Feb 18, 2010

The New York Times

Why are we still allowing the NYT to still drive the news cycle?  The Times has been exposed for who and what they are, yet this week we were speaking about Tea Part "violence" because of the 12 page article in the Times.  This has to stop.  They should have lost the privileged of setting the news of the day.  Their reporting on the TX text book review process was so blatantly anti-Christian it made my stomach turn. 

The lame stream media follows the NYT like lemmings running off a cliff.  I despair though, that unless one is seeking information in the alternative media, much of the American people are still uninformed and uninvolved.  I mentioned to a friend "Climategate" and she did not know a thing about it.  That scared me.  The media's refusal to cover the scandal and the swindle of Global Warming smacks of complicity and avarice. 

Abigail and Dolley readers - keep informing, engaging, and reading.  It is through our influence we will fight the tides and inform our fellow citizens of the clear and present danger.

This is entertaining and informative, enjoy.