Nov 24, 2009

The Blame Game

When will it ever end or maybe the better question is, will it ever end?  I am talking about the incessant manner in which the Obama Administration and the Democrats blame everything on "the failed policies of the last eight years."  Because last time I looked, the Democrats have been in control of the congress since 2006 and for the better part of the last century.  Furthermore, Obama has been in office 11 months.  I saw Barack Obama TODAY blame the problems in Afghanistan on "the failed polices of the last eight years."  Let us not forget that Obama himself announced his new Afghanistan policy in March of this year.  After failing to implement the recommendations of his own Generals, he blames someone else.

Today, I saw a Democratic strategist deflect Stu Varney's point blank question on whether it was "American" to tax ANY citizen at the 50% level, which we are rapidly approaching.  The strategist blamed "the failed policies of the last eight years." on their punitive tax plans. It is unbelievable! If I was a psychologist, I am sure there is some type of mental illness that never takes responsibility for its own actions and failures.

I like sports analogies - can you imagine if your favorite team had several bad seasons and the Head Coach was fired.  The new coach campaigned heavily for the job and promised all sorts of miracles and a winning season just around the corner.  At this point in the season they are 0-11 and at every press conference the new coach announces the failures are the responsibility of the old coach.

What about from your kid - what if their teacher last year had been lousy, would you except their bad grades this year to be the sole responsibility of last year's teacher?

I run a branch for my company - that branch was managed by my predecessor for 8 years prior to my arrival.  There was a reason they chose me.  Not once in the year I took over have I blamed the direction of the branch on my predecessor, because its mine.  Whatever happens, its me.

I do not recall one instance, ever, where George W Bush blamed the Clinton Administration for hamstringing the intelligence community to such an extent that we suffered 9/11.  Never once did I hear that from George W Bush.  Say what you will about him, he at least had some class.