Feb 26, 2010

It's SO Hot! Yeah, Right.

In spite of Climate gate, in spite of freezing temperatures, in spite of the biggest increase in Arctic Ice in 50 years, in spite of all the evidence of fraud, scam, and political maneuvering Climate Scientist are still insisting on Global Warming.   See this Fox News Story! 

Why?  Two reasons - Money and Faith.

Follow the money - Climate research funding has gone from pennies to millions in two decades, these scientists do not want to loose the goose that laid the golden egg.

Follow the religion - the Religious Left can not accept the premise that THEY are not in control of what is happening on the Earth, because if this is just natural and they aren't the center of it, their faith is rocked.

I think the Earth is in the hands of the One who made it and He regularly takes care of His Creation.

I hope in the end, reason and prudence wins the day - that indeed would be a victory.