Mar 25, 2010

The Victim's Party

Abigail and Dolley readers if the Dems tactics for shaping the debate and name calling wasn't so repulsive and vile, I would say the Conservatives should adopt it.  It IS effective.  Hence the whole Tea Party People are scary.  So instead of standing up and being the rat bastards that they are, they cloak themselves in perpetual victimhood.  We are mad, we are scared, we are sick of being ignored, but we are going to vote your butts out of office and take back our country and return it to the Republic.

We know who you are, you are the sneaky smarmy bastards of our childhood, who envied the achievers, oppressed and made fun of the little kids and the weak while playing the perfect child in front of the teacher.  My sense of justice recoils.  My sense of righteousness is assaulted.  If we were on the playground I would punch them in the nose.  Oh, wait, is this a threat of violence.  Go ahead, tell the teacher.  I'll take my lumps.