Mar 27, 2010

A Partisan President

Abigail and Dolley readers can you ever recall a time when the President of the United States taunted half of his countrymen?  Can you ever remember being held in disdain by the elected leaders of the country?  Can you ever remember being belittled?  Can you ever remember a more disgusting display of gloating over a victory?
Sadly, this is what we have received from our Hope and Change President.  Most of America was mourning on Monday and had to endure the taunting of the victorious.  Instead of waiting for the full passage of the debacle President Obama and his cohorts held a signing.
 Instead of reaching out to calm Americans so against this bill, they linked arms and strolled through the crowd with a giant gavel that represented the hammer in which they will beat you with.

The manner in which they have lied, cheated, and disregarded the will of the American people is almost as abhorrent as the bill itself.