Nov 16, 2009

Trust Us?

Abigail and Dolley readers know I am high skeptical of government in general and maybe even more so of government officials that insist that we trust them in spite of what their records, pasts, and the facts at hand seem to indicate is wise. Such is the case with the Secretary of Homeland Security, the illustrious Janet Napolitano.  She was on the news this morning and in answer to some tough questions about why the Administration is bringing war criminals to NY for civil trial she said, "You are just going to have to trust us."

This is from a Homeland Security Secretary who labeled returning veterans and Tea Partiers as potential threats?  This from a Homeland Security Secretary who is advocating an amnesty program for illegal invaders?  This from a Homeland Security who declared on Friday that our borders are secure?

And thus, the American people are once again supposed to sit back and say "Big Brother knows best?"  No, sadly there is very little about the United States Government that I trust any longer, no matter who is in power.  Me and the rest of the folks are going to have to a take a pass on that trust issue, but thanks for playing.