexual.