Feb 8, 2010

What Ever Happened to Reporting News?

Thanks again to my good friend Dolley for letting me rant and rave on her site.

My time to blog has been curtailed greatly due to what can only be described as a brutal travel schedule over the last many months. I write this to explain how tweaked I have to be to carve out time to write as it generally eats into my family time.

So what has me fuming today? It is an add for NBC nightly news that runs here in the Atlanta market. It is a combined local / national add so some version may run in your local market. In the ad NBC Nightly news anchor and Managing Editor Brian Williams is talking about how confusing the world is and how it is his and the local news anchor's responsibility to "EXPLAIN" the news to the viewer. EXCUSE ME? We do not need Brian Williams, a college dropout and former Jimmy Carter Administration Intern, to explain a darn thing to us thank you very much.

Whatever happened to a news anchor responsibility to simply report the unbiased news? Now I think we can all safely say that bias has strongly entered to the "reporting" of the news in recent times. However, this is the first time I have ever seen one of these talking heads actually state that they feel they must "explain" the news. I'm all for freedom of the press as this keeps Government honest. But if, and only if, the press is unbiased in their reporting of fact without the silly slant of "explaining" the news from a source that states they are not biased in their reporting. They are leading the Lemmings known as the American Public right over the cliff with their bias. Maybe all the national news outlets should explain why the audience for their nightly foolishness has been hemorrhaging viewers for years with no end in sight?

Seriously, what it next? "The NBC Nightly News with Keith Olbermann?" Oh yeah, he sits in the anchor desk for the weekend addition on occasion... Maybe they should have Rush Limbaugh sit in from time to time to even things out.