Jan 26, 2011

The Gift

Abigail and Dolley readers sometimes the Lord takes you to a place where you can finally hear His voice.  Recently, I went to such a place.  There were many things He needed to tell me, things He needed to prepare me for, and somethings I still don't understand.  In the center of all of it, I learned something I would like to share with you all now.

In the midst of our lives, we are missing it.  We are missing the moments of our lives by not being present in them.  We spend so much time thinking about yesterday and the past and contemplating and worrying over what the future may or may not bring, that we miss where we are right now.  The gift we are given is simply this moment.  That is all we are ever promised.  We who are the recipients of this precious gift, let them slide by without notice.  If anyone should be aware it is us, but we are too busy to listen and we miss most of our lives.

All I know friends is that at this moment, I have your attention and I am thankful for you.  You readers who make this blog possible and who periodically give me the most precious of your gifts and that is your time.  So, let me say thank you.

I vow to appreciate these times, these moments, this life and to no longer waste it on worry over the past or the future.  I will simply be present.  I hope that you join me and I hope as always that our time together is special.  God bless you!