Feb 27, 2010

We Can Adjust For That

Abigail and Dolley readers know that I am all over the Global Warming Scam and the news is coming in fast and furious.  My favorite news from yesterday was the revelation that 90% of the temperature sensors in the USA are improperly placed in accordance to the governments own rules.  A volunteer organization has located nearly all of the sensors and photographed their locations.  The data is posted at their web site www.surfacestations.org but as of this writing it is shut down, seemingly from the overwhelming traffic.

These sensors are supposed to be 100 feet from any influencing heat source, yet they are not.  Some are near heat islands of airports, some sit beside window air conditioners, one sits on a tombstone, others are just on the blacktop.  My favorite was 5 feet from a garbage can used to BURN rubbish.

Since the disputed rise in global temperatures is a mere 1.5 degrees, don't you think this is important?  The scientists say they can adjust for these things, but do they?  Or is this another way to manipulate and lie to the public about what is really going on.

This is truly the biggest scientific scandal of our time.