Feb 1, 2010

Finally, Something I Can Agree With the President On!

You might not know it from reading this blog, but I actually am quite a peacemaker and strive greatly in my interpersonal relationships to get along with people.  As such, it has been disconcerting to me to constantly be at odds with the President of the United States.  I must constantly examine myself to insure that I am opposing policy and not just the man.  I criticized others for doing that to GWB and refuse to put on partisan blinders that will skew my view of the actions of the President.

Thus, I am encouraged by the latest proposal to guarantee $54 B in loans for new nuclear power plants.  My father, who is a brilliant engineer, worked at a nuclear facility for several years.  He is an ardent supporter of nuclear power and he and I have had many discussions about this subject.  Nuclear power is cost effective, safe, and efficient.  The environmental impact is negligible and because these are loan guarantees and not government spending, I can get behind this measure as a fiscal conservative.

Honestly, not to throw a cold bucket of water on this Kum Bah Yah moment I am having with the President, but I find this move incongruous with the administrations decision earlier this year to close the Yuka Mountain Nuclear waste facility.  The Energy Equivalent to Guantanamo Bay, the Yuka Mountain facility is a hugely expensive (and paid for my you, the American Tax payer for decades) efficient facility to permanent storage of the waste created by nuclear power.  I am republishing a piece that I wrote several months ago when this closing occurred for your information and edification.

Thanks for reading and your support!