Feb 6, 2010

How Dare They!

Abigail and Dolley readers, please forgive me if I have not been as prolific and thought provoking as usual.  I find that for this brief period of time, I am slightly out of balance in the work arena and have expended a tremendous amount of critical thinking toward my profession.  As such, at night with my lap top I have not had the energy to rail against the news of the day, and find I have even been lacking in witty status updates on my FB page.  Now that is saying something....  Alas, the slump can not last forever and I found the old fire and passion ignited by one sentence.

"Well, you know, those Tea Bagger's are just the lowest common denominator in our society."

Truly, I will have to check the head liner in my car for scorch marks because I believe that fire shot out of the top of my head.

How dare they?  How dare they describe the millions of hard working Americans in that regard.  I know it is the Saul Alinsky tactic of isolate, marginalize and ridicule, but all I kept thinking was "How dare they describe ME in that regard." 

I am a hard working, wife, mother, daughter, friend, grand daughter, sister, and niece.  I am a lover of the Lord and washed in His forgiving blood.  I have supported my husband in his many years of evangelism in prisons and now to young people.  I have worked or gone to school everyday of my life since I was 16 years old.  I largely put myself through college with some assistance from my parents, but not a dime of government money.  I waited tables and cleaned houses to earn money for books, rent, food and of course beer.  I have a degree in Economics and International business from a great school.  I went to work in my field 7 days after graduation and have worked everyday for the last 20 years in my profession.  I am a writer, a blogger, and a kitchen table scholar and historian.  I garden and read prolifically.  I know thousands of useless facts and trivia.  I play a mean Scrabble game and can make you laugh.  When I show up to work everyday, 20 people rely on me to guide our business in the right direction and they call me boss.

I ask you WHO in the world has the right to call me a Tea Bagger and the lowest common denominator of our society?

I am an American.  I am a tax payer.  I am not going to stand by idly while my country is destroyed.  I will fight you to the end with your evolutionary progressive agenda.  I will not stoop to your Saul Alinsky devious tactics.  I will speak the truth.  I will shine a light in the dark places and you will flee.  For the TRUTH will set us free.