Dec 20, 2009

The Balanced Life

Abigail and Dolley readers know that I am an Independent minded modern lady; I have very strong opinions on a large variety of subjects.  With that said though, if you could sit and speak with those who know me they would not categorize me in a negative light.  One of the reasons for that is because I am balanced.  I manage my marriage, my child, my job, my friends, my family, my activism, and all the other aspects of modern American life with an eye on balance and humor.  I also try to instill this in all who I have influence over and their tears of thanksgiving are affirmation that in the end, it is paramount to your health and well being to find the balance in your life.

I do this in a variety of ways, I do not work a million hours at the office - I get my work done and go home.  I am not a slave to my Blackberry or my e-mail.  I make sure my husband is taken care of and that he gets the lovin' he needs - also a great way to reduce stress and stay happy.  I take time to visit with my son, reading at night, doing small projects, or cooking together.  I keep up with Family and Friends through Facebook, I know that sounds silly but I have so thoroughly enjoyed my year on Facebook I can not even express.  I take time for myself every Saturday, I get my nails done, go shopping, go get a spray tan (I like tan fat better than pale pink fat..hehehehe), or just hang out in my garden digging in the dirt.

I am an insatiable reader and will research a subject thoroughly that captures my attention.  I am passionate and find writing this blog cathartic.  Another huge component that keeps this working wife, mother, and executive sane is exercise.  That's right; heart pounding, lungs burning, muscles straining exercise.  Give me an iPod and some work out gear and I will loose myself to the workout.  It cleanses the mind, body, and renews the Spirit.  Balanced diet and exercise also keep you looking good which truly effects every other aspect of your life.

I laugh, a lot.  I never realized how much until someone filmed me at my wedding shower opening presents.  I giggled and laughed the whole time.  I have a best friend that I laugh with, it is not unusual for her to call me and not be able to speak because she is cracking up about something and can not yet contain herself enough to share it with me.  I listen to comedians on the radio and on You Tube.  I try and find the humor in tough situations.  I try to laugh really hard every few days.  You can not feel sad if you are laughing.

Finally, and most important, I love the Lord.  I am not what you would characterize as a "Church" person in that I am not one of those busy Christians.  I do not forsake the gathering of God's people and believe in the edification of His people.  Throughout the week I will pray, read a Scripture, listen to a praise song, write about the Lord and on most Sunday's, I go to church and get my Spiritual gas tank filled up.  I try to live my life in such as way that the Lord seeps out in all that I do, for in the end, the only thing constant in this life is the love of Jesus Christ.

Is living this life easy?  No, not really.  There is always something pulling you harder than others - at times you will be briefly out of balance and you must work hard to keep that from being a permanent state of affairs.  So live well my friends.