Dec 19, 2009

EPA - An Agency Out of Control

In my professional capacity, I receive daily updates on Congressional actions that may effect my industry.  For the last year, the increase in hearings and investigations has increased dramatically.  Here is a new one for you, involving the EPA.  Ah yes, the beloved EPA who I believe has strayed so far from its original purpose that it should be disbanded and reformed with a strict structure and over view of power.  The legislative functions the agency has been usurping is unconstitutional and if we do not look out we will be looking at an all powerful Executive Branch, if in truth, we are not already.  That is though, another post.

Those of you watching the news and keeping up with things, and I assume, if you have somehow found this little blog, Abigail and Dolley, that you already are aware of the EPA's recent pronouncement that your exhale is a pollutant.  If you are unaware of this brilliant pronouncement then I suggest you Google the subject and read up on it.  It is amazing in its utter ridiculousness but do not be fooled it is intended to force Congress to pass laws that move it back into line.  Again, another post.

So to finally get to what I originally started out to write this morning... There is a law on the books that was passed in 1976 called the Toxic Substance Control Act (TSCA).  Earlier this month, the House Subcommittee on Energy and Commerce (the lovely folks that gave us Cap and Trade) held a hearing on evaluating this Legislation.  EPA head, Lisa Jackson, has publicly stated her agency will be carrying out the environmental and regulatory agenda of the Obama Administration.  My Glenn Beck fans and readers are particularly disturbed by that prospect. 

The EPA is now claiming that the 1976 TSCA law must be changed because it limits the power of the EPA to regulate all chemicals in America.  You see, in 1976 the Congress allowed a Grandfather provision in the TSCA that said chemicals already in commercial use at the time did not have to comply with the new laws, these laws require extensive testing and government approval for all commercial chemical.

Thus, the activist EPA has gone whining to the "Cap and Trade" House Committee to state that:  They can't regulate these chemicals and no one has tested them for safety with Children, who know we are just doing this for the children, right?  Also, those pesky laws are keeping them from regulating the industry and that needs to STOP.  The EPA urges Congress to act now, I am sure it is an "Emergency" after all these dangerous chemicals have been in use since before 1976 and Americans are obviously in danger....

Give me a break.  The consequences of if the EPA is successful will create huge burdens on the industry and guess what?  It will raise the cost of everything you buy.  So let's see, they want to regulate (shocking) products that have been on the market and in use for 33 years, it will cause undue regulation on a self regulating industry that better not put out poison or harmful products because they are sued six ways to Sunday, it will do nothing but grow the government, won't do you a bit of good, and will actually cost you more money.

Yep, that about sums up Liberal Government.  How's that Change working out for ya?