Mar 20, 2010

A Prayer For Our Nation

Thank you all so much for loyally visiting and reading this blog. You may have noticed in the last few weeks that the frequency of postings has slowed somewhat.  I find that this particular season in my life that the creative juices are flowing but in a fictional direction. I have started writing again, which will be my second attempt at a novel. My first novel tried to be everything to everyone and was a discombobulated mess!   There are moments of brilliance in it, but on the whole it needed so much editing and work that I abandoned it.  My second attempt is as scaled down in characters and plot as the first was complicated and convoluted.

As the inspiration strikes, I will continue to blog - the events of the day and precariousness of our Republic call for vigilance and  action.  I am proud to count myself among the Tea Party Patriots and will be spending the weekend in prayer for our country.

Lord, thank you for your wonderful grace and mercy.  We acknowledge that  You are our God and that it has been through the provision of your hand that we have prospered as a country.  We have lost our way, Lord.  We have forgotten You and the forces of the enemy are closing in on us.  Restore us, Lord, to the people you intended us to be.  Protect us from the wily schemes of the Devil and his cohorts.  Awaken us Lord that it will not be protests that change the course of this train wreck, but prayer.  In all things, we confess that You are in control and we will trust in You.  In Jesus Name, Amen.