Feb 24, 2010

I Am a Conservative, Not a NeoConservative; I Am a Liberal, Not a Progressive

Hmm, as Abigail and Dolley readers know we are constantly refining our positions, investigating our beliefs, and testing our tenants to insure that they conform to logical and linear arguments.  I stumbled upon a debating Democrat this morning who when asked to define what he believed in was articulate, reasoned, logical, and firmly held beliefs based on the wisdom of our Founding Fathers.  So how then could he possibly consider himself a Democrat?  What I discovered was that he considered himself a liberal and thus historically identified with the Democratic Party and had not yet realized that is not who they are anymore.  Conversely, he attacked the conservative writer by bringing up the failures of the Bush Administration obviously assuming that anyone of the conservative mind set must be a defender of GW Bush and a fellow NeoConservative.

It is the Progressives that are running the Dems and the Neo-Cons that are running the GOP - that is what is dividing us politically because the American people are not Progressives or Neo-Cons. Thus, those of us with a conservative mind set view the Progressive agenda with horror and the Dems do the same with the Neo-Cons. The challenge in our discourse is that WE THE PEOPLE are not represented by either of the major Political parties, but are tearing each other apart for things we have perceived the "other" side to believe.