Nov 20, 2009

It Has to Be Manmade, Because If it Isn't.....

Global Warming, Climate Change, or whatever they are calling it this month (always to suit their political ambitions, goals and the temperature of the day) HAS to be man made, because if it isn't then the consequences are devastating to the believer.  Abigail and Dolley readers know that if you base your world view on a system of beliefs that turns out to be false, then you are shattered at the realization.  All of our beliefs, actions, goals, and dream are formed and shaped by how we view the world.  If we have put our faith in a worldview that turns out to be false, then our entire existence becomes meaningless.  Everything we have worked for and believed in was based on a lie and we are diminished in our own eyes as well as the eyes of the world. 

Thus, in spite of what hundreds of scientists are proving, despite what even the most simple minded troglodyte can observe out their back porch, and in spite of the exposure of greed and capital gain that green leaders stand to make from green energy, the staunch environmentalist will not change their mind.  To do so will destroy their soul.  It will nullify their beliefs, their lives, and call into question their ultimate belief and worship of the earth.  They will stand in the face of overwhelming evidence and shout you down.  You are a heretic, a hypocrite, and a blasphemer.  They will not change, they will not concede, and they will not ever stop.

Tyrannical and fascist Islam shares the same goals and end game with the environmentalist. Take over of the world, conversion of its inhabitants, death to the infidels, global government and control.  Their methods and ideologies differ only in their Utopian visions of earth.  One comes with a gun and a bomb - the other with laws and regulations that will collapse and strangle the system into submission.  Both must be fought with equal fervor, both are a danger to our liberty, society, and our freedom.  The difference is one is wearing a suit and flying to Copenhagen for a conference and the other is building nuclear facilities and stoning women and protesters in the street.

Obama has unclenched his fist at the one and is participating with the other.