Feb 2, 2010

World View and the Importance of Understanding What That Means

World View - how one sees the world, a system of beliefs that one holds regarding this world and beyond.  The filter through which human beings process events, circumstances, and actions.

Understanding your own world view and that of other people is crucial to predicting behavior and explaining motivations and actions.  If you understand how a person views the world then you have a clear understanding of what is driving them.  Without grasping this concept about ourselves and others we are likely to be tossed about on the sea of uncertainty when it comes to critical analysis of why people behave the way they do.  It is particularly important for us to understand the world view of the leaders we elect to office.  If you understand what is driving them, you will not be mislead by clever words and empty promises.

Let us examine some of the common political world views in our society today:

The Victim - this defeated person see the world through a victim's eyes.  They have been wronged and somebody needs to make it right.  This group is fed upon by self serving politicians and exploiters who seek to give the victim validation and a token hand out in exchange for their loyalty and support.

The Environmentalist - this person holds that the Earth is the center of the universe and must be served by man.  This all consuming world view leads to vehement defense of any action or policy that is seen to "harm" their belief system.  They by and large view humans as locust destroying the planet and the concerns of man take a back seat to what is good for Mother Earth.

The "Liberal" Progressive - this person holds that man is perfectible through social engineering and government policy.  As such, individual freedom and responsibility are not considerations in decision making.  The collective is the mechanism for which meaningful change can and must occur.  Social justice, wealth redistribution, and centralized control are all goals and views of the liberal progressive.

The Libertarian - the libertarian views all government with skepticism and rejects social engineering and policy from governmental sources.  They typically disagree with any laws that deal with personal behavior and choices ie assisted suicide laws, gay marriage, abortion, legalized drugs.  These are all areas that Libertarians believe are outside of the purview of the government and should not be legislated.

The "Conservative" Progressive - Also called the Neo-Cons, these are big government, globalist who believe that spreading American influence through preemptive war and the UN.  They ultimately believe in the superiority of the state and the implementation of large governmental controls of individual's life. 

The Constitutionalists -  this Conservative worldview is making a huge resurgence in American culture.  Largely lost by the American public since the turn of the 20th century, this group views the world and the government from a Founder's perspective.  Government is viewed as a necessary mechanism for a civil society but must be constrained and contained within the parameters and borders set fourth by the Founding Fathers.

To some extent or the other, you must look at each of these worldviews and follow them to their natural and historical conclusions.  By doing so, you can determine which world view ending you want to see.

The Victim - slavery, poverty, hopelessness, dependence
The Environmentalist - demodernization, reduced standards of living (no cars, planes, electricity, chemicals)
The Liberal Progressive - complete state control and removal of all who stand in the way of perfecting society.
The Libertarian - a breakdown in the moral fabric of the country that ultimately leads to unrestrained personal behavior.
The Conservative Progressive - unending war, massive debt, massive expansion of government.
The Constitutionalists - limited and restrained government, fiscal responsibly, economic and personal freedoms.  Defined separation and balance of powers.

Hmm.... which one are you?  Which one should you be?  Which one are our leaders and what does that tell you about them?