Nov 12, 2009

How to Destroy a Country - Course number 1101

The below is a repost and is a generalization and by no means paints with a broad brush stroke.

I don't find men jokes funny.  I happen to live with two such creatures and find them infinitely wonderful and worthy of my respect.

If you wish to destroy a country, you must destroy its men.  The American man is under greater attack than at any time in our history and many have already been destroyed.  The man is tasked by God to be the protector and provider for the family.  He is the spiritual head and charged with teaching his children about God and what it means to be a man or a woman in our society.  He is the physically strong worker who lifts, carries, and builds.  The man is the enforcer with the children and protector of his wife.  If men fail to do what God has set before them to do - the family fails and then society fails.

Men are undermined in the following ways:

Their Fathers deserted them, so they do not know how to be men.
Their wives and girlfriends abort their children
Their physical labor (farming, building, manufacturing) are being destroyed at the highest rate in this economy.
They are depicted as buffoons and idiots on sitcoms and movies
The church has failed to engage them and instead has become a female dominated institution.
Their sexuality is under attack by the homosexual agenda.
Their maleness and masculine traits are discouraged and frowned upon.
They attend schools and jobs where they are expected to be still, be quiet, and behave.

The results are catastrophic - our men are without honor, conscience, and purpose.  They are users; selfish and needy.  They are criminals or lay abouts.  They are passive.  They are abusers of women and abandoners of children.  They are humans without purpose.

It is so sad.