Jan 30, 2011

Going Down the Egypt

Abigail and Dolley readers I must confess, I am still not watching the news but I would have to be dead not to notice that Egypt is on fire right now.  It is worthy to note that Egypt, Lebanon, and Israel are still in existence by their Biblical names and there is plenty in the Bible about Egypt.  Did you know that anytime anyone travels to Egypt in the Bible they are said to be going "down" to Egypt?  Anytime someone travels to Jerusalem it is said they are going "up".

I heard some preaching on this a while back and it is worth sharing with you now.  Egypt in the Bible represents the World and Man's way.  If you are headed down to Egypt you are seen as doing what the world tells you to do not what God would have you do.  Egypt is full of all sorts of pitfalls for the child of God.

As for me and mine we are on the long journey out of Egypt and we have our sites on Jerusalem.  I fear there is a desert between us, I only hope it is a short sojourn but I must remember it is in the desert where we learn to rely on God.  It is in the desert where we feel HIM more fully.  It is in the desert when the ways of Egypt and the fat we have accumulated in the world is burned off in the fiery sun.  The people that come from the desert can face the enemies of God and carry his sword into battle and emerge victorious.

So I ask you today, are you going down to Egypt or up to Jerusalem?