Feb 28, 2010


Abigail and Dolley readers know that I am not a big "Rah, Rah" supporter of the GOP, nor am I a huge George W Bush fan.  My feelings on GWB are actually quite conflicted.  I completely disagree with his Neo-Conservative/Progressive policies of global war, expanded government, huge spending, and unsecured Southern Borders.  On the other hand, I believe he IS a good man.  He was a President of his convictions and governed according to those sets of ideals, like them or not.

You always got the sense that he was a man comfortable in his own skin; this is evidenced in his ability to laugh at himself.  It is also manifested in his behavior since leaving office.  He has said recently that he is seeking anonymity and that he is thankful that Cheney has been willing to step forth and defend their policies.  The day after the massacre at Ft. Hood, the Bushs made a quiet trip to the base to visit and comfort the troops.  There was no press, he didn't do it for political reasons, he just did it because it was the right thing to do.  He has remained quiet in spite of overwhelming abuse from the Obama administration, he has taken the high road.

The Bushs have class.  I shudder to think what the Obamas will be like after being booted from office.  If we think that Carter is an aggravation, wait until the Chief Narcissist is rejected by his formerly adoring public, one hopes that the Bush model will be followed.  Based on facts and personality, I do not hold much hope.

So, in conclusion, I believe history will be kinder to George W Bush than the press or the American people were.  I think that while you may disagree with him and his policies he is to be admired for his restraint and dignity upon leaving office.  Toward the end of his Presidency he was reviled and booed on many occasions, he did not deserve that, nor should we have done that to an honorable man who had served his country well.  We can all learn from George W. Bush and we owe him our thanks.